WORLDS CUTEST BOX FORT!! ?? Bunny Box Fort W/ Pool, Movie Theatre & More!
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WORLDS CUTEST BOX FORT!! ?? Bunny Box Fort W/ Pool, Movie Theatre & More!

August 13, 2019

it’s gonna be a bit messy to clean up
after but we’re not stopping at anything to make this an awesome bunny mansion all right it’s all wrong
welcome get in here Jake I’m right here you didn’t see that I was standing here
for like five minutes no Logan I didn’t but that’s not what’s important all
right looking what you’ve done to box for animal videos both of which were
very successful but there’s a problem viewers want us to go cute but how do we
be cuter than a dog okay that’s just it apparently online there’s calculations
to calculate what the cutest animal is in the world you have to take into
proportion the head size ratio to eye ratio to size ratio of the body to fur
ratio this is all important when calculating the Cubist animal for our
box where’s Logan if we don’t want to let down our viewers
we need to go cuter I know they said going cuter than a dog and a lemur might
not be possible but I think the math will check out Logan the answers there
we gotta get a boomin Jake they’re bunnies not boonies but I mean okay we
can get a bunny regardless of what they are looking we owe it to our viewers to
get the cutest animal and I think I know just the animal to call his name’s
Edison you retired from the cute game not too long ago what’s going on guys
Jake here from TV and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we are
doing something very special it is a follow-up to our last two videos Logan
we have done the epic box fort with a lemur we have done a box fort with a
little puppy what are we doing today well today we are getting super cute
guys we are gonna be doing one of the cutest box for to have ever seen because
we’ve got little tiny bunny that’s right we’ve got a bunny coming is it he or she
do we know that yet I don’t know but either way it’s gonna be super cute so
guys we’ve got a ton of really awesome ideas for this we’re gonna making the
cutest box forever for this bunny but not only that yes it’s gonna be small
because about bunnies are teeny tiny funny things but what’s important is
that we make this box for logistics because it’s tiny bunny doesn’t mean it
can’t have a luxurious box for this bunny is gonna be straight follow we’re
gonna have in-house movie theater an in-house pool maybe an elevator this
thing is going to be decked out to be the ultimate box for your bunny our
bodies can be coming very shortly which means we gotta get started on building
this box for it so let’s grab our boxes and start laying out the plan so we got
our cardboard here now it’s time to start laying it out I think we’re gonna
make the actual court over here and because it’s a bunny the inside will be
small but the actual cord itself will be big I’m gonna have a lot of really cool
rooms I guess I’m gonna have a pool a movie theater a really cozy place for
the bunny just sleep I think we also got to figure out some other cool stuff that
bunnies enjoy so we can implement it into the fourth alright guys now it’s
time to start building the box floor we just finished the flooring as well as
some of the walls and we’re going for a kind of a different design as we started
to build it and we started to think more about a bunny with just a tiny tiny
little cute bunny like this we decided that what we’ll do is we’ll do like a
top-down kind of view we’ll have the bunny in here with a bunch of different
rooms and we won’t put a roof on it we’ll support windows on the side and
entrances we also still want to make it two storeys with like a cool lookout for
the bunny and still have the pool but at least this way we can have a bunch of
different rooms and we can actually just look over and see what the bunny’s doing
and play with them so it’d be a lot more fun this way and it’ll allow us to put
in toys and kind of interact with the bunny a little bit more so I think it’s
gonna be a really cool method of building we’re gonna keep adding the
walls and keep making this thing an awesome box fort for our bunny
now it’s time to start making our grooms so we’re gonna make the rooms in here
we’re also gonna do a two storey room probably over here now it’s time to put
in our dividers with a bunch of little doors now bunnies like these little kind
of rooms with doors to get in and out of but because we don’t really know the
size of the bunny we’re gonna cut it to the best of our ability and then if we
have to make it bigger we can always just cut it open bigger when the bunny
gets here it’s like t-minus an hour till he gets here so we got it’s ready right
he doesn’t want to show up and be like where’s my room where’s my house he’s
gotta have a perfectly furnished mansion so let’s get building and let’s make
this place just finished working on the really cool
like look at a point slash second story in this epic mansion check out guys this
thing is awesome we have a ramp here with support beams underneath and then a
really cool kind of like lookout area the buddy can come up here chill out got
to go ahead and we have to start working on the pool so I’m actually gonna build
the pool outside and put it in there it’s gonna be a really cool kind of mini
box for a pool realistically I don’t think Bunny’s really like water too much
but because we’re making this a mansion the buddy’s gotta have a pool you gotta
have a pool in a mansion so then we’re gonna start decking out the inside of
the box for with a bunch of cool bunny toys and other stuff like some hey cuz
bunnies love hey check it out here is our bunny pool this thing is please act
