Would you sign up to a Steam game pass service?
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Would you sign up to a Steam game pass service?

October 8, 2019

Hello YouTube, it’s Tango Echo Alpha here,
armed with my cup of tea as always. In this video, I’m going to talk about how some good
parts of PC gaming are finally making their way to consoles and asking the question – should
a game pass service come to Steam? First up, apologies for the last few weeks
where I’ve not uploaded anything. The reasons are several fold – I felt like I needed a
bit of a break, I’ve had a week off with man flu and was busy applying for a new position
at work, which took up quite a lot of my spare time. Anyway, back to the topic in hand. Lately,
some of the good things about PC gaming are starting to make their way to consoles, largely
led by Microsoft to be honest. Microsoft are making a massive commitment to backwards compatiblity
– first they added XBox 360 backwards compatibility to the XBox One and now they are starting
to do it for the original OG XBox as well. Whilst they are suggesting generations will
remain, at least there’s a promise that your old games will work going forward and I personally
think this is a good thing for consumers. The next thing is game gifting – the latest
XBox dashboard update in preview has added the option for gamers to buy a game and gift
it as an electronic download to friends – catching up on something that Steam has had for a very
long time. Microsoft were also talking about refunds for digital games at one point as
well, again mirroring a feature of Steam and Origin that has existed for quite a while. Finally, XBox gives access to the EA Access
subscription service, where games can be downloaded from an EA back catalogue and played whilst
your subscription is in place. EA Access exists on PC as well, but Microsoft have taken things
further with their own service – XBox Game Pass. Whilst your subscription is valid, you
can download and play a variety of XBox, XBox 360 and XBox One games with a lot of the games
being pretty good choices. This got me wondering. If Steam were to say
to themselves, will Microsoft, you’ve nicked a load of our ideas, so we’re going to have
one of yours – and started Steam Game Pass, is this something you would be interested
in or not? The idea of being able to pay a nominal amount of money each month to play
games sounds like a good idea, although if you are anything like me, my backlog across
PC and XBox means that the last thing I need is to sign up for another subcription service.
But we PC gamers love choice and given the choice, would you sign up to such a service? I’m interested to know what you all think
on this topic, so let me know in the comments section below – if Steam started a game pass
type service, would you subscribe to it – or do Steam sales make PC games so cheap, that
you don’t think it’s worth it? I love talking about anything gaming related, so let’s get
some conversation going! I hope you’ve enjoyed the video, thanks for
watching and don’t forget to hit the like button. I’m Tango Echo Alpha, armed with my
cup of tea and I will see you all in the next video – bye now!

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  1. Anything that requires a subscription I'm against humble monthly is ok tho cuss you can unsubscribe anytime and still keep the games

  2. Fuck no. Pc is a free platform for a reason. I don't want to pay a free to play games. This is one of the reasons why i went to ps3 to pc. Games are cheaper, don't have to pay a monthly/yearly fee for memberships (ps plus/ xbox live), i can upgrade my parts anytime, and other reasons that im too lazy to type currently, lol. ^-^ so my answer is no.

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