X Rocker Fox 2.1 Wireless Gaming Chair — Official Video
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X Rocker Fox 2.1 Wireless Gaming Chair — Official Video

August 26, 2019

Get foxy! Rabid gamers and music fiends can’t
get enough of the X Rocker Fox. Immerse yourself in a full body sound experience with the Fox’s
2.1 stereo system with dual speakers and an extra powerful subwoofer. The Fox’s high power
subwoofer uses X Rocker’s AFM technology to boost resonance inside the chair so you can
feel the action. Control the bass and volume separately to get the audio effect that’s
perfect for you. Intense video gaming, action movies, thumping music, or you can just chill
out. Connect wirelessly to any RCA compatible audio device, like TVs, smartphones, tablets,
and more, to enjoy movies, music, and video games. The wireless transmitter is included,
and the receptor is built in. On top of great sound and easy compatibility, the Fox’s ergonomic
mesh back is designed to keep you cool for hours of gaming or movie marathons, and the
folding back makes this item easy to store when you’re ready to put it away. So get the
X Rocker Fox today, and don’t just sit there… Start rocking!

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