World Class Players Cup 2016
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World Class Players Cup 2016

November 5, 2019

I’m here at Evraz Place for the WCP cup
with hundreds of fans and eighty teams who are doing more than just cheering and playing soccer. They’re also sharing their cultures along the way. It provides that
opportunity for different cultures to intermingle. People that – that are new to
Regina and the country find out about this event through others and are introducing their culture at soccer. And if that’s what the sport is going to do for people that it’s a blessing. And Kevin certainly knows what
he’s talking about. Not only is he the brainchild behind the WCP Cup. Kevin
played soccer professionally and has been inducted into the Saskatchewan
Sports Hall of Fame. I did play for Canada’s national team. I was – scouted when I was 15 at Mount Pleasant The field I used to live at when I was a youth, watching all the other guys represent Saskatchewan and I played for Team Sask. Many of the fans and spectators are new to Saskatchewan as well as Canada and they’re more than proud to represent their respective nations. I’m here to support my – not only my – my home, my heritage, I’m Caribbean. My heritage from Jamaica. I love everything about the Caribbean and Jamaica. This is also a great venue to speak to with those who are new to our province and find out how they’re living in
Saskatchewan. I came to Canada here in December 2007. I got a scholarship from
my government, from Saudi Arabia and when I came here I studied English for almost a year and a half. Then I started my masters degree in computer sciences. I finished my masters degree – I started my PHD program. Whether you’re new to Saskatchewan or
you’re a lifelong resident this tournament is a great way to meet new
people and experience new cultures. The atmosphere – it’s unbelievable it’s wonderful. You see the flags You see high players coming from Alberta, they’re coming from BC, Ontario. Also this year we’re bringing in some players from outside. It’s really a beautiful event.

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