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August 16, 2019

My arrows are fletched with nightingale feathers My tab is titanium and unicorn leather With long rods side rods my bow is stable I shoot aluminum carbon the whole periodic table You know it’s not all about the gear though This game is played between your ears So if you wanna shoot strong put away your fears cause my arrows are lubed with my opponents’ tears ‘X’termintors ’cause we always kill the spiders NTS is complex you may be perplexed But pay your respects I always shoot the “X” Daaang She dropping x’s like Taylor Swift mann Saturday morning time to string my bow When I’m all set up down to JOAD land I’ll go My arrows fly fast they’re hard to follow And I always hit the spider I shoot like Apollo I’m an archery storm I’ve got red hot form When I go to Tulare I keep the building warm I’m busting rhymes and now I’m busting nocks My shot is consistent ’cause it always rocks… Get it?…..Rocks….Okay I take no prisoners imma barracuda My release is sweet hey just like a petunia My bow and arrows sing their all in tuna And my shot is powerful just like Khatuna My win is guaranteed You can’t handle what’s in store More practice you need But oops Guess what? This.Is.For.Score.

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