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WTD | S4E7 | Prithvi Shaw and Shreyas Iyer | What The Duck | Viu India

November 4, 2019

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen,
brothers and their sisters I have got Vikram Sathaye
with me today he’s a magic freak,
he loves to see magic so I’ve got something – in store for him, okay?
– Please start… So, Vikram, you’ve got to select
one card out of the deck. Done. I want you to show it to the camera
so that everybody can see. Vikram: You can see. Do you know the best part of it? – Even I can see the card.
– Oh, okay. – Okay. Don’t tell me this is the trick.
– No… I want you to keep your hands
like this. Both your hands. I’m going to take your card
and place it in this hand. – I want you to close it.
– Okay. Now I’m going to take another card
which is going to be my selection. Okay.. Mine’s a joker. I’m going to take the joker – and just go around your hand like this.
– Okay. And then the magic happens
with the brushing. – Okay.
– Open it. Wow! This is incredible man. See this.. Boss, can you do me a favor? Can you please teach me the trick? What’s the point of doing magic then? We can help you figure out
how to handle the Delhi Team and win the cup next time. – That depends totally on our talent. Okay?
– [Vikram laughing] – There’s no magic in that.
– That’s outstanding. How the hell did you learn magic? I mean, do you make double the income playing cricket in the morning
and a magic show in the evening? No, not at all. I started learning magic tricks
while I was in England. I had gone there after
the under-19 World Cup to play for a club over there and I felt quite lonely,
I was staying with a team-mate and I wanted to break the ice with someone and I thought this would be
the perfect way to start a conversation with someone. So, I learnt a few tricks
and suddenly it became my hobby. Very good. Basically, to meet
interesting people you used magic to get into their lives. I was very reserved… I make jokes, sometimes they fail but your tricks are too good. Thanks a lot. It is getting
better with every passing day. You do it with
the Delhi Team as well? Yes, I do it while travelling when I see tired faces around,
I go and cheer them up by doing magic tricks. Sometimes it works
and sometimes it doesn’t. [Vikram laughing] People like him don’t enjoy. I do enjoy. It’s not like that. Coming to you… He was talking about England. Many players have told me that when
they go to England for the first time as a under-19 or under-14 player
or whatever. They said that they figured out
the English bowling, even in county but they couldn’t understand
the English language. And Harbhajan and Viru’s
English stories are epic. Something like that happened with you? Manchester, especially… Obviously, it had to happen because.. My English was very bad back then.
I was just 12 years old. I went to England for the first time
when I was 12 years old. It felt like I have come
to a new world altogether. There was a systematic routine. And, you know, for four months I attended school over there. To get some experience, you see. Initially, when they used to talk to me obviously, I didn’t get it
as my English was poor back then. Well, I understand the Indian accent but it was too difficult
to catch up with the British accent. Exactly. You know, here, we say,
“Hi, how are you?” There it is “Hi, how are you? What’s up eh?” – You all right…
– You all right… That’s Australian, right? – No, that’s English.
– It’s proper British. I was like, what are they saying? I mean, for two to three weeks I would answer every question
in a “Yes” or “Okay”. So, basically, it’s running
between the wickets. Yes… – Food… Yes.
– [Vikram laughing] So, after some time they
had to make gestures. [Vikram laughing] It was very difficult. “I’m hungry for runs, not for food.” Well, forget it. Now let’s talk about your main skill.
That’s not cricket. I think this Indian Team
that we are seeing at the moment is possibly, the best dancing team
I have ever seen since the time I started following cricket. I mean, none of the yesteryear
cricketers danced well. Tendulkar, Ganguly, Laxman… No chance. And now, when you guys
post your videos it’s epic. And Prithvi Shaw, your reputation
in Mumbai is that you’re an unbelievable dancer. From where did you learn dancing? I used to attend dance classes
in my school days. Vikram: Nice. I used to attend dance classes
when I lived in Virar. I was fond of dancing ever since. My body would start grooving
whenever music was played. – Vikram: Amazing.
– During “Ganesh Chaturthi”… – Classes for hip-hop, in Virar?
– No, not for hip-hop but I learnt a few steps from Iyer
after coming to Mumbai. – I used to watch his moves.
– [Shreyas and Vikram laughing] – So…
– Now he dances better than me. Well, whoever has lived in Mumbai… Just by travelling in the local train
you can stay physically fit. And the Ganpati festival… You can’t
get a better platform to learn dancing. – Yes…
– Right. I mean, whenever I hear the drumbeats… My dad was always opposed to dancing. – Opposition from home.
