World Cup lessons VIII. Learn Brazilian Portuguese. A Dica do Dia
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World Cup lessons VIII. Learn Brazilian Portuguese. A Dica do Dia

November 7, 2019

What’s up, guys! Are you ok?
My name is Pablo, I am a teacher at Rio & Learn. Hey, guys! Are you ok?
tht’s me,Diogo, I am also a teacher at Rio & Learn.
– And today, we are going talk about World Cup vocabulary part eight.
Can you count, Diogo? I thought you would one less finger.
– I am not a flamenguista, ok? That’s ok! Being a vascaíno, this is worse.
Fine! Starting with the overhead goal.
Well, the overhead goal is when the player does… Well, I won’t do it here.
– No, no, no! Come back, come back! I made a mistake This is not ‘lob’. ‘Lob’ is when the ball covers the goal keeper. Again, again!
Let’s put this one at the ‘Making off’. Overhead kick goal.
I can’t do it here, ok? It’s impossible: jeans, the space. I can’t do it! It’s because you don’t know how to do it.
– Nope. I do, but here is impossible. Overhead kick goal.
Look how the soccer player moves. When he his legs a up high. If
I do it, I will bust my spine up. But, it is this movement. Overhead kick goal.
Volley goal. Volley happens when the player kicks
without letting the ball touch the ground And here we have one of the best, Ibrahimovich.
– Very good! Olympic goal.
the olympic goal is comes straight from the corner kick.
The player kicks the ball and it goes straight to the goal.
Poor ‘tricolores’ (Fluminense supporters). I remember this scene very well.
– Poor fluminenses. Foul goal.
The foul goal happens when you have a foul and player kicks the ball. In this case,
the ball passes the block and goes straight to the o… – Sometimes it happens… ‘Deu zebra!’ (Expression used when something unexpected happens). It goes straight to the goal. Sorry, guys! That was a fake, just to use the expression ‘Deu zebra’.
Nobody realized! One of the best: Ronaldinho Gaúcho.
– Yes. But the t-shirt is very ugly. Penalty goal.
Very simple: When there is a penalty, a foul inside the area, the penalty kick
is done. Penalty goal. Goal with the head.
Very normal in a soccer match. It happens when the player pass the ball to
a another player and he touches the ball with his head and scores.
– Own goal. For Diogo is very normal to do it: whenever he plays soccer, he scores an own goal. When you score a goal against your own team.
– You’ve never played soccer with me, neither has seen me playing soccer, and now you are saying it.
– Someone has sent me his DVD playing and I didn’t like it.
– DVD? I am let people filming now. These videos here. I don’t even like to show up in videos.
– Lob goal. It happens when you posses the ball, kick it and it covers the goal keeper and you score a goal.
Usually, people consider a very beautiful goal that requires a lot of ability to do it. Here we have Messi, one of the best.
– He always does lob goals. Messi is gifted for it.
Long distance goal. It’s that goal when the player kicks the ball from a very long
distance, by the name we can realize, long distance goal.
When the ball is kicked from far away. Here we put Cristiano Ronaldo.
– Yes, he is an specialist in these kind of things and this is an old picture, because he is
using Manchester United’s t-shirt. It’s been a while!
– Irregular goal. The irregular goal happens when you have a
goal, but if analyze the image, the player is in off, so he scores the goal, but
it is an irregular goal, although the referee hasn’t realized it. The referee said it was regular, but if you look at the image you will realize that he is off side. Yes, one more championship to Flamengo playing against Vasco. Poor vascaínos.
– Yes, but Flamengo wins like this: with the referee’s hand.
– There is even a song that says that Vasco is second against Flamengo.
The rest I can’t sing because there are bad words.
– No, that’s not true! The assistant didn’t see it. So it was
Flamengo’s goal. If you put, for example, the referee of the
Brasil x Chile match, Flamengo won’t win anything. Flamengo is first place, Vasco is second.
Second again, but that’s fine! Well, guys, that’s it for today. Big hug for you, thank you very much! Keep following us on the internet, through our
social networks, website site or through our Youtube channel.
– So that’s it, guys! Thank you for watching us one more.
Stay in touch through our social networks, Youtube channel and our
Website. We have the Video Dicas link temos os links,
where you can have the whole classes for free in your e-mail every week.
– And those who want to see these movements live, just come to watch me play that you
will see all those kind of goals. Don’t do it, guys! – Don’t come to Copacabana’s beach to see it. – This is a lying ad.
– We can do some practice, no problem. Ok, guys! Big hug. See you!

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