XLOG #1 – One year of X4: Foundations
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XLOG #1 – One year of X4: Foundations

December 3, 2019

Hello everybody. This is our first video log for X4: Foundations and hopefully a start of a series of similar videos like this where we talk a little bit about the ongoing development of X4: Foundations as well as X4: Split Vendetta which is the upcoming expansion which we unfortunately just had to delay until 2020. It was originally planned for around this time now in 2019. I thought I would like to explain everything we are working on here internally and also maybe in future videos give other people on the team a chance to talk about what they are doing and preview a little bit already of some of the changes that we are working on. As you may know version 2.60 of X4: Foundations was just released a few weeks ago and is focused mostly on a lot of balancing changes around the economy. So that was a lot of work mostly on one big area. There’s a huge change log that you can look up. This is behind us so it’s not the topic today but there is also a beta coming up – or basically already out by now – of version 3.0. This might be a bit confusing because we just announced that 3.0 and Split Vendetta will be delayed until 2020 but 3.0 is really a big thing for us. It’s a lot more than just an ordinary update with some bug fixes. It actually has three major blocks in it. One is mission content mostly, some of that for Split Vendette which will require the expansion, but most of the story content is actually also playable in the normal X4: Foundations, so that will be free of charge. That’s content update and therefore it’s currently not in the beta of 3.0 because there are still localization issues and we just need to test that more internally first. But then there are the other two blocks of the 3.0 beta: one being the normal work that we are always doing, improving the game. And that’s a lot because the work for 3.0 has started actually already long before 2.60, actually even before 2.50 already, so there’s a lot of changes that we haven’t released yet because they also require a lot of testing and that’s why we are now making this beta with all of those other changes and give them out already now in a public beta. You can join the public beta. Details on that in the video description, this is where you’ll find instructions on how to join. The third block of the 3.0 beta is tutorials and making the game more accessible because while we were showing the game at trade shows and also from feedback we got already before we went to the shows, a lot of people who are not so familiar with with the game really struggle, especially in the beginning, not just to learn how to control the game but even more just to get an idea of all the things that are possible, like changing the mode of controls. An example are people who were playing X3 games before. For example X3: Reunion which is the most extreme because it didn’t have cockpits and people came to us during gamescom and were saying “hey why can I not have the game like this, I would like to play X4 but I only like to play it in this particular way” and actually to most of those people I can say “yeah you can do that”. But they are not aware of it so we want to make it easier. There are hotkeys for example to turn off the cockpit rendering, there are ways to configure exotic controllers and I also invert axis. I will talk about some of those things in other future videos and show you also the demos and things that we are doing to explain those features. These are basically new tutorials but not included in the main game. A lot of people had problems with the tutorials that we had at the start of X4: Foundations because these tutorials are designed to always work in place. Whenever you want information about trading, you start this trading tutorial, but then the tutorial sometimes doesn’t work very well because you may be in the wrong situation where you don’t have the right ship for it yet. The existing tutorial, by definition, is really much more context sensitive. It doesn’t work so well all the time. For this reason we made new demos where we have more control over the situation. There is for example one combat demo that we also made to show the game to new customers, especially at trade shows, but this also teaches a little bit of the normal weapon controls, how to steer and a couple of basics of fighting with a ship. I’m going to show this in a separate video. Another really cool thing we are currently working on, which is even more fundamental, will be a flight school which will really go step by step through all of the features that you can configure, how to do it and explain a lot of things that I think also some of the more advanced or experienced X4 players may not know already. This is not just useful to beginners but also to some people who may know a lot about one area of the game but not about all the areas because the game is really so big and has so many features. We are also working as I said on that middle part, just improving the game in general. That includes user interface improvements and balancing changes. We’re in particular currently working on making fights with capital ships a bit harder again. Capital ships in general are stronger, but then again giving smaller ships still a chance to fight against the surface elements. This balancing change is coming up again based on a lot of feedback that we got in the last couple of weeks, also after the AMA that we just did on Reddit a few weeks ago. We can talk about all of the stuff we are working on and I would welcome feedback. What do you want me to talk about, or us to talk about, other people here at the office as well. Let me know in the comments under this video and then we will see what we can do. In general you know about our plans for 2020: there will be Split Vendetta and with Split Vendetta also the full 3.0, or what we call 3.0. Maybe we will change the numbering by then a little bit. The full 3.0 will most importantly include the new missions. And of course there’s also work going on into future expansions and as we go further I may also be able to talk a little bit about that. So stay tuned and hopefully give us some feedback. It would be cool if we could just interact through these kind of videos and hear a little bit more from you guys out there. If you like this, please like and subscribe – now I can finally talk like a normal YouTuber – and if you like the game it would be great if you could give us a review on Steam. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Excellent news regarding feedback. My wish is for a station overview tutorial.
    Showing how it works, What does what, and what not to do !
    The interface is confusing as to what is happening! Particularly with price/storage/% ?? adjustments. It is unclear as to what the numbers represent.