– Prithvi: Of course. I mean, earlier, dad would allow me but after I started playing cricket,
he advised me against dancing. Just get on the truck
and take part in idol immersion. I was just a bystander for three years. I would watch them dance, you know. One fine day, I wept before my dad
to let me dance. He allowed me. And I made up for those three
years which I lost. It took us a good four hours
to reach Juhi from Santacruz. I danced for four hours
without taking a minute’s break. Fantastic. That’s the secret
of your fitness. – Maybe.
– Vikram: Superb. We attend the idol immersion ceremony
mainly for two reasons. Dance and ‘Vada pav’. That’s why I go. My favorite Ganpati-step is… You know, the best dancers are those… I mean, after 5 or 6 glasses
of orange juice they gather momentum and do this. [Prithvi laughing] They dance solo,
they don’t dance in a group. – The group is somewhere else.
– I agree with you. [Prithvi laughing] And they will also point at the moon. – And everybody looks up.
– [Prithvi laughing] What’s your favorite step? – You mean, during Ganpati festival?
– Yes… I raise my hands and go with the flow. That step is my favorite too. And now that you have played
with all the Indian greats.. Just now you started playing
cricket for India. I’m sure everybody
has a Virat Kohli Story. Any interesting Kohli story? You know, Ravichandran Ashwin
told me once that the problem with Kohli is that
when you are batting with him… I mean, Rabada is bowling to Ashwin but Virat Kohli is going,
“Come on, Rabada…” – He’d request Kohli to stop doing that.
– [Prithvi and Shreyas laughing] “I’m the one on strike.
I’ll have to face his fury.” There’s no cricket related story but… I was in England when I got a call. We had finished batting
and I was with Virat. We were drinking water and he said… He was trying to talk to me in Marathi because he knows
that I’m half Maharashtrian. He was trying and it was quite funny. He was struggling. So, he said something in Marathi. I didn’t get it. After sometime I realized
he was talking about “Dahi Handi”. And he continued, “It’s shape
is round like a coconut.” [Shreyas and Prithvi laughing] I said “Dahi Handi?” And then he started dancing. “Kumbali Trance”. I’m sure you know “Kumbali Trance”.
We do that step. He must have seen that video. – So, he asked, “What’s this?”
– [Vikram laughing] His Marathi’s too funny. Superb. He’s also a very good dancer. – He dances really well.
– Yes. It comes from the captain as well. And what about you? Any Kohli story? Rohit Sharma’s your friend. Rohit Sharma’s a character. Forgetful and the way he talks I just, when I see him,
you know, I feel happy. “What’s with you, man?” Rohit Sharma, in the beginning,
he wouldn’t talk to me much it took a couple of dinners for him to open up to me. He makes fun of people
who are close to him. That’s his personality. Well, let me tell you a story. We were touring Australia.
We were in Melbourne. I went out for dinner
and the weather was quite cold and it was raining as well a little bit. I was wearing a red color jacket.
It was a long jacket. It was more like a cardigan,
not a jacket. And it had a hood to cover your head. And I was completely covered
from head to toe. I returned from dinner and my room
was right opposite to the elevator. I stepped out of the elevator and I was about to enter my room but I saw Rohit walking towards me. I asked him “Rohit, can I get
two tickets for tomorrow’s match?” And there were a couple of players with him. He said “That’s fine.
But what’s with this Undertaker attire?” That comment cracked me up and everybody else was laughing too. Oh, God! It’s too funny. That’s an epic story.
I can visualize the scene. And then he would have done this… Well, now let’s talk about
something that you’ve done recently as the captain of Delhi Capitals. You know, captaincy in IPL
is a different ball game altogether you know, it’s a lot of pressure. By the way, you need to serve two masters Sourav Ganguly and Ricky Ponting. You need to manage so many
others players, including him. But with this kind of pressure and with new owners
who are quite anxious. If I were you, I would have
come back to Mumbai. You managed it
and lead the side extremely well. Must be nervous initially though. Yes, I was very nervous so, my first thought was to, you know, gain the trust
of everybody in the team and try to stay
as calm as possible because I’ve seen many captains in the IPL they just lose their, you know, temper and suddenly get emotional. So, my thought process was I’m going to treat everyone equally there are no big or small players. And when you gain the trust you automatically get the respect too. Let me tell you an incident which took place recently in a match against Chennai Super Kings. Not Chennai Super Kings, sorry,
Sunrisers Hyderabad. I went down for the toss and Sanjay Manjrekar was
the interviewer at that time. So, I was so anxious and enthusiastic and I was in a hurry to play the match. You know, we have qualified
for the first time. As soon as he said,
“Shreyas Iyer’s standing beside me” I flipped the coin. And everyone is trying to catch it. All three of us were trying
to catch the coin… So, before he could say something… He called my name and I thought
it’s time for the toss. Perhaps he was thinking
who is in the playing 11 and who isn’t. – He was preparing for the interview.
