X Rocker Vibe — Official Video
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X Rocker Vibe — Official Video

August 25, 2019

Rev up for a full body sound sensation with
the X Rocker Vibe! The Vibe is X Rocker’s top-of-the-line bluetooth gaming and entertainment
chair. The Vibe’s 2.1 stereo system has high quality dual speakers and a super powerful
subwoofer. The high power subwoofer uses X Rocker’s innovative AFM Technology to boost
resonance inside the chair. 3 vibration motors sync with your bass for a full body rumble
when your movie’s action heats up or music gets bumping. You can control the Vibe’s bass,
volume, and vibration separately to get the audio effect that’s perfect for you. Compatible
with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device like smartphones, tablets, laptops. The Vibe is
awesome for mobile gaming, watching movies, or for rocking out to your favorite jams.
Your device isn’t Bluetooth enabled? So what! We got all the wires you need! The Vibe’s
padded flip-up arms and ergonomic back keep you comfortable for hours of mobile gaming
or movie marathons. The flip-down back makes compact storage a breeze. The Vibe is the
right chair for someone who wants to take their home entertainment to the highest level.
So pump up your life’s intensity with the X Rocker Vibe today. And remember… Don’t
just sit there… Start rocking!

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