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YouTube Death Battle Showdown | Bad Internet

August 21, 2019

(high-pitch ringing)
(muffled voices) – Hey – Hey! – (claps) Hello? – Are you ok? – Ya, I think so. – Come on, get up. – Let’s go, let’s go. – Listen, you were attacked by
a sketch comedy group. – I think it’s College
Humor, there’s a ton of them. – But don’t worry, they’re
all like 30 and out of shape. – Oh my back. – My knees. (gun fire) – [Blonde Woman] Let’s go, let’s
go. – [Voiceover] Youtube! (gun shots) – I’m LizzyBeth. Makeup and lifestyle. 10 million subs. What’s your channel? – Oh I don’t have a, I just opened my account three
years ago to comment on a video of a goat
talking. – So you’re not even a youtuber? So what are you doing on the
showdown? (gun shot) – My sister is sick. I was hoping this would raise
money for her treatment, didn’t think it would be like
this. (gun shot) – [Brunette Woman] How about
you? – I signed up just like
everybody else. It’s not like I want to be
murdering my fellow youtubers. – The exposure is amazing. – So you’re doing this for
exposure? – Of course I am. Laura Aims
was a runner up last year, and she got 30 million
subscribers. Logan Paul even tweeted about
her. After she died of course. – And Youtube just lets this
happen? (music intensifies) (loud blast) – Are you kidding me? This showdown is a third
of Youtube’s traffic. They built this arena. (groans) – Yes. It’s actually a multipurpose
space though cause they do hayrides here in the
fall. (high-pitch cry) (grunting) – No, no time out, time out,
time out! (heavy breathing) – Nice save new girl. (gong rings) (victory music) – Looks like we’re safe for a
bit. I needa post. Can you shoot? – Oh, no no no. I’ve never used a gun. (cheerful music) – Hey everyone. – LizzieBeth here. Today, I put together this
camouflage look using Sephora’s moisturizing
earth tones palette. – This verdant green will
help you hide in the forest, but it will also help
you hide dark circles. – [Brunette Woman] Is
this really necessary? I mean, right now? – Posting content is the most important part of the showdown. If you don’t post videos, you die. I mean you die if you get shot, but you’ll totally lose your
audience. All right, probably get back to the
showdown, but first, (giggles) for snapchat. – [LizzieBeth] Oh, sorry bud. ♪ You’ll never see me alive ♪ – [LizzieBeth] Hey guys, this is a collab
between me and
my new friend
Amy. She helped me take out College
Humor. Say hi. – Oh, I don’t feel super
comfortable on camera. – She’s here for her sick
sister. So adorbs. Now besides us, there’s three
other Youtube channels left. Chef Sarah, cooking tutorials – So today’s recipe is
going to be my twist on a war-time favourite, the go pill. Mine’s a mix of caffeine,
canine adrenal glands, and something I found on the
deep web just called stimulant X – Oh, and cinnamon. – Mix it up, down the hatch. (grunting) – [Lizziebeth] Scootz, the
annoying gamer. – [Scootz] God, the outdoors
suck. We build houses for a reason
people. Damn it! Stupid forest lag. – [Both] What up? – It’s John, – And Corey here. – Guys we are so blown
away by your guys’ support. (bursting flames) – [LizzieBeth] And JoCo comedy. They have over 15 million
subscribers. And they also won the first
showndown. So I’m not sure why they’re
here. – And just as a reminder, our
third album and fourth book are still on
sale. And, our new JoCo Bro Jokes
comedy tour is goin’ on this fall. – That’s right, only 85 bucks. – And guess what? There’s plenty of tickets left. There’s a lot of tickets left.
– [John] There’s a lot. – Well that’s it for tonight, I’ll post some more videos
tomorrow, so make sure you subscribe so
you’ll be able to see them. I love you. Bye. ♪ You’ll never take me alive ♪ – [Amy] So wait, why do we have
to kill each other for subscribers? – [LizzieBeth] Look, I know
you’re new at this whole Youtube game but if you stick
with me everything is gonna– (gun shot) – Are you insane? That’s LizzieBeth. – I don’t know– – The LizzieBeth. She’s like the ultimate Youtube
mean girl. You can’t trust her. – But I can trust you? – [Scootz] Y’all ready
for some Scoot Goofz? – Yes, cause I need your help. (rapid gun fire) – Hey ground, nice work. Now your dick’s almost as big as
mine. Oh no, a body. What do I do? Just kidding, you know how
Scootz do. – (chuckles) My teabag descends
upon you. Nobody sneaks up on Scootz. – [Scootz] No no no no no no! (gun shot) – I can’t stop twerking. (loud gong) (victory music) – Brb guys, don’t forget to
subscribe. (laughs) – Peace. – Hey guys, so in honour
of us eliminating Scootz I whipped up a special victory