– Yes, interview. – So, you flipped the coin.
– Yes, I did. And everybody was running
behind the coin after that. That’s real nervousness. Nervousness as well as… How long did it take for you to
recover from this nervousness and then go and give
instructions to the players? How did you handle Rabada? Rabada was super easy to handle because he knew what he was doing. He had a plan in his mind
and he executed it well in every game. – That super-over.
– Shreyas: Yeah. Did you manage him or he managed you? – What was the..
– Super-over, we didn’t.. We just had a chat before the super-over. I asked our bowling coach,
James Hopes that.. No, he came to me and asked
who’s going to bowl the super-over. So, I said, “Obviously, Rabada,
he’s the best bowler in the team.” So, Rabada and I had a chat. We had a chat before the game
and I asked “What are you doing to do?” Because Russell and Dinesh Karthik
are going to bat for sure. So, Rabada said,
“First ball I’m going to go for a yorker second ball, yorker. Third ball, yorker.”
[Vikram laughing] Then I replied, I know what you’re
going to do with rest of the deliveries. – So, yeah,
– Nice. He was very confident
about what he was saying. I didn’t have to do much I just went and stood at the boundary line – and did my job. That’s it.
– Vikram: Awesome. – What an over it was?
– What an over? Epic.. Epic over. That gave us a good momentum
in the tournament to be honest. Absolutely, I mean it changed the game. People looked at you differently.
So, it was a special moment. Now let’s talk about Prithvi Shaw. Do you know what Prithvi Shaw does? He plays cricket for 15 days and then he posts a picture
with Sachin Tendulkar. And you know the whole world
is thinking that Prithvi Shaw and Sachin Tendulkar
are having a major discussion. In the next 15 days,
he scores another 100 or 200 and posts another photo. – Having dinner with Sachin.
– Vikram: Exactly. What conversation do you have with him? Tell us some interesting stories. I met sir for the first time
when I was eight years old. Eight. Yes, I was eight years old. I used to play for MIG.
MIG Cricket Club. So, Mr. Sachin used to come there and bat. Initially, I used to watch him play,
obviously. I would just stand there and get the ball. You know, Mr. Prashant Shetty is my coach. He introduced me to Mr. Sachin. He told him about me. Sachin sir left after shaking
hands with me. I didn’t have a phone with me
to click a photo. He just left. Sir watched me bat, from upstairs. Do you know when I learnt about it? While I was having dinner
with him during the IPL – he told me this.
– Okay. – Prithvi: That…
– He must’ve… He told me that though he left,
he watched me bat, from upstairs. Wow! I was surprised too that he’s telling me this after 10 years. – Goosebumps.
– Yes… Sachin sir gifted me a SG bat. I played with that bat for three years. Whenever there was a small scratch on it I would fix it immediately. I played with that bat for three years I scored many runs
and made a mark for myself. When I made a world record of 546 runs there was a function at MCA. Sachin sir gave me the award and he was telling me something. But I was lost in my own thoughts. I wanted to ask him for another bat
because that one was broken. [Vikram laughing] So, basically, you made
Tendulkar your bat supplier. Not just him, he has gifted
things to many players. Tendulkar gifted a bat to Shahid Afridi and he made the fastest hundred. And everybody asks for one more bat. It brings so much luck to them. I mean, you feel blessed because
Sachin sir has gifted it to you. It’s not just a bat,
it’s an emotion, motivation – it’s a full package…
– Shreyas: A lot of… Once you get used to that shape you can’t go back to other bats. You get used to the bat. Wonderful… And then did you ask him
for another bat? – Yes, I did…
– Vikram: Directly? I was talking to him
on the stage with the trophy and I was thinking of the bat
all the time. I was waiting for an opportunity
to ask him for a bat. – At last, he asked me what I want.
– I said “bat”. “Sir, I want a bat.” Sachin sir never refuses anything.
