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  1. Tried a different format today. Spon at the top and then nothing but news. We'll see how that goes since people love change. lol
    Timecodes: Jussie (1:27), The Hunt (5:07), New Hampshire (10:00)

  2. My top candidate at the moment is Pete Buttgieg, and second choice would be Amy Klobuchar. I’m not really for Bernie Sanders because I’m very morderate. Plus, I don’t think Bernie Sanders will be able to beat Trump. Right now we need a moderate candidate for the Democratic party.

  3. Delaying a movie because of a shooting is totally understandable but cancelling a movie because it pisses a large group of people off is ridiculous.

  4. Shoes on the other foot and the right is crying like bitches.
    I say make The Hunt free to view for all NON republicans.

  5. Fear and control is the way of communism…sometimes it comes in forms that are very subtle. Sometimes it comes crashing down onto your life and freedom like a virus.

  6. I am sensitive to the sound of voices. I can learn much about a personality by listening to them. If you focus and imagine what it would be like to be forced to listen to them for a long period, you begin to realize who you are really attracted to. It contrasts the modern brainwashing media that might lead you to follow someone.

  7. Andrew Yang was my hope. First time in my life I've been so invested in anything political.
    Not voting this election unless- • Bernie addresses AOC's smears against Yang. I refuse to vote for a candidate without merit.
    • If Tulsi is the nominee then I'd vote for her.

  8. Sanders is the only one with the policies, and the integrity, we need. We need real change, yesterday, and his record setting grassroots movement is the only campaign ready to bring it. If he doesn't get nominated, I probably vote Green Party. Phil, you don't mention that independents are the largest voting block in the country, and that the youth are voting for sanders at something like 3-1. Whatever you do, we need to rally voters to the primary. #ShowUp2020

  9. I was all for Yang, but he dropped unfortunately!! I’m for Buttigieg or Klobuchar. If they dropped, I’d definitely go Warren!

  10. The only way for the Democrats to win in 2020 is a return to a moderate party. The radicals need to go or Trump will win in a landslide.

  11. Who remember's when Trump's camp put out a video of trump shooting and killing all his political rivals in a church? Heh. The chickens have come home to roast, but Trump all of a sudden has become a vegetarian. LOL

  12. There's a huge irregularity in Buttigieg's speech, giving his "grey area" opinion on division, yet he doesn't apply that wisdom to his foreign policy vision. He openly said he is likely to use force first and not discourse and negotiation, yet preaches about it here? Nah fam, hard pass. He likes grey areas when it comes to accepting PAC money but not when it comes to other things? I think that's the definition of not being consistent in one's preaching.

  13. not a statistic that matters but remember how many people got bernie tattoos when he ran last time cause of the hype train? I wonder how many of them voted for him this election

  14. I have no love for democratic socialists, so using Sanders to beat Trump is just another fail. On the chance that Sanders does win, I feel he'll be opposed on so many levels to the point of being just dead weight in the Oval Office.

    We'll either vote Trump back into office, or start another train wreck.

  15. Don't cancel movies…at all. Let people create. If you don't want to watch it, don't. But don't try and stop people from creating movies and other people from watching them. I say this as someone who has no interest in the film at all and wont see it.

  16. Bernie is too extreme and he is the counterpart of trump but as a liberal, he will also divide america, i will be voting for buttigieg.

  17. I’m not really sure how people can’t see that Bernies the only way to go. Bloomberg is a billionaire racists that only became a democratic in 2018. Buttigieg has all but been proven to be helping to rig the votes, Warren started as a progressive till she hired Clinton staffers and then suddenly became more centrist. Biden’s a joke. They ALL take corporate money except Sanders, he’s the only genuine one in the race.

  18. I love you Philly D but I can't afford your prices. I'm not saying that your prices are too high they are just more than I can afford. So I will send my support emotionally.

  19. I don't have a second choice other than Bernie. Everyone else just spouts platitudes and outright misinformation. Also if I were looking at this race from a more moderate perspective, Klobuchar would be a much better candidate than Pete. He doesn't have nearly as much experience, has some problems with his record and everything he says is just fluff. I don't understand at all why so many people voted for him.

  20. "you cant bring up or adress old events when its relevant to a current political happening"
    this is just the reversed version of "the body isnt even cold"

  21. I think the best case though I don’t think it will happen is for Bernie and Buttigieg to team up and whoever gets the most gets President and the other gets Vice President. That at least gets both sides of voters to their side and they can run decent campaigns they can push against Trump. Though admittedly None of them excite me really. I just wish Bloomberg would go home.

  22. I hope Smollett never comes back into Hollywood ever again. Let him die, he ruined any chance he has as an actor. Let Hollywood never forget this. Faking a hate crime, how disgusting can you be.

  23. I’m voting Bernie, 100%. Yang was my second, but with him out, I really don’t know. I’ll vote Democrat regardless of who gets the primary though. Trump is a menace and we need him out.