  2. Will there be some kind of Story you can follow? I really enjoyed the way the previous games were built, with Characters and Events. A pure Sandbox just lacks life in my Opinion.

  3. Will there be some kind of Story you can follow? I really enjoyed the way the previous games were built, with Characters and Events. A pure Sandbox just lacks life in my Opinion.

  4. Will there be some kind of Story you can follow? I really enjoyed the way the previous games were built, with Characters and Events. A pure Sandbox just lacks life in my Opinion.

  5. Will there be some kind of Story you can follow? I really enjoyed the way the previous games were built, with Characters and Events. A pure Sandbox just lacks life in my Opinion.

  6. Will there be some kind of Story you can follow? I really enjoyed the way the previous games were built, with Characters and Events. A pure Sandbox just lacks life in my Opinion.

  7. Will there be some kind of Story you can follow? I really enjoyed the way the previous games were built, with Characters and Events. A pure Sandbox just lacks life in my Opinion.

  8. Will there be some kind of Story you can follow? I really enjoyed the way the previous games were built, with Characters and Events. A pure Sandbox just lacks life in my Opinion.

  9. Years ago i picked up X3 TC, and was blown away an astounding game(i think i've sunk 2,000 hrs into that game), i've played games like Freespace and that amazed me then Freelance another fantastic game (i played ED:H, 121 hours couldn't get into it…was really looking forward to SC, since 2012, i don't think it will ever come out, and i don't care anymore); as soon as i upgrade my GPU i will be getting X4, you guys are amazing.

  10. I just wanted to tell you, you guys at Egosoft can be really proud of what you accomplished with a small team. Not even just X4, but the entire X universe. I played almost every one of your games and all of them turned out fantastic in the end. Your dedication and passion for your games is unbelievable. Looking forward to 3.0 and Split Vendetta. Keep up the great work and dont forget to take care of yourselves and your families 🙂
    Liebe Grüße und ein riesiges DANKE für X 🙂

  11. Love the X4 universe. I only wish their was some kind of competition in the game; in X3 you were competing against the AI for trades, in X4, making money is very easy.

  12. It's good to see you taking time to do these vlogs and offering us the chance to suggest topics for discussion. I'd love to see a summary of ship design from concept art, modelling to production. With every ship having a walkable cockpit does the interior dictate the exterior, or is it the other way round?

  13. Gute Idee mit dem Dev-Vlog, gefällt mir!

    Skript wäre noch super um schneller auf den Punkt zu kommen.
    Würde mich über mehr Details zum Trading-System freuen, evtl. um ein Tutorial für den Auto-Trader, habe hier noch Nachholbedarf 🙂

    Coole Sache!

  14. Die X Reihe "verfolgt" mich jetzt schon fast mein ganzes Zockerleben. Es ist immer wieder eine Freude, in das X Universum abzutauchen. Danke Egosoft 😃

  15. How about an episode going over the inner workings of the game engine? What middleware was used, what was custom written, how you handle debugging, or performance tuning, etc. Also, how you went about porting the game to Linux and some of the issues you faced.

  16. I would like to see the character body when looking at my feet. Otherwise it feels floaty and surreal, breaking immersion.

  17. One Tip: Please bring new Plots to this Game, maybe a plot to reactivate the Jumpgates! There is at the Moment no Motivation for the long time

  18. (posting in english so non-german viewers can understand it too). Hey Egosoft, greetings from Hamburg, Germany. I visited your place once for an X-Con and it motivated me to start studying informatics and now try to get into games development. First of all : Thank you for your continued development of the X series and for support and improvements for your games even years after a games release, in that aspect you're a role model in the gaming industry and any AAA gaming company should learn from you in that regard. Here are some suggestions for topics that could be talked about in future XLOG videos : 1) The hardships and difficulties of developing an X game : give us some insight about the difficulty of developing this game and help the non-programmers understand why your products on release have so many more bugs than an easy-to-develop game such as a modern first person shooter. 2) I'd like to get a high-level introduction how your AI works: What is it aware of, how makes it decisions during combat or when trading, what are its limits? 3) The same for your war and diplomacy mechanics : How do faction wars work, how do factions make decisions where to attack and build defense platforms, is there some central "commander object" with a plan for each faction or does every ship group do its own stuff without real coordination, etc? 4) What does it take to implement a new feature : How is it decided whether to implement a new idea (Democratic vote among all developers? Bernd as a dictator?), what is the implementation-and testing process, how long can it take?

