Yamaha Takes Over Deer Camp BIG BUCKS Harvesteed
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Yamaha Takes Over Deer Camp BIG BUCKS Harvesteed

August 11, 2019

(air whooshing) (dramatic music) – [Host] Yamaha presents
The Whitetail Diaries, chronicling hunting adventures
of the most plentiful, and intelligent big game
animal in North America. Join top whitetail
hunters nationwide embark on the amazing
adventure, that is hunting the whitetail deer. (dramatic music) (logo whooshing) (upbeat music) This week, on the Yamaha
Whitetail Diaries, the fourth annual Yamaha
Outdoors Media Event is underway at the
start of rifle season, right here in South Texas. Several outdoor riders
joined host, Wade Middleton, for a week of field
testing, hunting, and product evaluations, on a
wide range of Yamaha vehicles. – Basically, Yamaha’s
bringing in an event with a bunch of our
media guys we work with, couple of our enthusiast
guys that have a lot of ATV Side-by-Side
riding experience, a couple that have a lot
of outdoors experience, maybe not so much
experience with riding ATVs and Side-by-Sides, so kinda get that
best of both worlds. So, it might be their first
time on an ATV or Side-by-Side and get ’em out to show how
our vehicles really work in these real world situations. The great thing
about Wade’s camp, is for one, they pretty much
have our full lineup out here, everything from the Kodiak 450, all the way up to our
Viking VI Ranch Edition, and even our all
new Wolverine X4, our four passenger
Side-by-Side that we do have. When you get to experience
it in these situations that a lot of the guys that
don’t have a lot of experience, it’s just easy for them to use, and that’s always something that we try to
convey to everyone, is that you literally can
just jump on the vehicle, go off driving, make
sure you have your safety gear on and everything, but when it comes to our
durability and reliability, all you have to do is
just change the oil, and clean the air filter
out, and that’s really it, so basic low maintenance
stuff overall, but it’s gonna get you out there
and do what you need to do. When we get to shill
it off to the media while we’re here too,
it’s just all the better, and kinda more of a
relaxed situation, so they all get to
have a good time, and yeah, just make some good
memories while we’re at it. – So, we got to come and
ride the new Wolverine X4, and play around
with the Viking VI, and the Yamaha Kodiak ATV is
here, the 450 and the 700, the Yamaha Grizzly’s here. So we’re gonna be riding
some ATVs and UTVs, and we’re hunting
and experience camp, experiencing camp life, and
eating way too much food. That’s all I can ask for. – Those Yamahas, they’re
definitely a workhorse. I knew UTVs were significant,
and they were a huge help. I didn’t think they
would be as big of a help as they were on this hunt,
we did have a lot of gear. I’m used to going by myself,
having to pack things in, and then drag it out to
wherever I can get a truck, so these UTVs really
helped with that, because there wasn’t
much dragging. You can fit ’em
dang near anywhere, and especially with how
narrow all the trees are here in Texas, it’d be a
struggle to get a truck back where we got those UTVs. It’s always nice when
you have something else doing the work for ya. – [Host] Now don’t go anywhere, we got a lot of
whitetail action, involving both bows
and rifles coming up, as Lucas Cooney and Connor
McKibbins head out on their first hunts of the
week, stay tuned. The Yamaha Whitetail
Diaries is brought to you by Yamaha’s proven off-road ATVs
and Side-by-Side vehicles. Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s,
your adventure start here. Garmin Xero, leave
the guesswork behind. Welcome back to the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, with Wade Middleton. The Yamaha Media Event
and Deer Hunt is underway. The first hunter we’ll go
out with is Connor McKibbins, from the NRA’s American
Hunter Magazine. I picked up Connor
at the airport, and right away you could
tell he was excited This is his first
whitetail experience. The kid grew up in
Colorado, I say kid, I can say kid, he’s much
(laughs) younger than me. He’s young, and
it’s his first time hunting whitetails in Texas. This is his first time
hunting whitetails. Again, grew up in
Colorado, he’s chased elk, he’s chased mule deer,
he’s not new to hunting by any stretch, and
he works for the NRA, so he’s not new to