  24. I’m strongly moderate and support Mayor Pete and if he didn’t get the nomination I’d love if Amy did but I find that doubtful

  25. I’m in support of Bernie all the way, but I will vote for any democratic nominee against Trump. I just want to see a president that is intelligent, respectful, and actually cares about people!

  26. The hunt was about rich people killing poor people (bad optics). It was turned into a red vs blue argument. Juicy juice staged this to get the public outraged and there's an internal struggle to punish him when others want it dropped because they failed to trick us. They do these things to make us fight each other, make us think we're fighting ourselves. Ultimately it's the haves vs have nots. And I really don't have much…

  27. In 2007 Jussie got pulled over for a DUI, identified himself as his younger brother and proceeded to sign his brother's name on the summons to appear in court. That alone should give you an idea of what type of person Jussie is.

  28. Personally I like Bernie the most but no matter who ends up getting the nomination every decent human being should VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO.
    Shit I'd take Bloomberg if he ends up running as an independent or whatever.

    To even consider Republicans as decent candidates just shows me you have 0 critical thinking skills and probably had your political views hammered into you by your alcoholic trailer-trash dad/uncle.

  29. Jussie Smollett faces crazy evidence against him, then gets off probably on bribery. Then he denounces the courts for trying to rightfully make him pay what he owes to the police. Karma hits him, and he's now in court.. again.

    Of course that black woman denounces the court, and calls it politically motivated, not justice. What the fuck lol

  30. Amy, dear god we need a voice of reason and a level head! If she drops out (pray she won't) I honestly don't know. The rest have really disgusted me over the last year.

  31. I didn't hear about "The Hunt" the first time it came around, and should I not have been browsing Philips channel at this moment I never would have heard about it, I looked at both trailers, the first one actually made the movie look okay and I didn't really get that political vibe out of it. The second one I definitely did though, it's agenda is shoved right in your face, especially it's anti-white people agenda. Also looking at the comments I'm not alone in never hearing about it before, and most people think the movie looks like a "straight to DVD" movie. I doubt it'll be popular.

  32. I'm really hoping it's a moderate so we can somewhat mitigate the inevitable fallout from the election and not have a repeat of 2016 where you shove everyone as far to one side or the other.

  33. kinda get triggered with people talk about democrats ans socialism.
    socialism is never really happening in America.
    all this "socialism" they are talking about is just having a government that actually does it's job.
    look at healthcare across the world.

  34. Something folks don't realize is hate crimes are very, very often never charged as such, especially because many states don't even have hate crimes legislation on the books for certain marginalized groups, especially LGBTQIA+ folks. What Jussie did undermines everything hate crimes legislation seeks to fight and was a giant "Fuck you" to advocates who've fought to get hate crimes properly recognized and tried. I'm glad they're going after him, and I hope they destroy his career along with his pocketbook. What he did was unconscionable and hurts every single victim of a hate crime, ever.

  35. I like how the U.S is on a first name basis with Bernie Sanders. Everyone says Trump or Warren for example but Bernie walks out and we're just like: "THAT'S THE HOMIE. WHAT'S UP BERNIE?!"

  36. Honestly, I don't see any viable candidates for 2020. Trump is not only the worst Republican President in history, but the worst President in history. Period. Sanders is too old and his tax plan hurts me too much. I'm a young guy who worked my ass off my entire life and I don't think it's fair that my taxes go up. I'm not a millionaire. I'm not the top 1%. Hell, I'm not even the top 10%. But my taxes will go up over $1,000 and that's bullshit.

    The rest of the Democrats all want $15 wage which is also bullshit. No way should that happen. I think college should be either free, or at the very least affordable for the average person. Then, you can get a college degree without going into debt and get a real adult job instead of retail. Hard work should reward you.

    Releases a movie about murdering people for their political leanings.
    Releases a statement saying she can't comprehend the political violence in her country.

    Yep, she definitely is an actor.

  38. Phil I love you beautiful bastard but need you 6 times a week! Would rather you do 2 months on 1 month off. Or something along John Oliver's schedule 💖💖💖

  39. 1- Sanders

    2- Warren
    3- Whoever gets the nomination.

    But, man, please it it be Bernie. The man has conviction, heart, experience and the best future plan for the people before the profit. Only one who actually has the will to try and stop corruption and get money out of politics – it is the only way to move forward with a candidate who is not and never been beholden to special interest or lobbyists and had been true to his policies and values all his life unlike the others. #voteprogressive He has the movement, the youth and respect so much that people from other countries pray that America reclaims its status with him at its helm to calm the growing nationalism and divisiveness around the world. #NotMeUs #unite #unity #thinkprogress #notregress #notostatusquo

  40. Franklin's comment about how the movie is planting the thought that it's okay to shoot someone because they wear a MAGA hat just makes me laugh. These people plant the exact thought about arabs, muslims, black people and basically anyone who are different.

  41. My vote's for Bernie. He's my main choice. If I had to choose another candidate my choice would be Buttigieg. I'm definitely not pumped for Buttigieg but if I have to vote for him I will.

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