cocktail. Amy, girl, tell me if that’s too
strong. – It’s pretty good actually. – Aw, thank you. I was hoping you’d like it, because it’s poisoned. – What? (gasps) – Oh my god – [Sarah] Oh, come on. You would have done the same. (Amy coughing) – Youtube’s a tough game. You gotta do what you can to
survive. – Ha! (gun shot) – Hey guys, huge thank you
to Red State Outfitters for my amazing kevlar vest. Love you guys. (Amy coughing) (deep breathing) – You saved me. – Of course, you’re my friend. And this video of me saving you is going to be so popular. My armour is so not flattering. – Wait, what? – Listen, people love the story
of you and your sick sister and the fact that you don’t
post videos that often somehow is appealing. (scoffs) it’s weird. Anyway, when I kill you later it’ll definitely be off camera. (banjo music) – Let’s get me some better
lighting. So this is my haul video
after taking out Chef Sarah. I am so excited to see
what she’s got on her. (gasps) Nine-millimetre, so fancy. A Bowie knife, hollow points, my favourite. (whistling) (suspenseful music) – LizzieBeth. Sup girl? – John and Corey, this is so crazy. Keep filming. – [Corey] You know, we are just
so humbled that two boys from the
mid-west could be here, trying to kill such a
massive celebrity like you. – [Lizziebeth] But you’re JoCo, you guys are so popular and
famous, and you live in Los Angles. – Oh, no. – [John] No. – We’re just two normal
guys that like cool pranks and goofy onesies. I mean, you’re the one that
won the teen choice award. – That’s true, I did. Thanks guys. But, I couldn’t even go to the
ceremony because I was sitting at
home editing my own videos. – What are you trying to say? – [LizzieBeth] Nothing, just
that I like to be honest with my audience. – Oh, sure, and uh, that’s why
everyone thinks you’re 25? (gasps) – You bastard. – Hag. – [LizzieBeth] Has been. (gun shot) – [Corey] Oh, you want a knife
fight? Bring it. Bring it on. JK. (rapid gun fire) (laughs) – See that? Oh wait, I forgot you’re dead. (panting) – What’s up guys? It’s Corey, still alive. Booyah. (gong rings) Aw, meh, whatever, should have gone solo
a long time ago anyway. That guy sucks. For the new subscribers out
there uh, few things you should know
about me. I’m a mega nerd (laughs) I love Harry Potter, which I
know is like super unique you know? And uh, I’m about to win
this year’s Youtube Showdown. – Please, no. – Guys, I’ve been reading your
tweets about poor Amy here, but the thing is, you
don’t know the whole truth. Amy’s sister isn’t even sick. – What? Why would you say that? – Because I do my research, Amy
Alison. Failed actress, failed
model, failed singer, and soon to be failed human. – I don’t know what you’re
talking about. – Oh, drop the innocent act. Show that six weeks of combat
training. – Please don’t. – Come on, we’re streaming
to the whole world here. You can’t hide from this. Just admit it, you’re a fraud trying to get money and fame off
Youtube. None of you ever last. In fact– (rapid beeping) – What is that? What? What is that? Don’t press that button! ♪ We in the spot, don’t believe me just watch ♪
– [Corey] Drop– no no no no no (steady high pitch tone) – [Corey] No! (gun shot) – Hey guys it’s Amy. I’m not really sure what
happened, I blacked out from the poison. But I think that Liz and
JoCo took each other out. Oh god. (loud gong) (victory music) – That means it’s over, I won. I won the Showdown and I didn’t have to kill
anybody. (sighs) Wow, just. (sighs) – Guys your donations in
the past few hours have just Wow. They’ve meant so much. It’s definitely enough to help
my sister. I promise you will not be
hearing anything about her after this. And I promise to update more. I owe you guys that. So, you can reach me
on Facebook, Twitter,
Snapchat, or you can email business
enquiries to [email protected] And don’t forget to subscribe. (deep boom) ♪ You’ll never take me alive you’ll never take me alive no matter how hard that you ♪ – [Amy] Hi everyone, Amy here. Just a quick special
announcement. I got a book deal. I am sups excited, it’s gonna
be full of life lessons. Now, yes, I’m only 26, but
I did live like a whole lifetime dealing with the horrors of
the Youtube battledome so there’s that. You can expect tips like be
yourself and follow your dreams and cover yourself in mud before
sleeping to blend in with your
surrounding. Anyway, I think you’re gonna
love it. I hope you do, because it’s
already being adapted into a movie. I’m so excited. Thanks so much everyone. I love you all, XOXO. Bye! (pop) (crashing)

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