firearms either, but first whitetail
experience, how cool is that. (upbeat music) – It was really
misty, really foggy. It got light a lot later
than we were expecting it to. I didn’t know what to expect
as far as deer numbers. I know Wade had said
that was a good spot, and that’s why he put us there. At first, we could see outlines
of a couple deer moving, and then, as it got
lighter, more deer started coming out of the woodwork. Watching ’em kind of
materialize was pretty neat. That first morning, when
we saw that seven-point, he was pacing back and forth. He kept making loops,
going back and forth. He’d cut into the trees,
and come back out. So, you have to really
be picky about your shot with that many deer
in one confined area. There were times where
he’d start turning, and then a deer would
come in front of him, and stand in front of him,
and block a broadside shot. It was a good reminder
to always be aware of what’s beyond your target,
and what’s in front of it. So, deer will do what they do,
and you can’t always help it. – [Steve] We’re
definitely not in a hurry, it’s the first morning,
it’s opening rifle weekend, it’s Saturday, and we’ve
got several days to hunt, and I want to give Connor a
good Texas Whitetail experience. He’s seeing tons of deer, he’s
super excited, you can tell, and we’re gonna go and see what
we can see in the afternoon. – [Host] Steve and Connor
headed back to Middle Field, where they hunted
in the morning, to see if that seven-point
would be there again. Well, but unfortunately,
he was a no show. Determined to have one more
shot at this seven-point, Steve and Connor headed
back out to the same area in the morning on
day number two, and sure enough, there he was. – We were waiting and waiting
for first light to come up, and first we weren’t seeing
him, and then it got bright, and we saw off to the
left of where we saw him come out the day before. We were still watching him,
and he eventually got clear, he was facing broadside
to the right, and. (gun shooting) – [Steve] Reload if you can. I am not one to talk, I am one
to sympathize or empathize. He shot over his
back, he missed him. It’s a clean miss, which
the silver lining is obviously we don’t
wanna wound a deer. I hate to bring up
the words two shot, but I’ve clean
missed several deer, and I felt bad for Connor. He probably was not excited
about it in the moment. We were all pleased that
the deer was not hit. It was a clean miss, but
the deer was off the field, every deer was outta
that field at that point, so our hunt’s over. – I’m glad I missed
clean, that made me feel personally a lot
better about that shot just because I knew I
didn’t hit him at all. We didn’t even see any
branches break on film, so hopefully somebody gets
him, ’cause he’s a nice buck. – [Host] Coming up,
it’s redemption time for Connor and Steve, and a change of scenery
may just be the key. The Yamaha Whitetail
Diaries is brought to you by Smith & Wesson
Performance Center, performance when
it matters most. Engel Coolers, a
legend in reliability. Sawyer Products, we
keep you outdoors. Walker’s, protect
it, or lose it. Welcome back to the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, with Wade Middleton. It’s the annual Yamaha
Media Event and Deer Hunt. Connor and Steve are
hunting a new field, after not having any luck
kneeling down that seven-point. – With him being spooked twice, I don’t want to go back,
and come up empty-handed. That evening, we
were in a box blind. This was an elevated box
blind, had windows everywhere. It was hot in that blind, a lot
hotter than I was expecting, with it being kinda
cool that day. Sun was beating right
inside the front of it. It made for a little bit
of an uncomfortable sit, but it was definitely doable,
and it was totally worth it. The field we were
looking out in, it was nice, long
stretch of land. There were a lot of
access points coming in from all directions, so we
had a lot of opportunities to see different deer
moving in and out. (upbeat music) – And it’s hot, man it’s hot,
especially hot in the box. There’s no wind to begin with, and I was sweating like
crazy, but luckily, it wasn’t but 20
minutes before deer started filtering
into this field. It wasn’t but about 30
or 40 before we had this mature eight walk in,
that all of a sudden starts turning all our heads. (upbeat music) – I was a little, honestly
hesitant about shooting just ’cause my
