Xanda the Lion and the Bloodlust of Trophy Hunters – The Jim Jefferies Show
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Xanda the Lion and the Bloodlust of Trophy Hunters – The Jim Jefferies Show

November 16, 2019

Welcome back! Two years ago, a Minnesota
dentist named Walter Palmer was publicly shamed for killing
a beloved lion called Cecil during a hunting expedition in
Zimbabwe. Well, like father like son. And I don’t mean the dentist. >>Two years after Cecil the lion
was killed by a Minnesota trophy hunter, the animal’s son
apparently has met the same
fate. Authorities say that Xanda, a
6-year-old lion with several
young cubs was shot near the
same spot as his father. What are the odds? Cecil’s family are like the
Kennedys of the Animal Kingdom. Yes. 6-year-old Xanda had a
family of his own. A bit young to be a dad if you
ask me, but, you have to remember that he
grew up in a tough neighborhood
with no male role-model. Now, there’s a difference
between trophy hunting and game hunting.
Now, I don’t like either of
them, to be honest. Now, I know that people consider
hunting to be a sport. It’s not
a sport. Sports have winners and losers. When have you ever lost at
hunting? And I suppose you could call it
a hobby, but it’s a c-nt’s
hobby. If your hobby, if your hobby is
you and your best friend dressed
up in camouflage, hiding in a swamp and going
‘honk honk’, so you can fool the
mind of a duck, what type of low-life prick are
you? And–I’ve heard the whole
argument that you use the kill
to feed your families. Oh! Thank god you came along! We’re all running out of food
here in America without you,
Noble Huntsman! I can’t even figure out another
way to feed my family! I don’t know, maybe go to
Ralph’s! And stop bragging about using
the whole animal. No one cares! If a serial killer made a
lampshade out of human skin, you wouldn’t say, ‘Well, at
least he’s using every part of
the victim.’ But, at least there are
arguments for game hunting. Trophy hunting is different. It’s less about living off the
land, and more about paying lots of money
to kill rare animals for
instagram likes. And–I know. Can you believe that this
happened during Shark Week? Why would you do that? That’s like Shark Christmas to
them! Trophy hunters will claim that
they’re helping local
communities that can use the meat from the
kill. But, think about that from the
villagers point of view. Day one: fresh lion, everyone’s
happy. Day two: more lion. Day three: cold lion sandwiches. Day four: what is it mom? Lion
casserole. Ughhhh. Then it’s lion salad, lion soup,
lion tacos, then finally, geez mom, can we have something
besides lion? And then your mom
goes, ‘You’ll eat your lion and you’ll
be grateful, because there’s
kids starving in Africa, and
they’re you!’ Hunters will also argue, the
money spent on hunting trips
goes to conservation efforts. But that’s not really true
either.>>In a 2013 report, prepared for
the African Lion Coalition found that just 3% of hunting revenue
ends up in local communities. 3 percent? Locals can make just as much
money from tourists who come and
look at the animals and don’t f-cking shoot them. Be honest with us, hunters. Be
honest with us. You don’t do it because you care
about conservation or helping
others. You just like the killing part. >>Tears and sweat and challenges
that you can’t imagine that you can face and
overcome. When I kill an animal, I walk up to the animal, and with great and deep respect, place my hand on his face and thank him for his life. You c-nt. Maybe another way to thank the
animal for its life is by not killing it. Blood lust is simply part of who
hunters are. According to a recent study,
hunting is linked to personality
traits like narcissism and psychopathic behavior. Just look at the people who do
it. But maybe the most offensive
thing about trophy hunting is how much people are willing to
pay to go kill something.>>Hunters from around the world
spend upwards of 325 million
dollars on hunting in Africa yearly. A Cape Buffalo hunt runs
$20,000. A Leopard hunt can cost as much
as $28,000. And a lion hunt costs $100,000
per cat. Really the main reason I can’t
stand trophy hunters is because I hate rich people. I’ve hated rich people my entire
life. And I know the irony is, But I think we can all tell that
I’m new money and I have a lot
of self-hate. Rich people are somehow allowed to do things differently than
everyone else in the world.
Like, the rest of us are playing
soccer, we’re all having a great
time. We’re kicking a ball around and
then a rich person comes along
and goes, ‘I’d like to play
soccer– but I’ll be sitting on the back
of a horse, and I also need a
big hammer.’ Rich people don’t play by the
same rules as everyone else. So a rich dentist is allowed to
pay $55,000 to lure an animal out of a
nature preserve into an open
area, shoot him with a bow and arrow,
watch the animal bleed out over two days, and then when the
animal is almost dead, he shoots
it. Then he goes out, takes a
photograph with the dead animal, and then he cuts the animal’s
head off and mounts it above his
fireplace. If a poor person did the same
thing, but within his means, we would lock him in prison. Say a poor person sat in his
backyard and shot regular cats. Regular, household, domestic
cats. They’re not endangered in any
way. We put them down all the time. Let’s say, let’s say this guy
knew a guy that knew where a cat might be. And he paid him five dollars
fifty to lure that cat into his
yard. Then he chucks a dart that he
stole from the pub into the side
of the cat. Then he watched the cat die. Then he runs out and takes a
photo of him with the dead
little cat. And then he thinks to himself, ‘Hmm, this erection’s not gonna
last forever. How will everyone know the
second they walk into my studio
apartment what a great cat-killer I am?’ So he takes out a knife and he cuts the little, tiny
cat’s head off. Until he’s just holding the
cat’s head. Then he puts it on a wooden
plaque and he mounts it above his space
heater. Because–he doesn’t have a
fireplace. Because he’s poor. Now look at me and tell me we
wouldn’t lock that guy up.