  19. I've tried to stream X4 in the past, the latest was about 4 mos ago. I use OBS to do it, and unless I set OBS settings/video/fps values to 30, I see stuttering in the resulting stream. My game always plays fine, but in the stream it comes out stuttering unless I set OBS to 30 fps.

    I realize that it may be an issue with OBS or Twitter, but I just wanted to make you aware.

  20. Nunja, es wirkt ein wenig spät… mit den Hausaufgaben anzufangen. 🙂 Bezogen auf den Game-Einstieg erleichtern. Das hätte man eigentlich längst fertig haben müssen. Um genauer zu sein, als das Game rauskam…! – Diese Text-Fetzen, die man kaum lesen oder als brauchbar nutzen konnte… Die waren weder hilfreich noch gelungen und wirkten auch eher, nunja… schlampig umgesetzt. 🙂 Das hätte man nach X-Rebirth besser machen können… – Bezogen auf den Vorgänger wurde vieles besser gemacht… Aber ich wollte es mal ansprechen. 🙂

    Überhaupt wirkt die Steuerung noch immer sehr Kenner-lastig der alten Games… oder gefühlt das UI von nem Programmierer, tief im System… aber nicht gerade gelungen für den Spieler außerhalb von eurem Universum. Das wirkt noch immer sehr festgefahren bei euch. Auch so nen kleines X um Fenster zu schließen, scheint man so nah drann garnicht erst wahrzunehmen. Schade eigentlich. 🙂 – Ich habe bis kurz vorm Spawn der Spieler-Station gespielt… wollte erstmal ne kleine Miner-Flotte mit mittleren und einigen kleinen Schiffen aufbauen, was auch Spaß machte, aber da hörte es dann auch wieder auf…. Das so zur Info. 😉 – Man könnte es eigentlich mal wieder spielen… Man kann es glaub rauslesen… das Game wirkte seiner Zeit bissel holprig… und konnte nicht länger fesseln. Schade eigentlich… Auch das lasse ich mal als Feedback da. 🙂 Zumindest ging der Steam-Daumen diesmal nach Oben… 😉 – Aber es geht wohl besser… – Was die Video-Reihe angeht, joar warum nicht… 🙂 Ich bin btw kein Fan von so unterschiedlichen Start-Varianten… eher eine und dazu passend alle Optionen zum Ausrichten in jede Richtung die man mag, neben Änderung der Richtung… – Das wirkt weniger getrennt…. Oo

  21. I have a suggestion. Introduce a new enemy species… Imagine how amazing it would be to have a space born race like the Tyranid or the Zerg flying around organic fighter ships and huge organic capital ships. Creating organic corruption on stations you can actually land on and walk around to see in first person.

    This game has so much potential and don't get me wrong the economy thing is great… However I feel like if you don't capitalize on what you can do with this game it will be wasted potential. I played it when it first came out and have gone back to it a few times, but in all honesty once you have a big factory or 2 set up there is not a whole lot left to do. What you need are real wars and galactic events. Not just a destroyed heading into a sector and doing a little bit of damage,.. You should introduce battleships capable of decimating systems, story driven gameplay, and as I said a new different kind of enemy would be a cherry on the cake.

    Either way you guys are doing a great job, keeping us all updated on new content and continuing to develop this game well after it launched. I have high hopes for this and will continue to support you. Please do your best!

  22. Achja und streamen mit OBS Studio… – Joar, das kann man dann technisch auch eher mal komplett knicken… Sehr schade.
    Aber man sieht ja auch auf Twitch, wieviele es dann eben nicht streamen… – Funktioniert ja eh nicht wirklich. – Das war nen dickes Eigentor….

  23. Hello,

    Would you consider on station NPC police walking around and station NPC criminals as well as the police being able to arrest etc for hacking the production terminals ?

    I would also like to see some interaction with the other faction leaders on a diplomatic level.

    Also perhaps only being allowed to mine in sectors if allowed/licenced to from faction or sector representatives, this would have a large impact on the economy and create more dynamic relationships between factions and between the factions and the player.

    Nice work !!