He agreed. How many runs did you score
with that bat? I scored a lot of runs with that bat too. Now we know that you meet him
when you want a bat. – No, that’s not true.
– “Sir, I have already scored many runs and if you can give me a bat…” That’s epic. Bat digger. – Vikram: Nice.
– Those bats were lucky for me. I scored so many runs
in school cricket with his bats even in under-16 tournaments. So, I thought I’ll ask him
to gift me another bat to score more runs
for another three years. Nice. I’m sure you have an interesting
Tendulkar story too. For that matter,
interactions with Rahul Dravid. Any fond memories with Rahul Dravid? – Rahul Dravid..
– Or do you just do match analysis with him? Firstly, whenever he talks, you know I feel like listening to him. That’s it. All the meetings with him,
before and after the match… You know, the way he conducts them I’ll always learn something new
from those meetings. Because his intellect is so good. And I have seen everybody
sitting in his meeting and just focusing on what he’s saying. He’s really good at man management. At first, we used to be
very afraid of him because – you know…
– The image. Yes, we go through his stats first – and then we compare that with ours.
– [Vikram laughing] He’s up there and we are down here. – But, in the meeting…
– We feel insecure. – Prithvi: Exactly…
– But he has a great sense of humor. – Yes.
– He has a great humor but because of his batting style,
he’s considered a serious man. So people are intimidated by him. But you’ve played with so many cricketers and there are quite a number
of characters too. For example, everybody had a Hardik Pandya
story in the last season and I was always wondering that.. Everybody has a story or two with Sehwag. Ravichandran Ashwin has one.
Sachin has one and everybody does. I’m sure you’ve somebody
in your cricketing lives whose stories you love to narrate. It’s not a story.
It has happened with Shardul Thakur. – Character…
– [Vikram laughing] It was my first year in the Mumbai Team and we were playing a match
for the Vijay Hazare Trophy. It was in Ahmedabad. So, we were playing against Saurashtra we needed some four runs to win
in the last over and we only had two wickets in hand. Shardul was batting
at around 30, okay? We just needed four runs. Well, Shardul Thakur was batting at 30
and obviously we anticipated that he’s going
to win us this match. First ball of that over,
he hit it very high and the fielder at long on
dropped the catch and took two runs. Anyway, we won the match. Then we told Shardul that he got us scared when he hit it high… He replied, “Have you guys lost it? I knew he would drop the catch.” “I knew he would drop the catch
and I’ll take two runs.” There are so many such stories
about Shardul Thakur. – I have got one, too.
– Go ahead. It was my Ranji Trophy debut and we were playing the finals in Indore against Gujarat. An off spinner was bowling
and Shardul went to bat. We had lost wickets quickly so Shardul was told to play slowly and to not take unnecessary risks. Shardul went in to bat
and the first ball was a dot. He missed the second ball too. I don’t know what he was thinking the next ball, he stepped out,
hit a shot and got caught at mid-off. Mr. Chandu was our coach. He said, “Why did you play that shot?” He replied, “I tried to take a single.” He hit it so hard, you know but lied that he tried to take a single. And he continued, “Actually,
I tried to keep it low but it somehow carried to him, sir.” He’s a legend. His confidence is on a different level. Now, Shreyas, let’s talk about
your batting performances. One that stands out is
that 200 against Australia in the domestic game. Years back, there was another
gentleman called Sachin Tendulkar who scored 200 in a domestic game
against Australia and his life changed from then onwards. Australia lost and something similar
happened this time as well. I’m sure batting against
Australia and scoring 200 runs they must have sledged you. They are known for greeting batsmen
when they come out to bat. Yes, you’re right. But let me
narrate it from the beginning. As soon as I went in to bat… Nathan Lyon bowled the first ball and I was confident
that I could hit him for a six. And it happened.
He bowled slow, flighted delivery – and I hit it over mid-on, you know…
– Vikram: For a six. I hit the second ball for a four. So, after that Matthew Wade from behind said,
“I knew this was gonna happen.” – Mathew “Wada”.
