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XBOX American Girl Doll!

August 27, 2019

– Hey guys, it’s Justine
and I’m here with Ro. – Hello. – So this has been out for a little while. This is an American Girl
doll that has an Xbox. I did not want to open
this with anybody else, I didn’t want to be by myself, I wanted to open this with you because I thought this is gonna
be the coolest thing ever. – I love unboxings. – So first, if you guys
aren’t familiar with American Girl dolls, they
had them a long time ago. – Yeah, a long time ago. – Cause when I had mine, I think there were only five dolls total. – No, there weren’t that many. – No, but now they have so many. You can make them look like you, and my American Girl doll,
her name was Molly actually. – I think my sister Molly’s doll, you guys might have had the same doll. Her name was Molly too. – And she had glasses. – Yes. – And she had a little plaid skirt. – Yes, yes, it is bringing back memories. My sister had this doll
and she would take it everywhere with her, she loved her. – Just so glad to see that they still have American Girl dolls and they’ve grown to what they are today. And this is extremely exciting. – This is huge, this is so cool. – So let’s open up the doll first. – Oh my gosh, look at us, we’re unboxing. – Basically I feel like
I’m unboxing a doll version of myself except I wouldn’t
be wearing a skirt. – Minus the skirt. Minus the skirt, I’ll take the skirt. I actually have a skirt
that looks just like this. – This skirt would probably fit you. – Oh my gosh, I have a skirt
that looks just like this. – Really, do you want to go get it an di will cut this doll out of here. – Girl, let me show
you this, it’s so real. – I’ll be here. – [Ro] I’m gonna hurry. – Gosh, this was the worst
part when you were a child, trying, you want your freaking toy but it’s jammed in here. – [Ro] Okay, you gotta tell me. – Oh my gosh, it’s the same skirt. – Is it similar? – And it’s the same size. – I feel like it’s pretty matchy matchy. – This is so cute, look
at your little skirt. – Look at this. This is one of my favorite skirts ever. – Oh here she is, oh here she is. – Look at those little sneakers. – Oh she’s got a hairnet on, what are you cookin’? – They have salons that you can take them to get their hair done. – So they can match you? Or for their own selves? – Well because they have
really, it’s a high quality hair so they had a special brush that you were supposed to brush it with. So they take it in and you
can refresh their hair. – Oh, we’ve got a little
something here, there you go. – We’ll take that off. So Xbox actually sent me this
because I was freaking out when I saw awhile ago that they announced that they had an Xbox version
of the American Girl doll. I was all over Twitter, freaking out. Let’s just. – Oh yeah, girl. – Hey, hello. – Maybe she’s got shorts on underneath, you know the little shorts? – No, those are undies. Those are undies, I’m
gonna put her this way. This is everything that I
have basically dreamed about since I was a little girl,
playing video games and quiz. I’m just gonna dump all this out. – Okay, let me see. – American Girl gaming
chair, this is everything that I’d always wanted. – Get her in there. – She’s got a headset,
she’s got a headset. Girls, we’ve made it. Look at this. – What? – There’s an aux cable,
which means you can plug in music to the chair, I think
the chair plays music. – It’s so cute, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, it’s like my son’s, oh my gosh. Girl you gotta wear some boy shorts too. – You can’t play a game in a skirt. – Can’t be gamin’ in a skirt here. – Yeah, there you go. – Little games, disc in it too, no way. – These are so cute, I love tiny things. You can look, tiny food videos and stuff. I love the accessories
to American dolls because all the little accessories
are so cute and tiny. – Oh my gosh, oh here’s the Xbox. – It has it’s own console. – It does, and you can
put these little things in and it acts as a projector. – So you put the game in,
and then you slide this and it changes the scenes. – Are you kidding me? – No, I can’t even make this up. Oh gosh, we might need batteries. – Things have changed since my
sister had an American doll. – A lot of things have changed. Here’s a problem, I don’t have a dongle. – I’ve got a dongle. – You’ve got a dongle? – I think so. – To plug, to put the music? – What the heck, I’m almost jealous that I’m not a kid growing up now because… – Can’t imagine growing up now. – I mean, I had a secondhand Teddy Ruxpin. – Oh my Teddy Ruxpin,
one of his eyes fell out. – Yeah, mine was really janky. – His eye was like this
and then, he would be like, you would put the tape
in, he’d be like rrrrr, and you’d hear the actual, what it’s supposed to sound like under it. So it would be telling
you a lovely bedtime story and you’d just hear rrr. I don’t know if you can see this but do you see it? – Yes, a little projector right here. It would have to be darker,
it’s just really light. Oh my gosh, this is so cool. – Oh my gosh, it’s so great. I’m so happy, and you can switch, so you can switch each little scene. Cut scenes. – [Ro] Oh it’s so cool. – Classic, so let’s put
her in her little thingy. This is probably one
of the coolest things. American Girl doll and Xbox, you guys, this was, this is
like a dream collaboration. The only better
collaboration is if you had Ro and Justine dolls. – Ohh. – What would your accessories be? – What? – You would have little aprons. – Baking everything. – Oh my gosh. – Yes. – I would have every USB cable. – And Cookie, the little dog,
and yours could have Maddie. It could come with… – I’m so glad you were able
to do this unboxing with me. This is so cool. – This is so fun. Oh shoot, how do I make
the chair do something? – Oh yeah, do we have
something we can plug into her? – I have this. – Oh you have a dongle,
where did that come from? – Do you know why’d they name it a dongle? – That’s just what
they’ve always been called but no on ever called dongles dongles, until Apple called a dongle a dongle. – Cause I used to ask my
dad, do you have a dongle and he goes, what? He was offended. I was like Dad, it’s like a cord. (music plays from doll) – It’s not that loud, which
is probably intentional because parents don’t want children playing really loud music. – Yeah. – Out of their gaming chairs. – This is very smart. This is what I would do. I would put the maximum
volume at pleasant. – Oh, oh my gosh, I love this so much. This is so cool. Well Ro, thank you so much for
doing this unboxing with me. – Thank you for letting
me do this with you. This was so much fun, and I
love unboxings because of you. I did my very first unboxing with you when you got those cool glasses. And now I love them. – I love that you unbox all
of your baking ware stuff now. – Yes. – So proud. – I should have unboxed my new computer, that was a mistake. – You should of! – I just wasn’t even thinking. I got it home and I was like,
I’ve got to get this set up and never tell Justine how
old my old computer was. But then I did. – Well this was amazing,
thank you so much. Make sure you go check out Ro’s channel. We’ve done tons of videos together. Be sure to subscribe, go tell her hello and let me know what
you guys think of this. I think it’s amazing, I’m so happy. I love it, it’s so great. We’ll see you guys in the next video. – [Both] Bye.

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  13. The year of 1986 is when American girl started but it wasn’t always called American girl it was original called a pleasant company but they had three dolls as they started and they were Kristin, Samantha, and molly those are all of the original dolls

    Yet here I am in 2019 telling you all about the history of American girl and I’m over here 13 years old

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