World Cup – South Koreans cheer on national team on streets of Seoul
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World Cup – South Koreans cheer on national team on streets of Seoul

November 7, 2019

Sticking with South Korea’s first game at
the World Cup in Russia. As has become custom now during the World
Cup,… tens of thousands of fans took to the streets of Seoul and the country’s other
major cities to watch the game on big screens. Our Kan Hyeong-woo went to check it out and
files this report. “I hope all 23 of our players leave everything
on the pitch so they finish victorious. Go Korea ” Anticipation and excitement. Two words that best describe the atmosphere
leading up to South Korea’s first game at the Russia World Cup. An estimated 16-thousand football fans flooded
onto the streets of southern Seoul on Monday night to watch Team Korea take on Sweden. Yeongdongdae-ro Street was one of many cheering
locations across the nation after roads had been blocked the previous night for the special
event. As kickoff edged closer, fans clad in bright
red began to fill the streets, watching pre-match entertainment courtesy of several K-Pop singers
and bands. The cheers and excitement reached fever pitch
as the whistle blew for the start of the game. However, those cheers turned to groans when
Sweden scored the game’s first and only goal. While the disappointment was palpable at the
final whistle,… most went home knowing all is not lost… and the team still has two
more chances at redemption. “Watching games outside and cheering on the
Taegeuk Warriors has been a Korean World Cup tradition since 2002, and this Russian World
Cup is no exception.” Fans will be out on the streets again for
the next two matches against Mexico on the 24th and Germany on the 27th. Kan Hyeong-woo, Arirang News.

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