  24. Hello Egosoft. First thanks for this video ! I’m a new player of X series since 3 days now, I love it very much, but there is some suggestions to improve the overall quality of the game : text and frame interface need to be polished, map filtering and search is messy and not so readable and finaly please detail more objectives details on briefing mission. Keep the good work !

  25. My most wanted addition is by far VR support. Even basic support to allow for viewing in a headset, without incorporating any motion control support or anything like that would be fantastic.

  26. Please work on better tutorials. I've been playing space adventure for 10 years now, and the tutorials are really bad in this game. Players who work and have families can't spend hours guessing how to do missions. Please at least have a "HINT" what to do, or where to go in missions.

  27. AI using the deployables better, and I would really like if player can hack into ai satellites so we can see the map. Making satellite coverage is very time consuming. Also the universe is too peaceful. Enemy sectors are few. Small in number.

  28. Thank you for doing these videos, I think it's great you're listening to fan feedback, I think if you'd have done this video feedback right from release people might have complained less 🙂

    The game has come on SO far since release. I booted it up again for the 3.0 beta after being away for nearly a year: I'm amazed at how great the game looks now, and runs so smoothly too. Really fantastic work!

  29. Thanks for more video content 👍
    I’d love it if you could go through different parts of the game and explain the mechanics behind it.
    Things like station building, best ways to train your troops, faction wars and rebuilding faction relationships.
    It would cool if you could feature game play in your universe and how you setup your trading fleets, stations and warships including resupply etc.
    Can we get the ability to have a universe where multiple players can log on and play together? Could you talk to us about the issues in the development of that?

  30. I highly support your efforts to make a game stand out. Not just Steam needs to be supported but some other ways of promoting the game trough YouTube, Reddit, Twitch… A fine examples for that are Warframe and Path of Exile where there are a lot of reliable content creators making content for the game in some cases on a daily basis.

  31. Good communication, way to go. This is well invested time!
    Game is shaping up well, played the latest beta a few hours.

  32. Yes More Video Logs!!!! Thank You! Great video… maybe get a list of questions from Forums or here and do a Video on that. Love what you are doing!!!

  33. Are there any plans to flesh out research ? seems like it is a shell with a missing content as is. too easy if all you need to do is wait 10 minutes and that's it.

  34. Vorab, tolle neue Rubrik mit dem Vlog 🙂

    Mein Feedback für Verbesserungen zum Spiel. (Stand Beta 3.0 ~ 700std Spielzeit insgesamt)

    – Mit der Wirtschaft und Expansionspolitik seid ihr echt gut voran gekommen. Fraktionen bauen intelligenter und reagieren mittlerweile besser auf Angebot und Nachfrage unter Berücksichtigung ihrer eigenen Interessen. Weiter so!

    – Konflikte / Kriegsvorhaben / Machtansprüche : Hier sehe ich noch großes Potenzial, da das bisherige Mächteringen unter den Fraktionen noch zu statisch ist. Das macht es für den Spieler nicht attraktiv außerhalb des Handels sich mit den anderen Fraktionen zu beschäftigen. Am Ende kocht man sein eigenes Süppchen. Ich hoffe ihr schafft es dort noch mehr Tiefe mit politischen Entscheidungen und deren Auswirkungen hinzuzufügen, sowie den Fraktionen eine gewisse Dynamik zu verleihen, sodass der Spieler mehr gefordert ist die Galaxy zu sondieren.

    -Missionsbelohnungen fallen viel zu niedrig aus, bzw. Dinge wie Kristalle farmen rentieren sich viel mehr im Vergleich zum Zeitaufwand von z.B. Missionen, das braucht noch Balancing um Missionen auch attraktiver zu machen.

    – Das OOZ Combat ist etwas unzuverlässig bzw. nicht nachvollziehbar, ich hoffe ihr könnt die Kalkulation für den Spieler noch etwas greifbarer machen, sodass man auch zeitnah bzw. angemessen reagieren kann

    – Friendly Fire, ich weiß das ganze aus der Welt zu schaffen ist schwierig, aber eine "Say Sorry" Option für das Comm Menü wäre echt Spitze

    – Die Reichweite und Variation mancher Waffensysteme braucht in meinen Augen einen Boost bzw. Anpassung für den Verwendungszweck. Es fühlt sich komisch an, wenn eine Station erst schießt wenn das feindliche Schiff unmittelbar vor der Eingangstüre steht. Höhere Reichweiten und weniger Genauigkeit, würden das Salz in der Suppe sein.

