Wonkabonkas YouTube Year 2017 Gaming Compilation

August 21, 2019

Okay Love you Superman Speaking to my long-lost childhood friend You can do it I believe in you Fuck you, let’s go attempt number two I believe in you no miss It’s all about believing No, yeah I Are you the one who tried to destroy my wall go ahead dumbass you know what to do Hermione you sound different Oh Jesus I said the whole forest and fire He loves you really this has a different way of expressive it oh stop blocking me you spastic faggot Pretty nice my friend. Do you like it? Yeah? I must get free drugs, but Can I get free drugs because under a job here I Don’t to do it for free whoa whoa Quinn Quinn dumbbells don’t you see it’s a girl you can’t get But I Killed a girl that was not me. I promise Dumbass you have been accused of two murders. What do you have for what? Do you have to say in your defense? The fucking trap is a trap of some me that pretends to be a girl It’s not something that wears a girl avatar like if your net dating that good on you, bro Go net date. Somewhere else go fucking on a mass comm it’s not a trap the most fucking chap in your ass you fucking loser Wait Eddie Rs200

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