– Matthew “Wada”. I didn’t respond because I thought
that I haven’t scored 50 yet so, let me keep quiet. Because I also love talking
when they sledge me. So, I waited. I crossed 50
and when I reached 80 Warner started chirping from behind he was standing at the slip
and he was saying “Oh, we’ve got two IPL captains over here,
he’s trying to impress them.” Because I was almost slogging every ball of the off spinner and whichever
bowler was coming on. So, he was saying that I was
trying to impress all the captains. Then Nathan Lyon also said something
from the non-striker end I was like,
“Why don’t you do your job?” “I’m doing my job and really enjoying why don’t you enjoy, too?” He got pissed-off after that
and he kept quiet. When I got to 200, everybody
kept quiet, no one said a word but after the game, yeah,
they started applauding they came to me and shook my hand. That’s a good thing about the Australians. On field, they act like enemies,
but off field they do this. That’s true. So, they leave everything on the ground and off the field, they are really good. Which is good. So, he gives it back to the Aussies
while he’s batting. What philosophy do you follow
for sledging? My way of sledging is a bit strange. – I sledge my own bowlers sometimes.
– Vikram: Really? There was an incident while I was batting at MIG. So, the wicket wasn’t that good. And when they were bowling cutters the pitch got roughened
due to spikes and all. The ball started to bounce, you see. Well, there’s no way I could have told them to bowl properly to me
and not to bowl cutters. At that time, there were no
T20 matches around either we used to play with a red ball. I was like, what should I tell them… I got an idea that I’ll try and make it sound good. I told him that he’s bowling too slow and he asked me why do I say so. Then I told him that he bowled quick last month. I guess something’s wrong.
You’re bowling very slow. – And you know…
– Vikram: Ego. He started to think whether
he’s bowling that slow. But I kept telling him
that his pace has come down. And then he started bowling fast. I wanted the ball to come
onto the meat of the bat. Nice… Mind games. But have you ever, as a fielder,
sledged anyone? – Yes.
– [Vikram laughing] When you realize that you’ve
got nothing to lose… Go for it. Actually, I was sitting
at the silly point it was the under-16 state level match. I like this phrase,
“I was sitting at the silly point.” I want to tell you something before
I continue with the story. When I made my test debut,
I was given the cap. Not just that, KL Rahul and Pujara gifted me a helmet and a guard as well. Vikram: Unbelievable. You know, even Mayank Agarwal
told me that Pujara did this to him. Is this the part
of Indian Team’s policy to welcome a new player with a helmet? – KL gave me a helmet and Pujara, shin pads.
– [Vikram laughing] I realized that I’m their replacement. They love new players so much. – But…
– A sacrificial lamb. Vikram: Yes, exactly. I was playing the under-16 state
match against Maharashtra. I was at the silly point. You have a silly point because
a batsman’s playing defensive. But this guy was slogging
almost every ball. I was scared. I was just
13 years old at that time. So, I was just thinking what to do… But the captain insisted
on me staying put… I was like, “Fine, okay.” He was playing very aggressively. I could see that aggression on his face. I tried to distract him. I told him that he’s not
hitting far enough. – “You know, I hit farther than that.”
– [Vikram laughing] I was talking to the wicketkeeper
as well, about his batting. “He’s unable to hit as far as I do.” And then he got distracted. He hit it in the air and got caught. Basically, he plays
with a batsman’s ego. – Ego…
– Vikram: Well done. – His ego ruined it for him.
– Thank you for the wonderful stories. We have checked your
mental strength on the show now we want to check your
physical strength. In the last season, Rohit Sharma
did really well in the hammer game. It was like out of the park. Let’s see if the young Mumbai boys
can break his record. – Shall we? Let’s go.
– Sure, let’s go… Here’s the hammer game
and because you are… Junior of the lot,
you have to take a helmet and… – I’ll go first.
– Helmet and shin pads. I’m going to take all the pressure. It’s important.
You’re the opening batsman. Come on. Bravo… Core tight, glutes tight… Squeeze in and… – Nice…
– Good timing. Well done. Come on… It’s 921. Well done. Records are being broken here. Well done. Congrats. Come on… Killer. If it doesn’t cross the 1000 mark… Well done.. Come on, Shreyas… Go on… It’s 941. I thought it would cross 1000. Outstanding… As you know, the show’s
called “What the Duck” so, we celebrate the duck on this show. So, we are going to check
your ability… I heard you were good at drawing. So we are going to check your
ability to draw a duck. Shreyas, you were enquiring about Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci obviously, you’re inspired
by great artists. So, let’s go and draw the duck. Prithvi has an advantage because he just passed out of school. Shreyas, well done… Very good, Prithvi. Nice. Well done, Shreyas. Nice… – Well done, gentlemen.
– Ta-da! Do whatever you want
but don’t score ducks.

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