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Zapper: One Wicked Cricket! – Nitro Rad

September 7, 2019

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  1. There's also something very 90's about the character. He got that distinct attitude that seems like he was meant to be a rival of Sonic.

  2. Watching This makes me want to play Frogger 2 Swampy's Revenge for the PC/Ps1 Great game imo but probably Average to most other people. but oddly I remember all the levels and the Music so they did Something Right

  3. This is literally a freaking HD version of the frogger 2 game they made.
    Like, the same kinda animations, death animations, and gameplay

  4. This was one of two games that my parents got me along with my first ps2 when I was little, because it was cheap.

    Bad as it was, I remember three things: I liked the soundtrack, getting all fireflies in a world unlocks a hidden 4th level, aaaaand I used the hover to move diagonally to another square (didn't work part of the time but its possible)

  5. I love this game! The soundtrack is great, I really love the level design, and I used to have a lot of fun jumping on top of other crickets and holding Z.

  6. That title screen is giving me major déjà vu for some reason. Probably saw it at a friend's place or something

  7. I'm in the middle of moving and were gathering my games and found a demo disc of this game, I remembered trying to beat the train stage which I never did. I just wanted to look it up since I've only played the demo

  8. since glover is mentioned in here, I gotta say, I like that game. It's not good most of the time, but I still like it. I blame the fact it was one of the few N64 games I owned very briefly.

  9. I had this game on pc as a kid, got it for free or for a dollar from something don't remember what, but I remember enjoying the game well enough.

  10. ZAPPER IS TOTALLY LIKE THAT FOR ME. I got it for Gamecbe back when I had a Gamecube (with only Mario Kart lol) and I couldnt get pass the second level.

  11. Had this on the Xbox Original. I thought It was okay. 🙂 I used to play the multiplayer with my siblings and cousins. The Xbox Original let a total of 4 players face off and when my cousin grabbed It for his PlayStation 2, The two player limit wasn't as fun. But yeah, It's an okay game. I was surprised to see the comical gore and bloodstains too. It's something I would give a 6 to 7 out of 10, I guess.

  12. i have fond memories of this. as a kid my neighbors father worked in the video game industry or freelanced or something. I think he did music or sound or something. idk i moved away before i was old enough to care lol. but he got his son and the other neighborhood kids to play test this game when everything was just blocks. it was super cool and i didnt even know what was happening until years later when i discovered this was a real game. I just thought i dreamt it lol. but yeah, that was a cool experience when i was old enough to figure out what the experience actually was lol so zapper gets my super biased opinion lol.

  13. I grew up playing Frogger 1 and 2 countless times as a kid, so years later, I saw this at a Goodwill, and thought it reminded me of Frogger 2. Then I saw it was from the same developers, and I knew I had to try it out! I actually really like this one, and DANG, the music is awesome! And of course, the ending had me in hysterics!

    Oddly enough, you never even pointed out the extra stages. There's an extra stage that plays things differently for each world you get 100% completion of. And as for your questioning as to why Maggie is leaving eggs everywhere, it's because she's trying to bring about offspring en mass in order to raise an army to take over the world, so she's planting her forces everywhere. I know, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but that's the plot. I think it was brought up in the manual.

  14. Thank you for reviewing another game of my childhood! It seems only me in the entire world appreciate well this game D: I even 100%'d it! In fact you miss two things which make this game better: 1) the fly animation makes sense,because you can change direction while flying,so you don't have to do two tiles at jump: 2) If you find every sphere in the world (100 in every level of the world),you can do a bonus level. Not the bonus level at the end of the level,but a ENTIRE NEW LEVEL with a different gameplay! After beating it,you can get a cheat. If you beat the last bonus level (again,not by finding every sphere in a level,but every sphere in every level in the world),you can get the infinite super zap! So there is more than that 😀

  15. I remember renting this game and for some reason my brother and sister and I got only get through the first 3 levels. It wasn't that we couldn't beat them, but after we finished level 3 it just took us back to the title screen. We tried like everything to make the game progress but it simply wouldn't. Makes me wonder if it was a demo of the game but I vividly remember renting it at blockbuster so that can't be right either.

  16. After going on a death-defying journey to save his little brother, what does Zapper then do?

    Literally the same thing he did before, except he ties his brother outside on a stick.


  17. I've been lookin for this game for years! I used to play it way back when it first came out on PC at my grandmas house. The only level i can remember was…I think it was a food level? It had barbecue food on it or something? But anyway, thank you for helping me find this 🙂 I need to play this again to tick it off my bucket list!

  18. Hey, so I happen to know a bit about the story behind the game, long story short, the studio that created Zapper was, in the first place, working on a Frogger sequel, yet for some licensing issues during the development of the game , the project was aborted. The studio had by that time completed a significant part of the game, so rather that deleting everything and losing a lot of cash they ended up re-working some features and mechanics of the game but just enough so they don't get sued or anything and this is where Zapper originated from, and that's why Zapper appears so similar to Frogger, simply cause it was intended to be a Frogger game in the first place.

    If you're a fan of the game and you're reading this, feel free to hit me up, I'd be glad to share some infos about the game !
    Love Nitro Rad for reviewing this game <3

  19. I play this on PC, never remember the graphics that bad, maybe they upgraded it for PC? Or my memories are wrapped. XD

  20. I just found the GameCube version at a game store today. My years long search for the name of this game is over! I used to play it on my Win98 machine 24/7!!! So mystical and entrancing.

  21. I think you might need a better third party controller to play this game.

    Like the Hori one built specifically for the Game Boy Player in mind.

  22. Zapper's face kind of gives me a Spyro vibe and I don’t know why (probably it’s his facial structure)

  23. The hilarious thing is since the cowboy hat covers your entire body except your antenna your character end up looks like a baby Digimon with it on.

  24. Is there a way to get this game online for PC and actually working? I tried some version in Russian but the saves didn't work and another one crashes when I try to play the bonus levels.
    And yes, I have bought the game at least 10 years ago but the CD doesn't work anymore. Never borrow your CD games to anyone.

  25. You forgot to mention that Squires, Ants, and the slime things can also be killed, but only with a supercharge.

  26. So… The main goal of each level is to smash a set number of eggs. Meaning the main collectible of this game is… Abortions?

  27. Another game that I thought was a fever dream, its 1 of those games I sold to probably buy Mario Strikers or sonething

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