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August 9, 2019

okay Oh what so I got opportunity from
therapy and we are back with another awesome video and today today I’m not
Warlow there has been a wall created between us a war has started guys and
you now have to take time are you want to locate or you want to change because
we are having the very first nerf war flash box or war here’s how it’s going
to work we are going to divide up all the cardboard that we have and go on
separate sides of the pool this is going to be Logan sides
my sides going to be over there and we have 45 minutes to build our cardboard
fortresses we have to modify these box sports to be made for battle okay then
we’re going to go downstairs divide up the nerf guns and have an all-out war to
see who is the box for master and Logan you can have this this will be your one
piece of cardboard you can make the world smaller box for it there is a
great body of water separating us so let’s well that’s actually very good I
mean that covers all of our level with you Logan way more advanced I thought it
was he’s living in the Year 2027 over there
and we haven’t even built that box for yet so we have 45 minutes the clock has
started and Jake and I are about to get it guys before we can get building I got
to do an outfit change because it’s way too hot j1o service what it was badging
what was that okay for my box for what I’m thinking of doing is going for like
a trench warfare kind of setup and this is where we can set up using the main
boxes as the ground and we get some big walls here so we have this huge wall
flat fortress looking over at Logan this is the the floor of our trench
Logan’s got a wall glowing what are you doing over there
we got French floors ready now we gotta get the French walls up and having
different more secret really awesome stuff i watching to spy on us I don’t want to
see what we’re doing she copies me I’m going to get my guys having trouble
supporting that wall so I’m going to use like spare cardboard to make some
support for the wall because I think he copied my idea he looks like he copied
my idea all right so I’m currently really sweating
my French is almost fully built so my box fort is coming together I have like
to support panels and this is my secret weapon guys that’s going to be a machine
gun turret mount the blocks board is looking good though as you guys can see
I’ve made from upgrades and if you’re looking up here you might be taking pop
of Jake your walls are falling but that’s actually by design if I need to
stand up let’s say we’re going to go shoot Logan I need to stand up this
extends up like this and gives us cover but then when we fall back down we have
a roof and that’s because guys inner flows can be loft over a wall so you
know the walls gonna protect us this way if he starts shooting them over the wall
they could still hit up all right there we go there’s the
machine gun turret door I’m so proud to show you guys this we have a little hole
here that we can open up and that’s going to allow us to shoot at Logan over
there and then when we need to we can just close it so it has been 45 minutes
the clock is up Jake time’s up put your tape down for you came down time is up
Jake don’t make me do it the timer is up it’s been 45 minutes and Logan is build
his base I build mine which is one lap with guys I just made this last second
it is a nerf shield so we’re going to be able to use this if you have to go an
assault Logan I’ll be kind of quiet because I don’t want to know about that
what the base is looking good we’ve got our nice little trench working here so
now it’s time to divide the guns up I’m going all right guys commencing the nerf war
in three two one all right Logan you know I got some
presents for you buddy where are you loading all right you my
tapping wallet yard here we go here we go all right lawyer time to go through the
assault on a grenade for sign he’s not going to know what hit him
oh that’s not good here we go great ballistic they love it
probably get more demo where it’s quick what are we going to do take them over
microwave I got to feel fashion way too bad
look you like this one we gotta go we gotta put this case over here this is it
all burn all right I’m just pull of misrata me and you suppress it looks
like we’re using the hole why don’t you come on so there’s four there’s something really
fun like an amazing mobile game I can play my way Vasiliy featuring papa
Jake’s brand-new challenge for the next three days only that’s right Papa J
needs your help to get me some milk I love explosions I love milk and I also
love fast lane so guys I still got loads of my cars with explosives and milk and
it’s time for you guys to help me out in the game if you guys don’t have fast
lane yet use the link in the description down below make sure you download the
game and use my avatar yo we’re going for likes like boys let’s do this
alright guys it’s time to get my milk let’s do this guy’s and of course if you
want to play as classic Jake you got to use the links down below guys and get
fascinating for yourself because my challenge is going only for the next
three days so if you guys beat my high score or do some crazy stuff in the game
I want you guys to tweet me at Papa jpe oh come on come on I need to know Papa
J’s milk boys with my milk at Papa techne sidenote we got diamonds oh
that’s good that’s good oh yo y’all right there right there I got a real
card you’ll check it out check it out guys there’s some team epiphany cards so
guys where you’re looking out for these team epiphany cards they’re gonna drop
milk you gotta find they got Papa cheeks logo
on them and they load it with milk boys oh yeah oh yeah there we go boys and we
doing the light spike let’s get like five five four three two one
why I love my milk pump Jake loves his milk
what we saw here for to do looks like the sun’s gone down perfect time for an
assault by both you can’t stop me
salt by water baby come on love you this play almost about wherever you are
nowhere to run I’ll take ready watch the peek your head out okay

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