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[YTP] Game Cray Cray’s Video Game Games

September 11, 2019

Hello everybody. At Game Cray-Cray, selling’s about a fucking loud, obnoxious bitch. So let’s go down to the game floor where Zelda will take us through our keys to the game. Zelda? I’m down here on the floor, y’all. This is Zelda Scott, and those are the keys to the game. This is like a gamer’s rock hard cock. Know what I’m saying? AH! Yaying? AH! Playas can get mad. idi idadi We’ve got Final Fantasy at the hottest game spot in town, Gay Pussy. Well, it’s my son’s birthday and I’m looking for some video games, but I’m really not sure if he wants video games. Alright. What system does he play? That’s what I need. I need some video games. Um… Basically there’s three platforms to pick from. (Videogames…) You have a Shitbox, a Shitstation 2, and a Shitcube. I’m looking for some video games. Okay. I’m gonna have to ask you a couple questions. (Video games, but I…) So how old is your son? Well, it’s my son’s birthday, but I’m really not sure if he’s in middle school. Yay. What kind of games does he like to play? His favorite is video games. Alright, how about DVD movies? You know I’m not so comfortable with that. I’m comfortable with video games. How about online play? Well, it’s my son’s birthday and I’m looking for some video games. Okay. How about friends? Will he have friends over? He does have a TV. OKAY. SoS, MoM, s-s-s-s. You know I’m not so comfortable with this. You’re gonna have to go. Perfect. Okay. Rye-dawg, that was the bomb diggity-iggity-iggity-iggity, my friend. How’d you do it? Well Zelda, I don’t know. There you have it. Back to you, KC. How’s it going, welcome to Game Crazy. What can I help you find? Beat it. WhO cAn SaY wHeRe ThE rOaD gOeS? I usually buy my stuff over at Best Butt. Oh, so you’re new to Game Crazy. This guy is psyched about Game Crazy! It sounds like you’re the kind of guy who likes to be gay, so this is perfect for you. Alright, you got me. GREAT! Well, in that case. You’re definitely gonna need a Pee-Pee card. Pee-Pee? Did I hear that right? Zelda, what’s going on down there? Gayle is getting extremely gay. Let’s see what happens. Well, the MVP card is our card and it’s made of cardboard. It’ll save you some serious cats. OhOhOoOhO, loloOOok. You’re gonna spend a lot of cash here, this way you can buy more. Well, that makes sense, but fuck. Great, you’ll be glad you did. Zelda, she really came there. YooY. Well, big ups to you, girl, that was off the heezy fo’ sheezy. K Money? And now let’s get back to the fun with AIDS. Do you guys have that uh, new Madden? 4004? Actually, yeah, I have it over here, but you know what? I have it over there used for twenty bucks more. Yeah, I don’t know about used. It sounds sketchy. You know what? Why don’t we go try it out? O K A Y So what’d you think? Looks broken. SoS! Video games.

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  1. “It sounds like your the kind of guy who likes to be gay so this is perfect for you”
    “Alright you got me”

  2. I miss being able to walk in to game stores and being able to buy ps2, original xbox and gamecube games. Now, you gotta go to the pawn shop or Ebay.

  3. "You have a ShitBox, a ShitStation 2, and a ShitCube."
    What about the Wii-ner? or are penis jokes too mature for this YTP's target audience

  4. Selling's about a Fucking loud obnoxious bitch? So that's why I was fired from my job at Game Cray Cray.

  5. And thus, Game Crazy went out of business because no one employing for them took their white as heck promo video seriously!

  6. That video games lady is definitely that customer that's asks for something they know nothing about, barely understands English, and will start to throw a fit that you can't help them.

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