confidence was a bit down from missing that
seven-point earlier, but I knew I could shoot,
and I knew the rifle shoots, and the rest was a little
bit more solid there, just because we had a wider
base to set the hand guard on. The elevation was just right. – [Steve] When he puts
that left foot forward. – [Man] There you go. – [Steve] Right there. (gun shooting) – Right there. Take your time, with
the gun, ’cause, ’cause the rest of your time is gonna be spent
celebrating son. He dropped straight down. (laughing) Nicely done, nicely done
man, congratulations. – Thank ya. – That is great. Yeah, he, Mr. Wade is
gonna be super pleased with that tracking job. He’s right there,
he went two feet straight to the ground dude. That is awesome. You feel good? – Yeah, oh yeah. – I could feel the heart
rate, the breathing, but you got it under control. That’s awesome, that is awesome. (laughing) – [Connor] So, what we
were shooting this week was a Smith & Wesson
M&P10 Performance Center and 6.5 Creedmore, which
I’ve never shot before, but I have operated
other ARs before. I’m actually
building one myself. As far as hunting
with one though, this was a first time hunting
with an AR style rifle. My standards have been
raised because of that M&P. That Smith & Wesson
definitely, that’s lights out. – [Steve] Look at that. (upbeat music) He’s a big boy man,
that’s a good-sized one. – [Connor] Yeah. – [Steve] Go ahead and lean
down, put your hands on him. He’s got a heck of a mass. – Yeah. That’s awesome. He’s got some, I like that
chip, it just shows he was – Rubbing. – Yeah, rubbing, whatever.
– Fighting, sparing, character.
– Yeah. – He looks like he’s got
a pretty old face to me, he’s a good boy, he’s
a good size deer. We see a lot of these down here, these real good
mass, eight-points. He’s not super-wide,
he’s not super tall, but again, we’re talking
about you’re first whitetail. – And he curls a lot.
– ‘Cause Texas whitetails. – The main beam curls a lot.
– He does come around, yeah, he does come around. I love this stuff through here. – All the stubble. – The knarls and all of that. – Yeah. – I’m impressed by
how old he looks, I may be, I’m still trying
to learn how to age deer, but no doubt he’s mature, I
just don’t know how old he is, so we’ll talk about him with
Wade, and figure it out. This is where he stood
when you shot him. Dude, I’m happy for ya. I’m proud.
– I’m happy. – I know you’ve got
some stories to tell. I know you’ve got some
reasons to come back and try some more
deer at some point, so hopefully we can get you
back down in South Texas again. I hope you’re just a
little bit addicted. – Definitely, totally
happy with this deer. I learned a whole lot
about whitetail hunting, with this being my first hunt. I saw some things I didn’t
expect to see whitetail hunting. As far as numbers, it all
worked out in the end. I’m really happy with
that eight-point. – [Steve] I don’t think
Connor stopped smiling that entire evening, from
the moment he made that shot, all the way until he was
texting his brains out back in camp, telling his
coworkers, and his family, and his friends, he had
his first whitetail. It’s fun, I think Wade said, it’s moments like that,
first whitetail for people, first deer for people,
that make all the work during the summer worth it. Everybody was
excited for Connor. – [Host] Congratulations
Connor on your first entry into the Yamaha
Whitetail Diaries. Now up next, Lucas Cooney
has a decision to make, between two great bucks. – [Lucas] I gotta, I have to
put my eggs in that basket, I’m going for it. – [Host] The Yamaha Whitetail
Diaries is brought to you by Thompson/Center,
America’s master gunmaker. Hi Viz Shooting Systems, see
what you’ve been missing. Quick Draw Mineral Blocks,
the difference you can see. Welcome back to the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, with Wade Middleton. Wrapping up this
episode’s coverage of the Yamaha Media Event, we
head off to well-renowned Killing Tree, with the editor
of ATV.com, Lucas Cooney. – My name is Lucas Cooney,
I’m the editor of ATV.com, which is an off-road site, that’s kinda how I
know the Yamaha guys, and I also look after video
production for ArcheryTalk.com, which is the biggest
archery website online. So, I’m kinda killing two
birds with one stone here, or two deer with one
stone, I should say. Give me a chance to kinda cover
