Wounded Veterans Compete at Duke University
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Wounded Veterans Compete at Duke University

August 12, 2019

This is Duke University. [cheering] Today we’re on day two of the Valor Games
Southeast which is a military competition for ill, injured and wounded active or veterans. I haven’t done anything like
this since high school twenty years ago It’s really cool to be with other
veterans who have their own quirks When you have been a military athlete, you’re wired
to have activity and when you become injured sometimes
it’s hard to figure out how to become active again and how to reintegrate back into your
community It’s not about the competition to me. It’s just
to come out and just get to see my old comrades and inspire
the new ones to come out, that’s all It is healthy to be with folks who share
the dream because everyone gets brokenness. It’s a
way of going “We know,” seeing that we’ve been there
with you. Today is courage. Tomorrow we build
strength. The next day, we find hope. Produced by Duke University

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