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  1. why does it matter they are just stupid cats? They are destroying native wildlife at the same rate white humans destroyed native americans.. Why do you fuckheads suddenly care?

  2. Absolute Scum. They should thrown into the Serengeti without a weapon. See how they get on without their gun to hide behind.

  3. Unless you're a vegetarian I say let them hunt. Maybe look up how many animals are killed for consumption everyday first. Maybe start with the big fish not the small peanuts.

  4. 3:37 psychopath. Way to go, take a tradition from the natives that your ancestors raped and slaughtered. A tradition coming from people for whom hunting was a primary source of survival. They didn't hop on planes and exploit poorer nations, hunting for sport in foreign lands…

  5. Well if it was perfectly legal to kill a cat take its head and put it on your wall then no, no one would lock him up for it.
    You are mistaken in the idea that rich people and get away with doing things that poor people can't , it's simply they can 'afford' to get away with things the poor people can't.
    If you can get up $100,000 you too can hunt a lion.

  6. Uhm, animals dont have "fathers". Humans do. Animals are just that, animals. You cant murder an animal. We are to take dominion of the earth.
    You cannot antiquate animal with humans.

  7. To be honest hunting for food is extremely more human then buying food evens organic farms puts their animals in torturous and inhumane circumstances such as chickens actually going mad killing themselves due to being cramp noy a inch to move trapped in darkness forever or cows constantly being raped having the child taken away and being killed so they can rape the mother again and again like I eat meat but that shit its fucked up

  8. Trophy hunters are just rich assholes paying a lot of money to kill something. I'm a game Hunter. I hunt deer. 1 deer will put enough meat in my freezer for an entire year. Somehow doing this makes me more of a piece of shit than people who get your meat at the grocery store. Beef which came from someone who systematically puts a nail gun to the back of cows heads all day.

  9. Regular cat hunting isn’t as uncommon as you think it is unfortunately. Some people just hate cats and like to shoot them

  10. I grew up hunting. I still enjoy it to this day. Nothing beats the fresh taste of venison (deer) in a stew. But I do not agree with trophy hunting.

  11. As a native American it's really interesting to see a bunch of liberals laugh at what is done in nature everyday by tribes all around the planet…shame. Why do the government's of these countries allow it to go on?

  12. At least treat animals horrible before you kill and eat them, it's only how everyone else does it. Stuff those deer and ducks in some small crates!

  13. That bitch is lying it takes no skill to use a gun and if u respected the animal u wouldnt mount it on ur wall

  14. Jim Jeffries becomes extremely sexy when he's using his show to bring awareness to atrocities but in a funny way??

  15. I am certainly against game hunting but as someone who has grown up in a very poor rural area there are definitely cases where people rely on hunting for the majority of their food so I can understand that and don't believe they should be shamed, but game hunting is really messed up to me and trophy hunting should be illegal.

  16. I don’t oppose hunting. Not at all. We are predators. But, I’d like the government ban hunting using tools. I think the hunters facing a bear with bear hands would be a great fun.

  17. Ngl when he started talking about game hunting it really pissed me off. I don’t believe in paying corporations to tourture and slowly kill animals for me, I do it myself, I don’t pay people to do my dirty work for me.

  18. I hate that guy who shot Cecil. Makes me want to cry. He should be hung-up my his balls for a full week. Then dipped in shit ‘til he can’t breathe.

  19. Do some of these people stand in front of a mirror and say some of this goofy crap to themselves? It is to bad other trophy hunters can not hunt these people.

  20. I agree with not really needing to hunt for food in most of the US, but there are some parts, like in Alaska, where there is minimal access to stores and the food in them is basically spoiled already. Meat is freezer-burned, perishables are rotting. People actually need to hunt and gather to survive. And you could say that people should move away from those places, but a) once you’re here it’s hard to leave if you’ve fallen in love with the place and b) let’s not repeat history and tell the Alaskan Native people’s to leave their homes.

