WORLD RECORD Class Marco Polo Ram –  Hunting in Tajikistan with Guy Eastman
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WORLD RECORD Class Marco Polo Ram – Hunting in Tajikistan with Guy Eastman

August 13, 2019

Do you know the world’s white rooftop?
Have you ever felt her wintry blast as the shadows drift and change? Do you know the long days patience down
on frozen grass while the heads of heads is laying within range? Well I’ll tell you
it’s here we’re going for the years of plans and dreams you shall never know.
For we’ve sworn an oath on the horns of the ovis Polii and when mountain gods
have called we must go. It’s like we’re in some alternate
universe invented where reality means nothing. When you see 58 inches of horn
turn and stare your direction on the skyline you know you’re not in Kansas
anymore this is serious the rubber’s meeting the road and the hunt is on. They have the nose of a whitetail. They have the eyesight of an eagle and the
wariness of a urial sheep. Definitely more people that go to Everest base camp
than shoot a Marco Polo every year. This is what it’s all about for us
making memories in the mountains. Now these sheep aren’t quite as heavy
horned as Alaskan variety but are they beautiful. You know I spent a lot of time
with my grandfather and he was a sheep guy. He was the most perfect stone sheep
I’ve ever seen He had a 45 inch curl. Gordon a you know
has had a fascination of big sheep and the biggest sheep that he ever could
find was Marco Polo sheep. Gordon read all these old books by these explorers. Theodore Roosevelt writes ovis polii is the great wild sheep. The father and
mother of all the wild sheep. He was originally discovered about 12 56 AD by
Marco Polo hence the name. Gordon wanted to go and he never really had the
ability financially to do it and as a kid I read the books and I wanted to do
it. Building this business that we now have got in the way for me. Guy he also
read the books heard me and Gordon talked about Marco Polo sheep hunting. Marco Polo says there are great numbers of wild beasts wild sheep of great size
whose horns are a good six palms in length. For a long time this was
considered a romance. At last some 600 years later an English officer shot a
sheep and proved that Marco Milione II at least in this instance was speaking
the truth. One of the only photos in the entire book is of the
Marco Polo sheep. I’d never seen anything like in my life. He made it a
point that before he got too old that he was going to go. I started planning out
this hunt over ten years ago, and started saving every extra dollar I could. It
just grew and grew and grew and finally I was within striking distance
financially and so then have to select an outfitter and a country to go do this
in. Tajikistan it a country in the Asia. It has a border with China, Afghanistan,
Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan. Eight million population the capital of Tajikistan is Dushanbe, the modern city. Marco Polo is a generic term for all the sheep in
Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan. The population estimates i’ve seen for
Tajikistan or 20 to 25,000 Between the research and the saving and
scrimping pretty soon my Marco Polo dream was was becoming a reality. Set a goal
like that and you saved and scrimped for so long and planned for so long and put
so much into it, when you get on that plane to go there the pressure is
intense because I’m hoping that this adventure lives up to everything I’ve
put it up against. And these are just the foothills. This is just a start.
It goes up to 24,000 feet from here. Two days of flying two days of driving, I
don’t know anywhere on that planet you can go that’s more remote than this. I’ve known
Guy for a long time.Knew his dad when I was in my early 20s and so Guy and I’ve
been talking Marco Polo hunting for quite a few years. You know in my opinion
Bryan Martin is probably one of the premier mountain guides and outfitters
probably in the world for his age he and I are the exact same age and I’ve never
had a chance to hunt with him. We’re gonna see just exactly what all this
Asian mountain hunting experience is all about. We’re just about what about 600
yards south of the Afghanistan border at twelve thousand two hundred feet. This
camps been here for over ten years. There’s horns laying around in camp.
Everybody’s talking sheep and you want to get out there and hunt and guess what?
They tell you nope. You boys have to acclimatize. We’re just gonna take it easy
and cruise around the jeeps and glass up on the hills and not gonna do much of
anything today. Look at some sheep. Look at some ibex get even more excited. Look at that! Look at the tips! Those sheep are some of the most
amazing animals I’ve ever seen. Their horns will grow twice the length in a
year as a North American ram. In the spring and summer the habitat and the
grass must be such high protein and so green it must be incredible to support a
body size that big and that kind of horn growth. But I’ll tell you when you go
there in the fall and winter you look around it looks like there’s nothing
there. I mean it looks like a grasshopper would have to pack a lunch to get across
one of those drainages. It’s just literally mostly just rock and dust. Let’s say the average ram in Tajikistan is 15,000 15-5. There’s really not much
feed above 16-5. So if you hear people saying they’re shooting Marco Polo at 18
they probably do not adjust your altimeter watch. When you come to Asia
I’ve always said that you’re gonna find your weakness. Now we got 6 big rams there. Not all big but six that I’m sure is the biggest. He’s got the mass
like an Argali. When they’re heavy blow their chin
they’re heavy. He’s tight, going like this. I’m not surprised he’s bigger than you think.
That’s one of those ones there’s no ground shrinkage. And there’s a reason
they have you climatized for a few days. When they park at the base of that
mountain and you start hiking up at 14,000 feet hiking to 16 your world will
change let me tell you. Nobody’s gonna perform at the highest level that
they’re used to. You know I’m feeling every step and it’s like you’re walking on the moon. Everything’s in slow motion. Dan’s even slower than me. We’re at about 15,000 feet. I’ve never got my ass kicked this hard hiking. I think camp at 12,600 is gonna feel a lot better to us tonight if
anything right? Yeah it better. They’re in a beautiful spot right below those big peaks huh? Big ram. We get up and we find these sheep, and it’s a band of rams, of big Rams biggest Rams Brian’s ever seen
