World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Cinematic Trailer
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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Cinematic Trailer

August 14, 2019

Ours is a cycle of hatred. Alliances forged and broken. We have paid the price for sharing this world. and we have forgotten what makes us strong. Close ranks! Advance as one! Lordaeron will be ours! My king, we have her cornered. Keep firing! For the Horde! Push forward! Anduin! Stand as one! For the Alliance!

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  1. Sometimes Im like "Hey I should play alliance some times there's cool races." then I come here and the "FOR THE HORDE" make the choice for me

  2. Release trailer: Yey, we are gonna have a classic content of horde vs alliance
    Azshara: You must stand unite once again, sorry…

  3. Let's not kid ourselves. This cinematic def favored the Horde. The music went silent, noise was on mute, Sylvanas beautiful voice along with with her banshee screech, her epic entrance and pose and the war cry of the Orc after and the banner. The kid Alliance barbie ken can't compete with that. Not after having to heal his whole squad lol.

  4. Guys, it is true that most Alliance players are more conservative and most Horde players are more liberal??

  5. 느조스 따까리로 밝혀졌구요~ 전범호드는 여기까지여ㅋㅋ 난 스랄호드여! 호드를 위하여!!


  7. There Is my another reason to play for horde I have always did it and I always will the horde is strong awesome and don't need a healer
    And the alliance is like always healer healer and healer they can't live with out a healer because they are loosers did you see that ork that Got like 4 arrows in his chest but he did still fight and like the alliance they got like 1 arrow in the chest and they are already dead

  8. 1:45 Sylvanas acts like a real warchief for all of 30 seconds and manages to rally her troops and even stir the heart of Saurfang.

  9. That deadass was the best "for the Horde" I've ever heard. Both that and the banshee scream sent chills down my spine lmao

  10. How's that gonna help? If the alliance forces got so badly pummeled by the horde that Anduin had to do that so soon then they are just gonna get stomped again, double so because he made them angry.

  11. The WoW community wanting a decent post legion expansion… "FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!"

    Blizzard: (evil banshee glare smirk)

  12. I don’t play this game, and my only sense of lore is from Warcraft 3, but when the girl screams ”For the Horde!” and They all charge I get teary, same when the King Heals everyone and yells ”For the Alliance!”

    Thats How much of an Impact Blizzards cinematics have

  13. Tbh are we ever gonna talk about our childhood thoughts on when we thought brown cows produced chocolate milk?

    Taurens: ** this** I'm out

  14. 2:08 FOR THE HORDE! …Типа: — " стаять насмерть!" ….очень эффектный момент!

  15. Her, for the horde, was amazing and her attack was awesome. His, for the alliance, was OK but. His ability was so epic yeah amazing. This is the movie we should’ve gotten

  16. 0:58 I think "Keep firing!" is the dumbest line of dialog in any cinematic. They're bows, first of all, not firearms. And second of all, what kind of an order is "Keep doing what you're doing"?

  17. If i was Anduin i would have been like

    Hey Valen where is the ship we used to go to Argus
    And put troops there launching a blitz attack on the under city and other horde territory mind you that ship has a light cannon

  18. What we expected: Full-blown faction pride at last. A proactive Alliance fighting for justice. An underdog Horde fighting for survival. Character development in the context of war. An epic capstone for the faction war that has spanned over two decades.

    What we got: Garrosh 2.0: Undead Boogaloo (feat. reskinned store mounts!)

  19. Sometimes i hope sylvanas and the forsaken are some good undead who join the alliance in order to slaughter those bad/evil undead…i think it will be funny when theres some random undead who likes to drink beer with human and giving flower to kid.
    We Are the Forsaken and we will stand for justice and good

    But yeah that never happen

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