  21. The funniest thing about Jim is he doesnt believe in anything he is saying. He just knows the liberals eat this sh*t up and that they really dont understand how comedy works. I will try to enlighten those who dont. A joke well its JUST A DAMN JOKE. GET OVER IT and enjoy your fast food, tacos and 50usd steaks because lets be serious 99% of us eat meat.

  22. Hunting is the best Thing to do …
    I as a european would Never eat the trash you call meat ! Wild meat is wayyyyyy healthier

  23. Very right. Rich are looting planet of resources and now killing animals directly for fun. People need to shame them for the clearly psychotic deed.

    I am not vegetarian but I am against mass slaughter by companies and also hunting wild animals unless they are a pest.

  24. All these people that post animal poaching pictures, like that blonde bimbo, deserve to be hunted themselves.. And as they lie bleeding to death, we should place our hands on their face and thank them for their lives.

  25. So…is Jim a vegan? Iam guessing not, so he should shut the fuck up about hunters providing free range natural meat for there families. When this guy goes and buys a steak from the store thinking he’s a better person then a natural hunter. Don’t get me wrong throphy hunting is fucked up!! I hate it!! But real hunting is the natural way of life, get over it!!

  26. Fun fact, the naked dude with the shark is Jimmy John himself. When you eat at Jimmy John's, you're just giving money to this prick

  27. I Deer hunt. I have a box freezer full of meat. I've been doing it since I was 12 and I'm 53 now. What's the difference if I go shoot my own meat or get it from the supermarket where the cattle are brutalized and shot up with all kinds of drugs before there slaughtered??? Tell people in parts of West Virginia, Pa, the Deep South that there assholes for hunting. I'd like to be present to see how that conversation goes.
    That being said. I detest Rich People. That includes you too Limey Boy!!! I don't care if your new money [email protected]#ktard,,,,you don't have the same problems we do who struggle to make it. And are you even a citizen?????
    As a hunter I do think paying 20k and up to hunt endangered animals is retarded!!! I could do a million other things with that money. I also think having someone hold your hand out there and then point and say shoot is stupid too.
    I never considered hunting a sport.

  28. Poachers deserve to be poached. In situations like that, where they are the rich and can get off on affluenza or some such nonsense, summary justice is all that can be given fairly.

  29. I agree on the trophy hunting but game hunting is different.

    Eating meat from game hunting is better than eating meat produced in industrially.

    To avoid misunderstandings:
    The woman from 3:37 makes me want to throw up.

  30. Stop listening to 1 persons opinion and sucking him off for it. Hunting has and always will be here. whether you giant cunts like it or not. And a comedian should NEVER start conversations about politics. the "analogies" are always 100% exaggerated dribble to get a LAUGH. BECAUSE ITS COMEDY TO THEM. Not real issues.

  31. at this point it must be a criminal act to senselessly kill an animal living in the wild. Without the intention to consume, it is disgusting.

  32. Jim proves yet again that he is just not a very smart man… Trophy hunting is disgusting and wrong, but people who hunt for food rather than supporting industrial slaughterhouses, are fucking heroes and should be treated like what they really are: BETTER PEOPLE THAN YOU AND ME!!!! I have never gone hunting in my life, i'm too much of a lazy coward to hunt my own meat, and i don't have the self respect or backbone required to be a vegetarian. The meat industry is pure evil, there is nothing natural or ethical about it, it's wrong on every level and if you disagree you are either evil or stupid.. To have a worldwide platform and use it to promote industrial slaughterhouses as the more humane alternative, i would say that the same applies to you, which is that you are either evil or fucking retarded.. Ignorant fucking Australian who makes a living convincing Americans that he is smarter than them >.<

  33. These people wear camo… To not be seen. But in signal-orange. I get it. The deer may not see colours, but it still looks dumb as fuck to me.

  34. It isn't that you can't figure out another way to feed your family, but where the fuck can you buy venision? 2nd, you sometimes funny, once edgy now tool of the liberal establishment and the Viacom brand, what higher purpose can an animal serve? Provide the fuel of the thoughts, and efforts of the only intelligent species on this planet, or die of starvation as many do in the winter and fertilize the earth? Of course it is dual purpose if an animal is shot and consumed because the guts still fertilize the earth and feed other animals. 3rd, there are many people who hunt and are not successful. It is a process of learning and applying like anything else, which contributes to the satisfaction of the success. Then there is the effort to associate hunting with Ted Nugent lyrics, as Ted Nugent is a hunting enthusist, it must state explicitly that cunt like behavior and performances are required if you want to have your own show. Is this all some big build up to your gender identity unveiling. lol