in 15 years of hunting, and they’re together. There’s 11 Rams and there’s one giant in
the bunch that’s well over 60. We’re watching they’re not in a stalkable
position so we start down off the mountain and left the sheep be. We should have just stayed up the night up there, right? Lutfillo? Yeah. Would have been comfortable. Instead of killing the animal, killing ourselves. [laughs] If we didn’t know what was in here, that would be a shooter huh? Let’s look for another papa. Where are our rams? Around the corner. This way, then this way. And the rams are lower on the mountain for some reason than they were and they’re in a much more stalkable position. How far is it? One thousand, one hundred. A hunter if he wants a big animal needs to know what one looks like. I say anything over 56, 57 is a
really really big ram. 60 inch rams don’t grow on trees. That group has at least half shooters. Really? If you see a giant ram [laughs] you’d better try and get him because a chance of me seeing him the next year with another client is
very slim. The plan is to go back around so the sun’s at our back, and we can get closer. Because if we go down here the sun will be bad. The wind will be good, but the distance will be bad. So we want good distance, good sun and good wind. So Bryan and I are able to sneak up over the hill barely
peek up and the rams are bedded on the little spine ridge underneath us. Got too close actually came in in the same plane as they are which means you got to make
the first shot count and they can see you quickly. They were around a little
over 300 yards. Take your time. Take your time. Because the top rams had to see us before we could see the big ram so he got up and gave Guy a marginal shot. Well then they spooked. And Marco Polo sheep you don’t get a second chance and they went two or three
drainages deeper into the mountain range on us. That’s when Bryan said we have to
kill that big ram no matter what the costs and it’s gonna take a spike out. So the fifth day we’d already camped out
about fourteen thousand three hundred feet in a shepherd’s hut. I had a tent that I
stayed in because the shepherd’s hut was a little crowded. We’re living like the
sheep herders. Yeah. Even they don’t like to come up here this time of year huh? Yeah they leave because there’s no food. The next morning we woke up and it was cold
probably 15 below zero and we started out up this drainage and we’re hiking
hiking climbing climbing finally we spot the rams and they’re going up over into
this basin that Bryan’s actually hunted before. And he tells me we’re
gonna kill one or two of these rams. And usually when you spook them it’s
really hard to get on them again and these animals are not stupid. They’re very cunning and they’re very careful A 9 or 10 year old ram does not get that big by being stupid. They’re always getting hunted by snow leopards and poachers and
and hunters and wolves and bad winter conditions and fighting and getting
injured during the rut. So any ram that lives the nine or ten years old is a
giant. So we start hiking, and we’re hiking, climbing, climbing, climbing, up to 17,000
feet on the top of this ridge and peek over the other side down into this big
bowl and basin and the rams are bedded down on a bench. Look down and spotted them. Kind of right
where we thought they’re gonna be and our other guide we call him, nicknamed him
Saddam his name is Mahabat Kadam. Saddam the guide has gone up the bottom,
but he’s hiding in the grass at the bottom. We didn’t really know where he
was. He was down there watching and he started to push a little bit. But the
sheep got nervous and went the wrong way. Guy and I had a hustle down the ridge.
Got within about 460 yards of the rams. So he and I talked about it. I would stop
a little short. He would go clear down to to shooting distance of the saddle and
then Saddam will bump the rest of the rams and we’ll see and at least one of
us is gonna get a shot at the rams. By the time Bryan gets in position the rams are
all bunched up by then at the top of the saddle and he’s trying to pick out the
big ram. See the one facing away? [GUNSHOT] Didn’t know what happened honestly. My ram disappeared. Guy and I ran over
the edge and they we figured that they would come back up around us. The first one, the first one is big! [GUNSHOT] I see my ram. Do you? They’re so strong and so sturdy and so
hardy that I mean Bryan’s ram was shot right through the heart and still ran
150 yards before it died. Mine was pounded through both lungs. It’s almost like those big rams have too much pride to die in sight. Is he dead? Yes! Big ram down! Congratulations Bryan! This has been awesome. We have worked hard for three days Today I said to myself, if I kill a ram today this will be the worst, best day of my life. You were slowing down today. 16,500 will do that to you. His bass is as big as my thigh! This ain’t no Dall’s sheep. Guy did a great job, closed the deal about 260 280. Yeah just a tremendous ram. If you look at his teeth looks like an old grizzly bear’s teeth. Doesn’t get much better than this. No I’ll kill an old ram like that. Bryan’s ram there
was no question that thing’s a monster. We just didn’t know how big of a monster
it really was and let me tell you this ram is world-class. The air’s a little thin at 16,000. Look at that thing! oh that doesn’t look real! I’ve been hunting in Tajikistan since
2005 with clients that never saw an animal. So to finally take one after 12
years is a long time. This is what a big ram looks like folks. If you get bigger than this let us know. There’s 56, he’s over 64 inches. So you shot around bigger than
your tape? Yes. Our expedition into Central Asia was a
closed chapter. A memory of glorious days on the high Himalaya of long stalks, some
successful, some otherwise. A kaleidoscope of toil and achievement that only
experienced can purchase. For a true mountain hunter, everything
that you want in a mountain hunt to challenge you is here in a Marco Polo hunt. It’s not as bad as it looks but it’s not
good either. You’re not gonna be walking through any doorways, I’ll tell you that. Base camp Tango in
the rearview mirror. The ‘ol yak dung hut. He had a beautiful white stripe down the
back of each leg a great Stone ram like this fellow here. The trophy of a
lifetime. I’ll ever kill another Stone sheep, one’s enough for any man.

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