    -Der Dresscode von NPCs / Crew ist sehr rudimentär und dem Zufall überlassen. Ein Feature dem Spieler seine Crew mit Kleidung einzudecken oder diese anzupassen wäre der Hammer!!!!

    -Boost verbraucht Schildkapazitäten? Wie wäre es mit Treibstoff für Schiffe, dazu das Auftanken an Raumdocks oder Werften. Weniger Ärger mit ständig niedrigen Schilden der NPCs und gleichzeitig mehr taktische Tiefe. ( Man darf ja wohl mal träumen dürfen xD )

    Zu sehen, dass ihr X4 fortlaufend verbessert oder sogar neue Dinge hinzufügt, zeigt wie sehr es euch am Herzen liegt, macht weiter so!!!

    Mein Vote für den Award auf Steam habt ihr <3

  35. You guys seem to really like this "pulsar/black hole sucking off the star's plasma" effect, but honestly as it is it looks pretty cheap. The edges of the cone are just too precise, you can almost see the polygons. The animation is too fast. The ejected matter from the pulsar/black hole also looks weird.

  36. Sorry but S-Storyline? 2nd – economy is so unbalanced…why should I build a factory if I can finish 1 quest, and take 10time more money? Why turret's don't make damage is it only for fireworks??? Easy??? Really may be more balanced and hard??

  37. Still playing x3ap, but excited to see where x4 is going! Hopefully the coming year will see more X3 like features, and less Rebirth style.

  38. lol talking about expansions while they sold us a buggy piece of shit alpha that STILL isnt fixed. I'm glad i could still refund. The nerve to try to sell even more while scamming people into buying early access. Fuck off.

  39. Карта удобна и практична, но со временем управление своей космической империей через карту превращается в игру жанра стратегии с пиктограммами и значками. Хотелось бы иметь возможность погружения, для чего нужно создать механизм взаимодействия с кораблями и станциями из космоса, добавить привязку звеньев к быстрым клавишам.
    В идеале было бы здорово иметь свободную камеру в пространстве, что дало бы удобное управление и отличную визуализацию происходящего…
    Ещё момент насчёт капсул. Раз уж у нас экипаж приобрёл такое большое значение, хорошо бы было чтоб перед взрывом самые умелые могли спасаться в капсулах с ограниченным сроком жизни, которые можно подбирать…

  40. Really good to see that Egosoft is going to do dev vlogs! It will keep more people involved with the game between updates.
    In the past I've only played the games periodically when new updates came out. Hopefully seeing more about the games development will keep me playing longer!
    Huge fan of dynamic NPC-driven games, and this is by far the best among them. So I'm very happy to see development continue. Keep up the good work, Egosoft!

  41. X4 is out? That's good to know!
    Perhaps next time you release something you can put an "out now" in the thumbnail so the release announcement doesn't get confused with all the development announcements before?

  42. x4 is getting better and better. i want to see where it goes. better missions, fixed economy and fleet control will make it better.

  43. I REALLY miss the "Beyond The Frontier" mechanics, where space was dangerous and you had to be very careful where you went and what gates you passed.
    Also miss the mechanics where Xenon's actually chased you if you where close enough to them and they spotted you nearby and space hostility was high.
    But if you are close to Home HQ, its not so hostile allowing players the ability to build up their fleet & upgrade their ship to prepare them for the harsh space environment of enemies.
    The further out in space you go, the more hostile it gets, but more rewarding….. thats how it should be.
    These days space is now like walking through Walt Disney……. I want a sense of spookiness, terror and danger, where pilots are forced to really build up their fleet,
    as well as upgrade their ships to withstand battles against Xenon's & other enemies. I also want space to grow in sectors. would be nice if it was "almost" unlimited procedurally-generated space,
    Like No Man's Sky………. Also, I believe that many of the mods created that are of high usage, should be permanently implemented into the base game itself.
    Another cool idea would be to be able to land on asteroids, to hide from hostiles if a player is overwhelmed by enemies. a person lands on the asteroid and turns off main system,
    And only have radar & essential systems on to be stealthy when passing through dangerous systems. 🙂
    Also lots more mining of space clouds, ice and many other minerals and materials and the further out in space you go to mine the more lucrative it can be because of the danger.
    Also would like an option of no cockpit in game preferences. — I really hope that in 3.0 the graphics improve by 1,000 fold. I love this game, but the explosions and affects still feel 90's like.
    Ive been playing on my friends computer.
    I first purchased my Beyond The Frontier in 1992 at The Wiz store that was next to Gimbles store thats now known as Macys',. and that when I was hooked to space games.
    I can't currently afford the X4 Foundations, because im upgrading my computer & other personal expenses getting in the way. hopefully by Summer 2020 I would be able to get it.

