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Zaire World Cup free kick | Brick-by-brick

November 7, 2019

Rivelino and Nelinho both standing near the
ball ahead of this free kick to Brazil. Referee not overly happy with what he’s seeing
in the wall, making sure they’re back the full ten yards. 12 minutes to go in Gelsenkirchen. The free
kick can now go ahead. But what’s this? What is this? Illunga has
come careering out of the wall and hoofed the ball to safety. You just can’t do that. No wonder the referee
has dished out a yellow card. Just look at this incredible rush of blood
to the head from the right back Mwepu Illunga, a really bizarre moment of World Cup history. Here’s Frank de Boer, looking for that moment
of inspiration. Floats it deep towards Bergkamp. Oh, it’s sensational!

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