You Laugh = You’re a Gamer – YLYL #0062
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You Laugh = You’re a Gamer – YLYL #0062

August 28, 2019

It’s Gamming Week™ On this channel and you clicked on this video because you’re a gamer *wauw* That’s right. You may not know it- but if you ever played *flashback* soduku on your phone you’re a gamer god dammit. G-Fuel is pumping through your veins. So lets just jump into it. We’re doing YLYL gaming edition Cuz gaming never stops. Oh great- *laughs* I’m laughing only because it’s minecraft. Now I get it-I get the minecraft memes *laughs in japanise school girl* I can be part of the joke Look he had cakes Because he’s Chubby Chub. (oof) Now i just have to watch Jojo. Then I can finally be part of all the memesh groups. *depressed yay* OOOOOH NO *laughs* They need to do this with all “relateble” instagram “comedy” Then it will actually be funny. (is it even possible) Ey delete this. DELETE THIS right now *laughs* Why I’m I laughing? It’s not even funny. Beautiful. I-Only real gamers understand. Only true gamers know(s) what it’s like. Shut up I’m not crying ok?- 1st grader: Rain rain go away come again another day. (Why I’m writing this part you can just read it) Ha ha. Oh God im dyeing- oh wait it’s gamer week infinite life baby. Glug glug glug *reads text* God damn is that the art in minecraft? GOD DAMN That’s some edgy sh-(christian channel) Is that a fs-salad? Thats awsome! I’ve been meaning to play this. Thats the best PAAART! *laughs* Yes. Ok gamers be right back I have to play videogame. Oh my god Only Japan… only japan. *laughs* (you laugh you lose and he’s laughed at every single one so far) Ey man what’s going? What I didn’t see you come in Davy where did you come from? Ah don’t worry about it. That’ sick I’ve actually been there. I know no one cares but they ac-I didn’t realize they actually- Modeled after. DAVY:( What kinda mod is-is this Resident Evil? It is. God damn it. I want a full version please. Heyy. EWWW! Actual footage from russian sewers. Eeeheheha Ohhh this is great. Nooo that’s so sad This is so sad. It’s gonna be me when I walk out. *boom* Oh no he’s sad. Oh yay he’s happy now. I’ve seen this but it’s beautiful Well god damn this game looks old. Jesus Christ. Oh my God. (Oh my god indeed) That was good. I like that. Oh my God yeah. This is one of my favourite. It’s so good. *hey* Ahhh it’s so good. One of my favourite. Hey look it’s russians what are they up to this time? What is this? NOOOO God da-whats whit russians and buttholles? Explain. If you’re a russian gamer explain. What is this? I’ve never actually played or finished Dark Souls 3 gamers. (this is so sad) Ok. All right. Very epic. Are those players or?.. Ok. Gamer moment. OH MY GOD! Is that in dark souls? I need to play dark souls 3 right now! What’s with russians and poopy holles? I just assume they’re russian. Sorry gamers. That’s so beautiful. Oh the cla-oh my God. Yeah that’s about the only reaction allowed f-if that happens. Suprised he didn’t have gamer moment. Wow amazing. Someone probably spend a lot of time programing that..for it to just be like that. *swedish accent* Wouldn’t it be realistic Got em. Well done gamer. Jesus Christ dude. Ohohoaww Look at this dude. Not bothered. At all. Very epic. What? OH MY GOD! *hyena laugh* Oh my god it’s a crossover event. OHH MAH GOD they tie in together so beautiful! Ye-he-he-hes! Ohh that was beautiful. 👏 Well do-ha-hah 👏👏 Oh man.. those are the best. Heavy Rain failing this is so good. I love this so much. I’ve wached this a milion times. Look at this dude. (oof) Ok. All right all right. The best one is Shaun tho. Come on. Why is it funny? It’s not even funny. I’ve seen this too many times (?) *trucker dad accent* They don’t make games like these. Oh wait they do. Oh wait they still do. Definitely. so good. Oh wait there’s one..there’s one I forgot Ah what was it? What is uhh? He’s gonna eat us. Do you remember that one. Come on it’s gaming week. Help a brudda out. Where he goes *swedish accent* “Help us help us he’s gonna eat us!” There it is. Yes. This is the best. My english is suck. Human steake. You’re very frendly man. How do you find these people? (sry gamers im too lazy to write what they’re saying) Help us help us. The genuine frustration is so good. Elp us elp us the fire station. No i’m relax not. I’m opposite relax. Skim and qua-aewww! Stockholm syndrome. (feelings of trust or affection felt in many cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim towards a captor. I got you idiots) 1010! Absolutely wonderfull.👏 Gaming week is going on. But it’s thanks to you guys and your support. Namaste. Thank you very much. Epic gamer… stanky leg. And I see you guys next time. Oh merch ? Ok epic. Link description. WHAT?! (i’m not even gonna bother with this) (did you notice his eye whites go green?) (ok bye go do something with your life now) (plant a tree or something I don’t know) Bye

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  1. it s stupid and sad but russians really like joke about bottles in the butt holes. it s a popular joke here and I hate it

  2. If you can send the Russian guy opening this thing's ass send the clip to me on Instagram dancho atanasov.144

  3. Wow you sure are good i want to be like you so please like and subscribe to my channel if your plans are the same please like to my comment

  4. Explanation of the bottle video:
    In March 2012, a man died in a hospital in Kazan in Russia, who was brought from the Dalniy police department. He had injuries of the rectum and other internal organs. The man was tried six times and said that he was detained and forced to confess to the theft of a mobile phone. He was raped with a bottle of champagne.
    After the case became known in the city, Kazan people went to a rally with bottles of champagne and demanded punishment for the police. There were other people who said that they had been detained, brought to Dalniy, beaten and threatened with the same torture.
    In 2014, a video from a military unit in Vladikavkaz appeared on the network, where soldiers from the Caucasus region (a shame for me since I am from this region as well) mocked a Russian guy and made him apologize for insulting Muslims (of course, it is bullshit, and these guys just wanted to bully someone). The guy was forced to sit on a bottle.
    Since then, that "bottle thing" has become a meme here.

  5. Hey guys!! I have a YT channel pls check it out. It is not rly good cuz I just started but pls just give me a chance it means the world to me

  6. Yes Felix I do think you should watch JJBA I still have to watch it but I already know it's gonna be good because of the "To Be Continued" meme originating from it, and of course a lot more.

  7. Ахахаха, морган и труман попали в видос к пьюдсу! Спустя 6 лет!


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