  44. 1. Überarbeitet eure Versionspolitik. Die widerspricht so ziemlich allem was man aus guter Projektorganisation kennt. Wir sind niemals nie nie nie bei v2.60, eher bei v1.40
    2. Macht kleinere Updates, das verbessert die Stabilität massiv und vereinfacht euch die Arbeit, weil weniger Überlastung und stellt uns Kunden besser zufrieden weil massive Bugs effizienter angegangen werden können.

  45. thank you for this video series, its great to see more of what its going to happen. 🙂
    will we see the ships flying getting more physics based? like feel the weight more on the inertias? because they seem to feel just a bit on the 90s arcade gamestyle still.
    when can we see expanded interiors? for sure we don t need an insane amount of rooms with every bolt, but teleporting into the cockpits on mid sized ships makes them feel like simple assets instead of real ships. allowing us to actually physically enter turrets, would exponentially increase the gaming experience, for example.
    can we have an improvement at some point on the visuals of the ships being built in the hangar, like npcs assembling some pieces and welding things? its great to see our ships being built, but for now, they seem to be being downloaded bit by bit from thin air, not necessary something overcomplex, just a bit more natural, maybe disguise things with fireworks from welding.
    a small number of people co op would fit perfectly into the game, even if we have to all be in the same sector at the same time 🙂

  46. I would like to point out that this is not a criticism – except maybe one case – but only such quiet thoughts 🙂

    I would like to see some nice story that will add depth to the game – yes, there's a lot more to life than work / trade or knocking out xenons 😉 Powerful factions, maybe some war? which will go on regardless of everything – it was already in previous games but I miss it
    Couldn't you import structures and some ships from xrebirth and x3? this would add charm and introduce variety to the game. (and that 3d models already exist it probably would not be so much work)
    Removing the highways and leaving only the gates combined with increasing the distance between the planets and the moon would add realism of true space.

  47. I would like to hear about the general combat balancing between ships and their armament and in further fleet mechanics, commands and behaviour of pilots. Also for an other topic, faction/war behaviour would be quite interesting to hear about.
    I think this XLOG is a great Idea, like it!

  48. Kewl! I'm enjoying the 3.0 beta. Looking forward to the Split release. Only suggestion for the vlog would be to do them as often as you can or necessary.

  49. I think this XLOG series is a great idea. Keeps us updated, shows off some progress and you are even talking about current future plans and ongoing discussions we can be part of.
    Big like from me! I wish more companies would do it direct and transparent like this.

  50. I really like the game, and im looking forward to the 3.0 and the expansion, are there any plans in the future of the franchise or rather with x4 to introduce scrapping/junker as a profession. With this I mean designated ships that collect wrecks/hulks from battles and such or scavenge bigger ones with various cutting tools. I think some would find this idea perhaps not to the liking but I think it could be an interesting part of the war economy. Lots of ships getting destroyed someone could make a living on cleaning it up or taking care of it all. Both the Ai and the player could have a new form of presence in the systems where war or wars have taken place. Similarly in real world or in scifisettings in generall its sort of not an outlandish idea.

    It would be all about making that work within this context and tying it up with the rest of it. I think it could have a place in x4 setting if its sort of done similar to mining or warfare with dedicated tools, and some new ships. Small ones that can cut and gather smaller items maybe with a tool even drag space hulks behind it, and larger that can grab hulks or wrecks put them inside like say a carrier, and then either dismantle them inside or move them to a place for this to happen. A place that could tie it all togheter would be a space station mechanic with certain buildings/modules that could do it for you, scrap them for credits and usable parts and such. In my opinion the best would be to not allow ships to do this but for larger crafts to collect multiple ones and send them to a facility like this. These stations could also have a mechanic to repair some to a semi-functional state. Im thinking a custom repaired wreck would perhaps not be as good as a brand new factory produced ship but it would be a say a bit cheaper than building new ones to compensate for it.

  51. Mich würde vor allem interessieren, was genau die Pläne für die Menüführung beinhaltet. Gibt es da möglichkeiten für ein paar Quality of Life Optionen? Möglicherweise Kontextsensitive Radialmenüs?

    Insbesondere das Flotten- und Stationsmanagement über den Menüscreen ging mir (zu 2.21) recht schwer von der Hand und ich hatte den Eindruck, dass viele Funktionen noch nicht so recht funktionierten.

