Zelda: Do Motion Controls RUIN Gameplay? – DeadLock (ft. Reggie from Nintendo)
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Zelda: Do Motion Controls RUIN Gameplay? – DeadLock (ft. Reggie from Nintendo)

August 22, 2019

Let’s get real. There aren’t a lot of franchises that have a pedigree that can stand up against Nintendo’s fairytale fantasy, The Legend of Zelda

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  1. Subtle motion controls are fun and enjoyable. Mario Galaxy, Splatoon, BOTW are all examples of it.

    Skyward Sword is just a really bad example of a mainly motion-controlled game.

  2. I think motion controls are good when done correctly but even then there should be an option to turn them off for those who don't like them

  3. I like the button controls rather than movement, because I have natural shaky hands, there's no 'get good' because it's genetic and I can't do some things someone that has a steady hand could do, like he matpat said be a surgeon, or anything else like that just because my hands are always shaky. but with a button control it doesn't matter how shaky my hands are, I can accurately do what I want rather than accidentally swing my sword at a friendly npc.

  4. Both. Nintendo could, like Sega's Sonic timeline, incorporate technological innovation into the timeline, with advances in gameplay restricted to one branch or time period when the techniques become possible in Hyrule. At the same time, they could make more traditional games in other branches or time periods, like they're doing already.

  5. The motion controls of the wii ruined my enjoyment of skyward sword. Issues with having to recalibrate the controller, Link not swinging or walking in the direction accurately enough. I thought it was just my controller being defective so I bought a brand new controller. No difference. The controls were horrible and unpredictable for me. I didn't even finish the second dungeon before I had enough and threw the disc in the trash. I never thought I would ever be disappointed in a Zelda game. I think if Nintendo brought it back but with classic controls, I would give it another try. I would like to enjoy the game bc I heard so many good things about it, but the controls completely destroyed my experience.

  6. MatPat sounds like the child urging his 40 year old parental figure not to drive out of fear that they are getting too old.

  7. Personally when it comes to the bow, scope, and runes, I prefer motion controls. It's much easier to get that pixel perfect target as opposed to tapping the stick ever so lightly.


  8. Fat retards need motion controls for there health and I'm positive Nintendo will find more ways for new control inputs

  9. the "choice of the player" should be taken into account, and it was brought up in the "link between worlds". give us the option. because when i play the next zelda, I want to become link on some days (sorry, but i love skyward sword) and play a game from the outside on others.

  10. "Can you imagine playing mario maker with just four directions and a b button?"
    Mario maker 2 announced for switch! I mean, apparently Reggie won't be playing it…

  11. I feel that for all it's flaws, Twilight Princess perfected the combat system that Ocarina of Time created, and we've never seen that since. Skyward Sword had gimmicky motion controls, and Breath of the Wild had the fragile weapons that all had the same combination of moves plus a flurry rush. I think that we should have a game that we should have an open world, Hyrule Fantasy style Zelda game, where you have to find the sword techniques along the way, like Hollow Knight.

  12. Lets be real for a second… Both control schemes are great BUT… Old school require more skill… Where new ones REQUIRE MORE ACCURACY at everything you do

  13. another issue is that once people are really unhappy with the new controls, they'll take drastic measures and start implementing homebrew hacks

  14. Although I think motion controls lend themselves well to swordplay in games, some may not be able to use them, or may not want to, and that's okay. Giving both ways should be how this works, to be the must inclusive in the most fun way.

  15. Twilight princess actually is a bit of a bad example. You don't swing at all, just vibrating does the trick and while the Wii remote had problems with accuracy it never had with response.

  16. Honestly, I’m glad for Skyward sword. Sure, it’s wasn’t the best Zelda game, and the controls were annoying. But it’s great to see such innovation, even if it doesn’t work.

  17. Reggie’s audio is worse than pewdiepie’s camerea quality

    Also #MyBodyIsNotReady

    Byw reggie hi boswer

  18. Motion controls are the complete death of me. Please Nintendo, kill off the motion controls in Zelda games and I will happily play them.

  19. Controversial opinion: there is literally nothing wrong with aim assist. I'm not playing games to learn marksman skills, I'm playing games to enjoy them and not be bothered by details that just make things more irritating to do.

  20. I find it surprising how many times he brought up skyward sword despite Nintendo wanting to avoid that game like the plague

  21. Well, I don't have any problems with motion controls, which is why I'd say this innovation is better than nothing.

  22. First Matt says that it’s harder to aim with motion controls, and then does a complete 180 in the Zelda Breath of the wild stream saying that motion controls make aiming with the bow easier

  23. I like how you can swing a wii remote like a sword you can buy a sword that you put your wii remote in it to make the experience better

  24. Motion controls but be able to lower sensitivity coz for me it's to easy to miss shots on heeeeeaaaaaps of different games.

    That's just my thoughts tho

  25. “And we’re doing it again… with Zelda Wii U.”

    Wait, you mean… BotW was on the Wii U?
    I guess no one noticed when they were all out there buying their Switches.

  26. I HATE the Wii because the motion controls make it IMPOSSIBLE to use the menus, and the only "game" that I found to be playable is Wii Fit!

  27. I know someone who does a martial art and studies sword fighting and also hates sword fighting with a motion controls because he goes to use something he learned in his class and the game just nopes out.

  28. My shaky hands cant make it past the 2nd fight of king bulblin so I'm with MatPat here (c'mon I can't even do Wii archery STANDING STILL ,HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO MOVE AND AIM ARROWS!!!) (Other than that I LOVE the game and story )

    (Sorry I meant King bulblin not bokolbin)

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