World of Tanks Blitz. Update 4.9 Review
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World of Tanks Blitz. Update 4.9 Review

November 15, 2019

Long-awaited sunny
days are finally here, so is the new update
for World of Tanks Blitz. Update 4.9 will bring a new
branch of Chinese heavy tanks, a skill that makes it easier
to capture bases, new camouflages, as well as balance
improvements and other changes. The Chinese nation became stronger
with the addition of a branch of heavies. The new branch starts from
Tier VII. Here we can find the IS-2. It is almost identical
to the IS, a Soviet heavy tank. The only difference between them is that the frontal hull armor
of the IS-2 is 30 millimeters thinner and its engine power
is 120 horsepower lower. However, its turret traverse speed
is higher than that of its counterpart. Tier VIII is represented by the WZ-110. Its armor is as
good as that of the IS-3. It features a strong turret, which is typical of all
high-tier Chinese vehicles. It has decent
201-millimeter thick frontal armor. The gun is also adequate. Damage and penetration values are
comparable with those of the Tiger II. At the same time, its rate of fire
is one shot per minute higher. The next vehicle in the branch
is the Tier IX WZ-111 model 1-4. It should not be confused with
the WZ-111, a Tier VIII Premium tank. It embodies almost all the
basic characteristics of Chinese tanks. The turret armor thickness
is 230 millimeters in the front and 120 millimeters on the sides. Average damage is 460 hit points,
penetration—almost 250 millimeters. The tank is very good at attacking. And if its hull is hidden, the
WZ-111 becomes an unbeatable fortress. The branch ends with the WZ-113. Its upper armor plate
is strong enough to bounce shells, but its lower plate is much weaker. However, its turret
is the strongest at Tier X. It has 260 millimeters
of armor in the front. You can safely absorb damage when
attacking from a concealed position and not worry about penetration. This is a typical tactic
for Chinese vehicles. The new Fast Capture skill was added.
It increases the base capture speed. This skill can be
trained on light tanks, but it is effective
for all types of vehicles. If you are capturing the base together
with an ally who has the same skill, the capture speed
is increased by 10%. New camouflages were
introduced into the game. Iron Will. Oxidized Metal. Time-tested. In the Storage, Commendation Tokens
were renamed “parts of the certificate”. And in the Interface
Settings tab, it is now possible to disable the “Attention to sector”
command on the minimap. The characteristics of more than
a dozen vehicles were changed. The Chinese 121 medium tank
is now called the WZ-121. For both the WZ-121 and 121B, dispersion
on turret traverse was decreased. The gun depression angle was increased
and the reload time was decreased. For the German
Grille 15 tank destroyer, the aiming time and dispersion on
superstructure traverse were decreased. For the American
Т110Е3 tank destroyer, the maximum forward speed was
increased to 35 kilometers per hour. The reverse speed was
increased to 10 kilometers per hour. The gun traverse limits
were increased to 12 degrees. For the T69, FV4202,
Centurion Mk. 7/1, and Ferdinand, the rate of fire was increased. More information about all balance
improvements can be found on the portal. That’s all for now… Or not?..

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  1. T110E3 When is it updated or developed and why is it not updated? Very slow and unable to maneuver and always put it with light tanks on the battlefield which is heavy

  2. It’s weird. I mean you guys first release tanks in their worst states knowing they suck, and then you buff them. Why not just release the tank buffed? Is it a strategy to increase rating of the game….your tactics are evident and kind of useless..

  3. If you want to have balanced Blitz, nerf the Dracula. I know its a premium tank, but it is needed. You should compensate for that nerf with for example 2x as much credits for battle.

  4. oh im so bloody happy, im playing on windows on a computer AND I CANT EVEN LOG IN? seriously, im crying and im depressed that i cant even play WOT blitz on my computer since windows and this log in stuff sucks!