    Desweiteren war da noch eine ganze Menge Platz für Text, der einfach abgeschnitten wurde. So dass man sogar bei relativ kurzen Objektnamen mehr oder weniger raten musste, was man da managed.

  52. Glad to see everything is still moving along! Is it too early to say what will happen to people playing the game when the Split suddenly show up?

  53. O.K I'll be that man! If only you could get this onto console, especially the new more powerful machines released next year.

  54. I bought this game when it came out. Couldn't figure it out, and shelved it within the hour. A game I really wanted to play, but there are not straightforward tutorials, and overall there's nothing intuitive about it. (At least to a new player). I haven't touched it since, unless they provide proper tutorials I probably never will attempt to play it again. Appreciate that you've picked up on this 'trend' and are proposing solution.

  55. First of all I'd like to thank Egosoft for this wonderful game. It feels really cool. But I'd like to give some feedback. A lot of people think X4 needs improvements in fleet management and so on, but in my opinion there're some more important things to improve:

    -Graphics are cool, textures, shaders and so on, but I think space itself doesn't look as deep and realistic as it was in X3: Reunion/Terran Conflict. While close planets and asteroid fields give a lot of immersion and look rather cool, some distant planets look like stickers and almost all nebulas don't feel very deep and distant. They don't feel realistic at all (not as "photorealistic" as it was in X3. The same thing is for some core sectors. For example, sectors like Antigone's Memorial, Ianamus Zura and Argon Prime look kind of ..artificial, not "space-made" like in X3. Maybe you could use some NASA photos (or X3) to make more X3-realistic background skyboxes).
    – Some sectors in X: Rebirth were not bad at all. Would like them back too) And corporations: Plutarch, Ledda etc. and missions to work for them.
    -I think it 'd be cool idea to add something like Galaxy News System, like it was in X3: Reunion or in some cool mods for X3: Terran Conflict. It's a small thing to add, but this alone could bring a lot of immersion in X4.
    -Specific music tracks for each sector and some background noise like in X: Rebirth.
    – And a plot. Plots. MORE PLOTS PLEASE. AND XENON HUB MISSION (okay, it was a joke. Maybe a bad one).
    -Aaand….Paranids. They're not what I expected them to look like (and a lot of oldschool fans of X-series). I don't think It's going to change, but…I hope 🙂

  56. This is definitely good. But what about adding support for the resolution of 7680 × 4320 for X3:Reunion and X3:Terran conflict? These are good games, but there are problems running on large monitors. It's not about models or textures, but the interface and videos …

  57. I really like what was done with 3.0 beta with the economy. Just started fresh and many hours in and the improvement is noticeable. There is still plenty of room for the player to turn a profit and yet the world doesn’t run out of parts if I stop building and decide to go blow up some xenon for a bit. Good job! Long time fan of Egosoft can’t wait to see what comes next! I like this format much more personal than a forum post.

  58. Thanks for the Xlog 🙂
    Talking about Capital ships – there was a very elegant solution for this problem in Eve online.
    Capitals cant really hit small ships, but at the same time they can tank those small ships forever.
    So if you are piloting a fighter you cant really kill capital ship because it has A LOT of shields and armor, and you will rather be killed with its drones first.
    Since in X4 its possible to damage crucial parts like engines and turrets (and in X3 we had M8 type to deal with capships), small ships and fighters could rather perform a "hit and run" role on the battlefield to support capital ships. Also it would be nice to have X3-like bombers back in X4.

    As it stands now player can use a missile boat to deal with any kind of enemy. You just dont need anything else.
    Last tive i checked(v 2.2 i believe), Cerberus + Pegasus thats basically all you really need for military purposes as player controlled ships.
    It would be nice to restrict ships inside its own class roles and develop a unique subrole for every ship model(to make every ship usefull), so player will be forced to change ships or even form a support fleets. This could boost economy and production even further as well.

  59. Actually i'm playing on beta 3.0, some functions are pretty good ( especially the abitily to rename fleets ), but some are missing like collecting droped satelites. also as said in the comments the general UI/Ship design and cockpits/NPC is verry low, maybe with time you can do something with this please ? Maybe the ability to give missions to your NPC's and harder difficulty on End game witch is realy boring in terms of difficulty. Hope you'll talk about this on your next video and what solutions maybe possible 🙂

  60. Ich freue mich schon auf die Erweiterung. Ich würde mir für die Zukunft wünschen, dass man an den Schiffen wenn die unter Beschuss stehen einen Schildeffekte sieht.