  35. 3% ends up in local communities, not 3% goes to conservation efforts. If it is a comedy show that's fine, but if you're attempting to manufacture facts, then you should be prepared for the scrutiny of attempting to do so. "Hunters say money goes to conservation efforts but is that true"? "Only 3% ends up in local communities", which says nothing of what % actually goes to conservation. Why does this episode exist? Likely because marketing people discovered that people who are against hunting or who have unfavorable opinions about guns. Either Jim or the writers are tasked with creating a show to cater to that group. They just like the killing part, associations, people who hunt, and people who own guns. Was there not enough corporate dick to suck in Austraila? Then again I suppose if you're going to suck that corporate dick, suck the biggest one.

  36. Hunters spend upwards of 3 million dollars per year per hunter? How much are they spending on the safari? You joke about children starving in Africa, you don't think there would be more starving children in Africa if hunters stopped going on Safaris? You don't think that money works its way into the community, contributing to opportunities? Not directly from the permit, which is probably what the 3% was in reference to earlier in the public rape of your artistic credentials, but in people have jobs that results from the services provided to accomodate hunters, or a man has money to donate because he business he operates to serve that interest.

  37. I doubt every trophy hunt is not like the hunt you describe, even if it was the fate of the animal in this particular hunt. In Zimbabwae less than 3.5% of the population want the hunting to end. You should get Viacom tatooed across your forehead you fucking meat puppet. Way to capitalize on the social justice indignation trend with the "I always hated rich people".

  38. I didn't realize after the first three comments that there was still 2 minutes of pandering to feminine liberal cause which contributes nothing to the quality of life to poor people, but reinforces thoughtless positions which further underclass divide. A poor person hunting within his means doesn't mean he goes out back and shoot cats, which should increase the dramatic affect, as some mindless woman strokes snuggles watching your show. A poor person, living on AFDC in the early 90s, with an income of about $450 per month, and some amount of food stamps, spending $350 on rent and I don't know how much on utilities, can still drive 40 miles from his home to a public hunting ground, having procured a hunting license, stamp if needed, and put his son through hunters safety course, and go hunting. Of course you also need to know a guy like retail randy, who had a cocaine addiction who didn't like to smoke crack but shot the drug interveinously. Retail was a booster, and he would steal from Kmarts, Targets, and other retailers and split the money with whoever he could find to return it. This was the early 90s, camera film was hot at that time, easy to conceal, was farely expensive, and was easy to return because you bought the wrong film but already replaced it at another store.

  39. Locals will make far less from tourism than trophy hunters. Not like the cut is magically higher since animals aren't getting killed, and trophy hunters pay magnitudes more than tourists do.

  40. Can we stop comparing trophy hunter to normal hunters, trophy hunting is ridiculous and should be banned, but hunting Problem animals (Animals that are causing problems to Humans or other animals) that’s totally fine because your helping the animal kingdom and the human race!!!

  41. Please alteast even the odds e throw her in with a lion and only a knife. The only time the human surivives it is deserved

  42. Yea Hunting is barbaric! whatever I'm eating had better been a Slave in knee deep s*** its entire "life" although trophy hunting Lions and other rare animals is for cocksucks

  43. 5:18 yeah but playing soccer means playing with the shape of the planet , consequently with the planet , there’s no denying that , the whole planet knows about soccer, meanwhile playing with an animal means playing with a puppet of the planet , the planet is bigger game

  44. I'm not a fighter but I'm kind of a big guy and I invite any piece of shit trophy hunter into the octagon and see what happens.

  45. Trophy hunters- only time that you should put the head of an animal above your fireplace to brag about it is when you killed it with your bare hands.

  46. If you agree with this it’s time for you to realize that our animal agriculture system is the EXACT SAME ABUSE. Please respond with any argument against veganism you have, I’d love to have the discussion.

  47. ??????????…. ✅??
    Period juice ????? that is disgusting. Booty juice ????.
    https://youtu.be/iNKMPBSZu7E . Science rules.
    Harvard study, ?☠️ 81% cancer !!! ??????❤️✅?

    ‘Me explaining how you can still build muscle on a plant based diet’ says the Gorilla ?❤️?✅… 98.3% the same as humans.? flat teeth ??

    https://youtu.be/jemUrF18pFU 42%?☠️ 5,000,008 people !!! ?. 2 minutes.
    92% shit ?‍♂️??????????????…. ????. Vegans have 0% shit !!!! Scientific fact !!! https://youtu.be/wHUiiz03LL4

    Meat and sausages are number 1, cancer-causing ?????. Scientific fact. Hundreds of studies. Number two is ????????. Scientific fact. Pictures included. United Nations ??, WHO, NHS….

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