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Work Experience, BBC Sport

December 3, 2019

Hello, my name’s James Cooper, and
I’m doing a work placement for BBC Sport, especially a
campaign called the Big Splash, which is to get everyone around
the country swimming more, for sport relief and the
up-and-coming Olympics. I don’t feel like I’m
on a work experience. They’ve made me feel like
I’m actually part of the BBC and part of the Big
Splash experience. I’ve been just as involved as
everyone else, and it’s great to get to go to meetings
and researching people around the country who can
and can’t swim and people who are sort of notorious
for swimming. And just generally,
I even got to go to Salford University
in Manchester. They did a workshop there. So yeah, I got to
travel up to Manchester, got to get to visit the
Olympics site as well. So, been really involved, and
that’s what I wanted, really. I didn’t want to just be
sitting around and making teas. It’s good to be part
of it, basically. I handed my CV into a place
called Greenwich Local Labour and Business, which is
for the Greenwich borough, which is where I live in London. And obviously, when
something comes up that they’re notified
by, they think of candidates who they think would
be good for the job. And yeah, I was just
sitting in one day. I got a phone call
and they said, “There’s this work
experience at the BBC, and do you want to
go in for it?” And I suppose a chance
to have a work experience at the BBC is something
that can’t be missed, so yeah, I went for it. And here I am. I had to go to the Greenwich
Local Labour and Business office and do a literacy
and numeracy test. And then, after I did that, I went in for another
short interview with them. And then the BBC rang me,
and I had to go to White City and the BBC to have a
full-blown interview. Yeah, and then a few
days later, they rang me and told me I got the placement. If you do want to get into
media, which is what I want to do, the BBC is probably
one of the greatest places to get an experience of. After my work experience,
well, I’ve already applied for a year’s apprenticeship
at the BBC. Hopefully, this four weeks will
have given me an extra chance with that, because I know sort of how the BBC works
now and how it’s run. I’ve also applied for
another job here as well. But, I mean, if those
things don’t work out, to continue being involved in
media, and hopefully get a job within media, but
with the added extra of having the BBC work
experience on my CV. Working here at the BBC has
been absolutely fantastic. I’ve learned more than
I thought I would. I’ve enjoyed myself more
than I thought I would. And anyone who wants to do
it, or who’s in two minds about doing it, I don’t think
there should be any hesitation. It’s definitely something
worthwhile. Not just for your future,
and not just for your CV, but also for an experience
as well. The BBC website is
always spilling out information concerning up- and-coming projects,
up-and-coming jobs. Just keep checking it. Keep checking the website. Keep checking papers or things
like that, or newsletters. Basically, just keep searching, and you’ll find something
eventually. The amount of enjoyment
I’ve had, the amount of stuff I’ve learned
at the BBC, not everyone gets to experience the
feeling of waking up and actually looking forward
to going in every day, which is something that
I’ve had at the BBC. Even before I worked here, I
wanted to be involved somehow in media, and not
sure exactly what part of media just yet;
I’m still learning. But yeah, definitely, I’ve loved
it, every minute of it here, and it’s definitely something
I’d want to get involved in.

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