  61. X4 feel like it is contrived. The economy pressures you into certain types of gameplay. For example if you don't provoke war the economy is so sluggish that you can't get enough resources to get anything done.

    And grinding out missions is tiresome slow way of getting things done.

    The command system is clunky and full of bugs. For example there is a bug where a ship will get into a state where setting the default behavior reverts to a particular setting. I've also lost crew members in my ships. Once a crew member was stuck standing outside on my ships wing and there was no way of telling him to do anything.

    I hope these issues have been resolved. I love the X series of games. And would play it much more if they can refine it.

  62. Hello Bernd. One topic I would like to see you guys discuss is stations. Specifically, I would like to know why are none of the amazing X Rebirth station designs in X4? One of the things that made X Rebirth so special were the amazing stations that were more like incredible space cities! Really miss them. Do you guys have any plans to reintroduce some of those designs? Thanks for all your hard work!

  63. Thinking about getting back into the game. Any game breaking bugs I should be aware of and avoid?
    Or is it somewhat stable finally?

  64. Missionen wie bei Start Trek Folgen wären mal nice! Anomalien, Raumkrümmungen, Schwarze Löcher, die einfach so auftauchen. Truppen auf riesigen Asteroiden mit Basen absetzen und wieder abholen. Forschungsexpeditionen leiten usw. Aber das ist nur ein Anreiz. Bisher good job Leute!

  65. I've already decided how I'm going to sink in 500 hours into this game, once Split, Boron, and other updates/mods arrive in a few years. Did 50 hours already, just decided to stop playing and be patient. I mean if you compare X3 to X3AP with mods, there is a huge difference. I'm not even after a story in this game, I just want a bigger sandbox than it is.

    Thanks for the hard work, these are my fave games.

  66. Bis auf den Echo-Sound des Bolzenrepetierers in der Beta bin ich bisher sehr zufrieden. Optisch eine gute Aufwertung, und vielleicht ist es Zufall, aber während meine Flotte gegen eine Gruppe Xenon-Zerstörer auszog, schloss sich mir einfach eine Gruppe argonischer Zerstörer an, sie flogen sogar in Formation mit und waren eine große Hilfe, das fand ich mega. Das einzige, was mich noch stört, sind zu spät "aufpoppende" Stationen und vor allem Asteroiden, den Distance-View könnte man bestimmt noch verbessern. Oh, und ich liebe den gedämpften Sound und die Aufpralleffekte des neuen argonischen Flak-Geschützes. Das fühlt und hört sich richtig nach Weltall an, und auch, dass man eigene Schiffe jetzt als Polizei einsetzen kann, ist eine gute Idee. Ich fände es gut, wenn Fraktionen, die in deinem eigenen Sektor eine Station bauen wollen, an mich eine Gebühr für die Baugenehmigung zahlen. Ich muss es andersrum ja auch machen. Ansonsten: Weiter so, gute Arbeit! 😀

  67. you said you are updating the enginge to be able to add new effects to the game. My question on that: Will you also overwork the shadow drawing? As i can see in the video (and also in Beta 3.0) the shadows are still extremly flickiring in many situation. That doesn´t look good and it´s disturbing (especially in the cockpit…).
    Maybe you can say something about this topic.

    Thanks in advance

  68. I am more an entrepreneur than a pilot in these games, I prefer the building mechanics (now that I have worked them out). I know you have a few missions reference building stations for factions, but will this be extended were you help build a station without shelling out large amounts of credit for a faction and get a small lump sum payment on completion, an advance starter point? Where the faction brings the materials to you or you have to negotiate a deal with certain factions to obtain the materials? Maybe building certain stations in other factions space, drops your alliance points down in doing so?

  69. Thank you for the information! A Devlog is always welcomed by those expecting to know more about the future of the game.!

  70. I would like to see competitive traders that build their own station complexes with the profits and try to compete against you in the form of: Out producing, monopolizing, paying pirates to raid your stations and ships, buying defensive ships/fleets to protect their stations and ship against you, or offensive ships/fleets to directly attack you or blockade your station from NPC traders. On the opposite you can befriend them and work to produce products/services they need and create synergies and allied fleets against other competitors which can develop their own business partners and conglomeration come after you and your business partners. Mercenaries, pirates, and competing businesses can raid your stations, capital ships, and complexes in a first/third person shooter style which you can interact with remotely or be apart of… possibilities unlimited!

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