WWE Smackdown Live 10/23/18 Full Show Review Results & Recap: WWE EVOLUTION GO HOME SHOW.
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WWE Smackdown Live 10/23/18 Full Show Review Results & Recap: WWE EVOLUTION GO HOME SHOW.

October 8, 2019

wrestling fans welcome to yet another
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review one thing I want to say guys before I start this review is that I
cannot fucking wait I cannot fucking wait in to crown jewel and a fucking
evolution is over with I can’t wait so we can get to some real storytelling so
we can get to some real fucking rivalries going on because right now
people let’s all be honest the fucking build to crown jewel and evolution have
been horrendous horrendous these two pay-per-views are probably the worst the
worst built pay-per-views that i have ever seen in my fucking 32 years of
existence in watching WWE television you know what I take that back because
Extreme Rules was pretty fucking bad – there was nothing extreme about that
fucking pay-per-view I think there was fucking the only one Extreme Rules match
on the whole fucking card and we had fucking 9 to 10 matches on the card but
evolution and crown jewel I mean what the fuck are they
what are they selling us what are they selling us a fucking Undertaker Kane
Brothers of Destruction versus fucking DX now you’re gonna do make this match
you should have made this match 10 fucking years ago what are they selling
us with the fucking evolution pay-per-view Ronda Rousey vs Nikki Bella
are you fucking kidding me that’s the best you can do for the fucking main
event no Bailey no Sasha banks no amber moon no Oscar in the fucking main events
their own the goddamn battle royal when they should be in the fucking main event
but Nikki Bella out of all people are the fucking main event this is supposed
to be an evolution right this is supposed to be an evolution but yet we
bring back flash from the pan the past I should say I’m sorry Pam as a pan for
half in the past to return to take the spotlight away from the women who
started the fucking evolution right you got Torrie Wilson coming back you got
trish stratus coming back you got fuckin leader coming back Mickie James is gonna
have a match yet you have the real women who are fuckin the real women who
started the evolution in a fucking meaningless battle royal are you fucking
kidding me I’ll tell you this right now I will not review WWE evolution
I refuse to review that fucking pay-per-view because I hope that fucking
pay-per-view blows up in WWE’s face because it is just lazy booking lazy
people and maybe it’s because they have so much going on at one time maybe it’s
just because they had just so much shit going on they had to build for Smackdown
1000 they have to build for what the fucking crown jewel right and the
Survivor Series me Survivor Series they are coming on fucking choking over
here because WWE just fucking makes me frustrated it’s gonna kill me one of
these days excuse me they just got so much shit going on the
Royal Rumble is a couple of months away they got so much shit going on and it’s
just affecting the product it’s affecting the main shows look at
Smackdown live for last night look at Smackdown life how fucking
boring was Smackdown live last night Smackdown life was just it was just on
pilot mode people it was just on pilot mode they said let’s have a little
segment with with fucking the Mazin and Rey Mysterio they have a match to maybe
steer you in the maze and the fans will be happy at the end of the night
let’s book another match like we haven’t seen these guys in the ring already
let’s book another match between fucking Randy Orion and Jeff Hardy meaningless
one of these match is doing for these competitors nothing oh wait a minute
last week we had the Usos versus Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles you know what Vince
fucking pull it out there again let’s have the same match again again the new
Bey and the fucking bar they just had a match last week let’s put them in the
ring again fuck them they’ll be happier than tonight give me a fucking break
give me a fucking break I’m sorry people but you can’t give me
you can’t give me a free ticket to go to Monday Night Raw of SmackDown life I
refuse to go I’d rather stay fucking home and watch it on television you
would not catch me dead at a Monday Night Raw event or a Smackdown live
event why why I’m going to be bored half of the night half of the matches I’m
pranking to go to the fucking bathroom to take a piss or get a fucking hot dog
because I’m not gonna be excited for any of the matches yeah I’m gonna go to a
Monday Night Raw VIN right and I’m gonna pay my fucking hard-earned money my 300
or 400 bucks to get a fucking ticket right and I’m gonna watch no way Jose
versus fucking Mojo Riley really now or in the main event I’m
gonna watch fuckin Baron Corbin vs. Roman reigns really now that’s the fucking best we
have for Monday Night Raw oh no wait a minute no I’m gonna go over there now
we’re to watch fuck it no way Jose do the conga line like a fuckin buffoon versus fucking Chiefs later I don’t
fucking know that’s the shit that we get on Monday Night Raw that’s the shit that
we get on these programs Oscar dancing like a fuckin buffoon
would fucking Naomi what the fuck happened Oscar people did someone answer
me this question what the fuck happened to this woman this woman was undefeated
for two fucking years nobody can touch her and all of a sudden Charlotte Flair
beats her at fucking WrestleMania and there goes a fucking kryptonite I guess