out we’ve got a ramp for him to get up into we’ve got the pool area over here
and of course it just looks very awesome so we’re gonna throw this in the box
we’re gonna put it in the playroom and we’re gonna have it over here so you can
easily get in if you wants to but of course this just adds on to the awesome
mansion concept of this whole bunny box for it now it’s time to fill it with
some water but now Logan’s working on doors we’ve
been making the doors here they’ve been pretty big because we don’t really know
how big the bunny’s gonna be but each door goes to all the different rooms
inside the house so this of course the playroom we’ve got up there like kind of
like a lookout area over here is going to be his bedroom and I’m kind of on the
bed here it’s coming along pretty good I’m using paper towel because apparently
bunnies like paper towel I think we’re gonna put the movie theater in this one
which is literally just gonna be my iPhone like attached to the wall but it
should be pretty cool we’re gonna keep building and then we get to do the fun
part which is putting in all the straw most of the doors are complete I also
have the bedroom here complete with the nice little funny duvet kind of nice and
fluffy in there we’re still gonna put the straw and obviously to make it even
more cozy in here Logan’s working on the windows on the
outside but we’re almost ready to have the bunny come and check out his brand
now it’s on to the fun part decking out the box part with a bunch of hay it’s
gonna be a bit messy to clean up after but we’re not stopping at anything to
make this an awesome bunny mansion I mean we can kind of move it around after
but do this a lot more hay than I thought it would so we are officially
done the awesome up bunny box for check it out so here is the living quarters
we’ve got his own little bed there with a bunch of hay you know making that
really nice and comfy for him over here in the living area we have a brand new
flat-screen TV because of the size difference it’s like a 65 inch for this
bunny over here in the play area we’ve got our nice brand-new pool a little bit
a little bit of hay in it but that’s okay lots of open space for him to move
we’ve got some parsley up here for him to go check out up here we’ve got a nice
little lookout area so now that this is all ready guys it’s time to get our
bunny in here here we go we have our bunny its Addison dude he’s so cute look
you can barely even see his eyes he spoke fluffy he’s also a lot bigger than
I anticipated I had no idea be this big so he’s done showing up and hanging out
with us for a little bit but now it’s time to introduce him to the millionaire
box board that we built for you ready to go check out your brand-new house that
ramp is say it was more for show pretty much she’s just chillin in the playroom
which I thought was the perfect room for him I was like give me a lot of space in
here I think this is gonna be his favorite room maybe if we turn on the TV
he’ll come and watch some TV let’s try it he’s like man this TV’s so big we got
some funny videos on there for him so he’s checking out his friends over there
he’s so fluffy guys he’s like the softest thing ever so he actually went
ahead and played now that he’s cooled off I think he’s a lot more energetic
he’s kind of walking around exploring this place still has not explored the
pool yet all thanks go behind the pool he’s fucking all around you really like
the TV or your mansion comes with the kitchen so we made you a feast this
little chair yeah there you go eat that cheese stick URI all right Addison
that’s a good cheerio I had no idea bunnies like Cheerios guys but
apparently they do you didn’t want the salad guys if you think Edison is super
cute put a hashtag Edison down below or a hashtag bunny he is so cute and
extremely fluffy now Justin’s going and checking out the bedroom he’s gonna
explore his nice bed you got him a king-sized bed in there him to put extra
amounts of hay in here guys so it’s extra comfy room do you want them to be
really comfy in here we want to be really small for him to enjoy it if he
does go and sleep in there I mean it’s it’s different the dancers pretty active
always going back up to the TV he definitely loves the TV guys to take his
favorite room in the box sport and the cinema went straight to his bed taking a
little nap back do I sleep don’t watch TV do a go play so much room in here hey
guys if you think Edison should have a cheerio smack that like button for every
like we get essence getting one little cheerio we had a little bit of a mix-up I told
that it’s in that that was his bed but I think he misheard me and thought I said
bathroom he actually use his bed as a bathroom Anniston that was your bed that
was not the bathroom buddy well this wraps up our awesome bunny box board and
the probably cutest box fort we have done thus far thank you guys so very
much for watching and guys like I said before if you wants to do more animal
box sports smash that like button down below let’s
try and get a hundred thousand likes for another awesome animal box for it and
again big thanks to Edison for coming out and having some fun but guys this is
the end of the video thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys next time for

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  3. I know you all mean well, but that pool is very dangerous. They can get stuck in there and rabbits should never be put into water. Baths & pools are a huge no no. No hate towards the YouTubers, they don't own rabbits so understandable that they didn't know.

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