this from multiple angles. We got there well
before sunrise, so we couldn’t see anything
for a little while, but you can hear some
things moving around. Once I got to see a little bit, I saw a beautiful
looking set of antlers, just reflecting in a pond. I was just eyeballing ’em
for what felt like an hour before he finally got into
view, and I saw it was a really nice deer,
probably a four-year-old six by five, just
a beautiful deer. So, I kinda had him
as my target buck, and he just was kinda hanging
around a little farther away than I was comfortable with,
and never in a great position. Then, there was a bunch
of other deer around, and then another real old
buck was wondering around. He was sitting
twenty yards away, and in quite a good
shooting position, so I was like “Oh, maybe I’m
gonna change my focus on him”, and then Wade was behind me, and he mentioned there’s
a real, real nice deer a little farther
back, and we saw that, and that was a
jaw-dropping kinda deal. We’ll wait. I was very tempted to
take a shot at that one that was giving me
a quartering-away
shot at 20 yards. We decided to wait and
see if that other deer came in a little bit
later, and he didn’t, so we missed it, we didn’t
have a chance in the morning, and I was a little bit, I was worried I had
a wasted opportunity, ’cause I wasn’t sure if
I was gonna get put on another shooter. Then, we went back in
the afternoon again. We got there pretty early,
before there was any signs of life for a while. Then, a couple of
does started coming, then a couple more
does started coming, and then maybe a little
spike, and this and that. Nothing substantial,
nothing that was a shooter. Then, that six by five
I saw in the morning was there again. (dramatic music) He almost looked different
after I saw the big guy in the morning,
still good though. If this is all I’m gonna
get a chance to shoot, I’m gonna try to take this deer. I drew my bow back, and
try and put my pin on him, and as I was doing that,
he turned his back to me. I had to let down,
and he walked off, and I was thinking, “Oh my
goodness, I missed my chance”. (dramatic music) And then, Wade kinda gave
me a little (clears throat), and then we saw the
buck from the morning that we were hoping for, and
then I got excited again. (dramatic music) And as I was watching him,
that six by five came by again, in perfect position, 20 yards, and he basically did a slow
walk across me for 20 minutes, with a makeable shot that
entire 20 minute stretch, and I think “God, do
I take that shot”, but then, that other
deer was there, I gotta, I have to put
my eggs in that basket, I’m going for it. (wind blowing) Eventually, he worked his
way to about 37 yards, and gave me a pretty
much broadside shot, maybe just the
slightest quartering to, but about pretty
much pure broadside. (arrow whooshing) Whoa, oh my goodness,
did I get him? Oh my God, (laughs) I
could barely stand there. – [Wade] You smoked him. (laughing) – Oh my goodness. It’s been about 30 of the
longest minutes of my life, and now we’re gonna go see
if we can find that deer. I am still shaking, that’s
good though, alright. We found the arrow, and saw
that it was covered in blood, so it was a straight
through and through. Phew, alright,
that’s a good sign. Over there. Oh, he’s there, there’s my deer. He’s right there (sighs). (upbeat music) Oh my goodness. I think I heart-punched him. I guess I would probably
call him a six by five with an extra kicker, so
almost a twelve-point. That’s probably being generous, you got a little one-inch
kicker on the right side. He’s got a kinda split
G2s, a little crab claw. A beautiful, big,
fully-mature deer. – This was a deer that I had
dreamed about somebody getting, and seeing after all
these encounters, and when I watched
that arrow disappear, and pass clean through that,
that was a cool feeling, because I knew how much Lucas
was gonna appreciate it. – [Host] Hey, congratulations
Lucas on a stud of a buck. Well, that’ll wrap up
our primary coverage of the Yamaha Media Event. Join us next week, as
we dive into some of the crazy things that can
happen while hunting. – [Man] And I see,
they’re shining, there’s something
on this deer’s head. – I can’t remember all
the words he was saying, but it was to the point,
something crazy has happened. – [Man] You’re gonna
freak out when you see what’s happened here. (logo whooshing)

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