  5. I’m not even gonna grind the 113 line, it is obvious that its rof is going to be nerfed, idk why the testers didnt say much about this tank…

  6. Plz make Grille 15 aim time 1.5 sec like it is on PC. Keep the 640 alpha, but I would like some even better aim time

  7. IS-7 has the strongest turret armor 😛

    And the chinese heavy line are only like the Rivals of the IS-7 line.

  8. Wargaming why the mm is rigged?
    Why can not you be honest? You only think how to trick us and take our money with timers, tanks available only on containers, expensive legendary camo, training crew skills only with silver or gold (premium time or real money), so expensive gold amo, provisions and consumables (premium time), boosters… after i will train the last skill I will uninstall this game…

  9. Why does it feel like a new familiar map is coming from the pc I can tell u that from the loading screen it looks like the one with the collapsed bridges sorta close to one of the spawns

  10. Что такое обвес во вкладке камуфляж ответьте пожалуйста разработчики

  11. Whatever you guys did in the update has seriously screwed me, got an email notifying me that I'm suspended for 7 days for modifications to the game, wtf. I don't hack nor have I ever been one of those people that need to cheat or use mods. I'm done with wotblitz. You need to get your shit together.

  12. You guys do great but honestly sending ticket is like sending mail to god for 45 minutes I was trying to send you ticket because im banned from the game apparently for no reason come on guys be better

  13. i am not able to play the game on my pc on windows 7 through steam account after this update, the game crashes while loading it stops at synchronizing data i have also raised the formal complaint with ticket please resolve the issue.

  14. I have a error at the momment to open the game, the game say I need to put the sd when the sd is already putted, the error is the 13, 0

  15. Game still needs balancing but I will keep my game review one star untill matchmaking is fixed

  16. Fact:when wargaming says the japan heavies are to heavy it’s because it’s armor is 250 and up making it very Heavy and very hard to kill so now you know but hey please add japan heavies

  17. Ummm, this game sucks. I played it today with a friend. I played for 3 hours and only won 5 out of 38 battles. This is a freaking useless game because it is not noob friendly. Everyone with a two year or more head start will slaughter you every game and did I mention 95% of the player base has been playing for this long or longer and you will lose 3000 games before you even start to see a measly 30% win rate? Common sense tells us that there is no reason to play a game that you have no chance in from the start. Common sense says to stop playing a losing game and find a better game that you will have a chance to do well in. This game WOTB is utter crap! I would never recommend this to a friend. Find a game that you can actually do well in and is actually fun to play. I could not keep track of the perfect shots I landed that simply bounced off the armor or didn't do crap to the enemy's health bar. I tried grinding the Russian medium tank line and hit the T-46. I got the 45mm gun and it didn't do crap! So many people killed me and I couldn't kill them. Useless tank, useless game, never coming back again.

  18. Oh lord, how difficult to just play rating i have to waste a day for waiting in vain just for 1 battle! fix it ! We cannot play rating just like before 4.8 4.9! Waiting waiting so s hitt! time wasted!

  19. pls fix these tanks T25/2 and t25 AT and one more
    T25/2: armor front 110mm side 55mm rear 31mm ,speed 35k/h
    Gun reload 4.7
    Gun experience: 16 to 12

    T25 AT: there sould only be two guns not three
    Starter gun: 90mm t15E2
    Next gun: 18exp to 13exp

    Armor: front 89mm side 47mm rear 29mm
    Guns: 15 cm pak L/38 cost 65, 12,8 cm kanone L/61 cost 52

  20. How about in your next update add flags , Or clan banners on the tanks . Just make it small. I kinda like the feeling representing your country. Anyone agree? Leave a like if you agree. ?

  21. t34-3 China should come to the improvement of the tank 13.5 filling period is not much for a middle tank sizcede? wz121 has become better than the old t34-3 why does not it improve?

  22. how to update the world of tanks blitz in windows 10? right now i cant update it i reinstall but i still cant play it say update the game. pls help me

  23. after couple battles i managed 0 damage better to trow rock on enemies instead too shuting vith no rezult damagr.

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