y’all affairs to kryptonite now everybody isn’t ready for Ascot that
nobody was very Frost now everyone is ready for Oscar fucking James Ellsworth
is ready for fucking Oscar everyone is ready fast Oscars nobody now she was
Superman right she was Superman now she’s fucking Clark Kent without the
fucking cape she’s just a regular diva now all she is this woman should be in
fucking main event of evolution or in some type of fucking marquee match but
they have her any fucking meaningless let me repeat this meaningless battle
royal what is this woman gonna get if she wins
the battle royal is she gonna get a title shot I hope so let this sink in a
little bit let this sink in a little bit Oscar still has not won a fucking title
on the main roster not one she hasn’t been a Smackdown live champion and she
hasn’t been the Monday Night Raw champion she hasn’t won one fucking
title but Carmela Carmela Carmela the worst fucking women’s
wrestler in the history of the WWE was smacked down live women’s champion
let that sink in just a little bit yeah give me a break
give me a fucking break Smackdown live yesterday was fuckin an abomination it
was an abomination I fell asleep like three fucking times people I fell asleep
like three fucking times during this during this pay-per-view because the
matches didn’t mean anything some of the matches were predictable
some of the matches will repeat it was awful to start the show I was like give
me a break this is the way we’re gonna start Smackdown live fucking new day
right the new day in the fucking ring asking where the fuck why is the Big
Show back why is the big show with the bar nonetheless we have a match between
Kofi Kingston and the big show why oh why is the big show in a wrestling ring
in 2018 can someone answer me that question this man has done so many heel
turns and babyface turns in his fucking career and now he is put together with
the bar what is he going to do with the bar is he gonna take the bar to another
level no they just have nothing for him so
they’re just gonna stick him with the bar can this guy just be a spokesman for
the WWE and that’s it and retire please can he enter the WWE Hall of Fame and
just hang it up he has the worst movesets of any fucking wrestler that
I’ve ever seen he has a fucking punch and a chokeslam how the hell is the Big
Show wrestling in 2018 it’s fucking beyond me
Kofi Kingston versus the Big Show in a one-on-one match and who the fuck won
this match I don’t even know who won this match so let me see nobody won
it was a it was too fucking no contest who fucking cares really who fucking
cares about this match I know I didn’t moving on from that debacle we have a
match between AJ Styles Daniel Bryan versus the Usos again again
we saw this match last week now I’ve seen this match I’m like okay well the
fucking momentum that the Usos had by beating the WWE Champion and beating the
number one contender I’ll say I said you know what now they’re gonna kill their
momentum because now AJ’s thousand Daniel Bryan are surely going to be the
Usos right this time what do you know what they didn’t I was
fucking absolutely shocked this was a pretty good match I must say I mean if
you’re gonna put AJ Styles and Danny Brown versus Usos four guys I can go on
the ring it’s going to be a good match and it was a pretty good match and you
chose beat Daniel Bryan’s and AJ Styles okay shockingly shocking to me because I
said for sure the Usos will be get buried in this match and they didn’t
they beat Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles they beat them clean
Jimmy also comes off the top rope with a splash on top of a chase tiles and he
pins the W champion one-two-three excuse me guys um last week Daniel Bryan ran
into AJ Styles and ran into AJ Styles is a little there was a little bit of them
pushing and shoving between the two how many times have we seen this this is
rough this is wrestling 101 right here to baby faces you got to put them in the
tag team together so they can start bickering and fighting how many times
have we seen this this is fucking lazy booking so this
week AJ Styles runs into Daniel Bryan’s and they start bickering and fighting
again this is wrestling 101 when it comes to booking
after the match is AJ lying about heating Daniel Bryan by accident AJ AJ I
just have to ask was what just happened between you and Daniel and accident or
was it intentional it certainly appeared to be very similar
so I Daniel did to you last week on a second of course it was an accident just
like last week was that today right Daniel yeah respect for AJ so mine was
for sure an accident well hold on a second do you think I would sacrifice
that weren’t doing me a lie it looks like your nose might be growing
talking calling him Pinocchio a liar that’s drawing how corny is that are you
are you referring to no what are you what are you talking about what are you
talking about what’s that I mean I’m just convinced it was an accident
yeah what what is this what are you doing with your name what is that this I
thought this was how you doing brother and then he throws up the two sweet sign
and AJ Styles walks away too sweet brother I mean these are pride the two
biggest stars on the fucking planets on the planet reiji’s thousand Daniel Bryan
this is a dream match this is a dream match a match that can sell out any
fucking pay-per-view any pay-per-view on the fucking calendar this is a
WrestleMania worthy match and they’re fighting for the WWE title mind you and
this is the best that WW can do to book these two together
Daniel Bryan thinks AJ’s house is alive that’s it it’s all he’s a liar nothing
else behind this story line so if ww-what this match and book in a
correctly they might have fucking my want to care okay why not fucking might
want to care about this match I don’t I don’t they’re just making me not care
more by the way they’re presenting Daniel Bryan AJ stars to us ridiculous
people reading this is this match was this show was just on pilot mode people
it was just putting on fucking cruise control guys put on cruise control let
the fucking shell run itself that’s what that this show was booked
with a box of fucking crayons people a fucking 12 year old kid could have
booked this fucking this this show it was horrendous
moving on they show the segment between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair when
they got in a brawl in the performance center I have one big gripe about this
mmm Charlotte Flair’s they’re talking to all the NXT the NXT armed performance
center developments development talent and we have one woman we have one woman
in that crowd from the NXT that standing out like a sore thumb
we had Shayna Baszler in there why would you put Shayna Baszler in that situation
this woman is a fucking bad ass bitch okay Charlotte Flair was talking to her
like oh this is what you need to do to get to the big game and this is what you
got to do to get to the primetime fucking main roster where you can get
fucking buried every fucking week right she’s saying all this good stuff how to
get to the main roster and what she did to get to the main roster and who’s told
she had to step on in blah blah blah blah she in the base is looking like
bitch when I get to the fucking main roster I’m going to rip your fucking
eyeballs out your head and take your fucking spot hole that’s what she
embraces face was saying okay then you got Bianca Bel Air in the background
she’s like oh fuck you up to ho you know making a long story short Becky Lynch
comes out of nowhere stone-cold Becky Lynch and says Charlotte Flair says to
the girls don’t fucking listen to her you better fucking step on everybody’s
fucking toes you better fucking boy every fucking hair out of every bitch on
that roster and you step on everybody and you fucking take over this fucking
roster basically is what Becky Lynch said so then Charlotte Flair tells us
just shut the fuck up and they get into a brawl and you got Shayna basically
they’re trying to break up the brawl and you got all these other women to fucking
UFC girls that are in the performance center I
the four horsemen women right are they’re trying to break it up they just
why would you put these women in that spot why would you put Shayna Baszler in
that spot she’s a fuckin badass she doesn’t want to listen to Charlotte
Flair what shall I flee has to say you’re fucking kidding me and Shayna
Baszler goes up to the main roster and fights Sheila Charlotte Flair
she will beat her ass in like fucking five minutes that’s not good Shayna
Baszler is Shayna Baszler is fucking WWE bound right now chicken go on the main
roster in quickly win that fucking raw women’s title and then smack that like
woman stuff and take that title to another fucking level because right now
those titles are fucking horrible horrible um Becky Lynch is the only one
I’m making that title okay but the raw women’s title Ronda Rousey is not making
that title look good I’m sorry I’m not a Ronda Rousey fan
I’m just not whatever moving on this is when I fell asleep ruleset vs. eight in
English rusev is absolutely dead people rousseff day is absolutely dead you
could take rusev day off the fucking calendar of the of the year because some
WWE definitely missed the boat on rusev rusev was fucking red fucking hot about
three or four months ago people were chanting rusev a before events even
started people were chanting rusev day at fucking all in and all in people were
chanting rusev day are you telling me this guy wasn’t fucking red hot he had
the number one selling shirt in wwe.com and whatever WWE do with them rusev what
rusev is getting more cheers then Roman reigns rusev is getting more cheers than
AJ Styles what oh we can’t have that we need to kill rusev right now we can’t
have rusev have more cheese that Rome in so what do they do
killed him absolutely killed rusev rusev is another lost soul on the main roster
has nothing going for him right now he beats it in English
uh-huh with a masker kick then he puts the fucking a camel clutch on him and
hasn’t tap out who cares rusev days buried who’s he gonna feud
with next I don’t know sent him the NXT guys put him down in the fucking ring
with large sullivan are you fucking kidding me i love to see Lara Sullivan
versus rusev put rusev in the ring with ricochet put him in the ring with
fucking Adam Cole put him in the ring with velvetine dream he’ll do some great
work in the next e7 dynasty the main roster he’s lost
moving on The Miz installs Rey Mysterio on Miss T B well first let me say that
it feels so good to be back but the reason why I’m back see that wasn’t a
question yeah I know why you’re back you’re out
to show the world that the little man can achieve big things that the little
engine can climb up that hill and if you if you if you wish big enough and you
try hard enough then all dreams can come true how very
90s of you you see you’ve been gone for a little while people are no longer
interested in the plucky underdog anymore they are interested in
larger-than-life stars like me I will repeat that they are interested
in larger-than-life stars like me this is such a fucking dick see he has the
crown in the palm of his hand hi fucking excellent I have been here
becoming the most must-see WWE superstar of all time I beaten the big man the
middle man and I beat little man just like you I am the star of this show I am
the star of this network I am the star of everything
I am the multi-talent of the WWE I do it all and in 10 days and crown jewel I
will advance I love that Smackdown bracket and I will move on to the finals
and I will take on whoever it is whatever superstar ball has and I will
beat them and then I will prove and confirm to you and to everyone here what
I already know that I am the best in the world so ray I am so sorry to disappoint
you’re absolutely right I am very disappointed because I thought I was
hooked to be on truth TV Rey Mysterio sounds so scripted by the
way it’s all scripted oh you’re pulling jokes you know what
truth truth words full of jokes too and then I beat him and have that show’s
canceled what happened last week was an illegal broadcast not taking legal
action if you don’t watch yourself I will cancel your appearance right here
right now okay take it easy now let me do you the favor and save you the
trouble because I didn’t come back to SmackDown live to be on some dusty
talk-show I actually came back to compete so if
you have nothing else to say order let’s say I get that I woke up this was shut
the fuck up my fight and let’s throw down right now ray I can assure you that no one here
wants us to fight it’s just it’s just not gonna happen
nobody really nobody standing yes yes yes yes
I’m not gonna guys you don’t understand I am a changed person I would never do
something so they go to a commercial break and after commercial break Paige
makes a match Paige makes a match between Rey Mysterio enemies this match
means nothing again it means absolutely nothing
nonetheless Rey Mysterio beats the maze of course you’re not gonna make Rey
Mysterio lose in his second match back so he beats the maze 1 2 3
moving on we had a little bra breakout between the women to hide this
meaningless battle royal we had Lana come on we had a Mandy Rosa
Sonya Deville come on we had Oscar and fucking what’s your name Naomi come on
we had the iconic scum out we had Selena Vega come out it was just a stupid
segment to try to book and build this fucking evolution battle royal that
means absolutely nothing who fucking cares who cares because I
didn’t this is when I fell asleep again during the show then shame man comes out
and addresses the WWE World Cup first happening around WWE right now
including the first-ever all-women’s pay-per-view called evolution happening
at this Sunday boo boo boo witness occasion in WWE history and for all the
women of the past and present that have made this happened congratulations to
you all I can’t wait to watch and well-deserved I know there first is going to happen a
crown jewel with a first ever first ever WWE World Cup will determine who will be
known as the best in the world right here listen pick up a fans chant
one superstar will have the accolade of missing that they are the best in the
world but who cannot person be I don’t believe he’s an attorney Shane
man says I don’t believe he’s in the tournament now personally there is
immense amount of CM Punk baby is the best we got the world don’t get it
twisted an immense amount of talent competing and WWE’s World Cup personally
I think that somebody from the blue brand is gonna be known as the best in
the world let me cut him off right there if Randy Orton doesn’t win this best in
the world tournament I don’t care about it I just don’t care about it
no I don’t want to see Rey Mysterio winning no I don’t want to see the
fucking major win it no I don’t want to see aging Kurt Angle win it no I don’t
want to see fucking John Cena with fucking ridiculous haircut win it okay
who else is in this fucking tournament Randy Orton needs to win this fucking
tournament he is the Viper he is the fucking heel of all heels right now if
he doesn’t win this tournament it is a fucking robbery it is a fucking robbery
the Viper needs to RK all the fuck out of everyone in this tournament and
become the best in the world world cup first time ever champion or Crown winner
whatever the fuck it is whatever moving on speaking of Randy Orton we had a
match between Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy okay this is a match that meant
absolutely nothing we have seen these guys in the ring
many many times and I don’t want to see him in the ring in the match in a ring
no more again never to be seen again in the ring again because we’ve seen him in
the ring way too many times and it’s just boring right now to me Randy Orton
beats Jeff Hardy with an RKO out of nowhere one two three and fucking
Smackdown live goes off the air like I said this was a fucking very very
lackluster go home show Smackdown life this was supposed to be the go home show
on evolution and they did nothing to build it absolutely nothing this show
was horrendous nonetheless ladies and gentlemen viewers and
subscribers this has been your Smackdown live review for October 23rd 2018 I’m AC
from New York if you guys liked the video please guys hit that like button
subscribe to channel if you haven’t already don’t forget to hit that Bell
for all notifications when I upload video and I will see you guys next time
if you guys miss my Monday Night Raw overview and streaming live right now on
the channel you can find an annotation up above thank you guys so much take
care and God bless

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