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Women’s Hunting – Mid-Weight Mossy Oak Pants | Mia’s Motivations

August 12, 2019

Hey, guys. I am here today and I want to chat with you
about some women’s camouflage hunting gear. These pants are made by Girls with Guns Clothing. They are a mid-weight camouflage hunting pant
that I got actually for a Remington Outdoors Hunt. And the Mossy Oak Infinity camo pattern was
what was appealing at the time because it’s what was required when I got these. But I wanted to share them with you because
I really like these pants. These pants come in mid-weight and light-weight. The mid-weight pant is what I have on. It has a micro-fleece lining inside, so it
is wind resistant as well as water resistant. They are really nice on fall days when you’re
out elk hunting. These pants, something that I love is that
they have belt loops. I am such a fan of belt loops because then
I can put on my holster or my multi-tool or even put my range finder on my belt. These are things that all pants manufacturers
need to keep in mind. They also have this adjustable velcro on the
waist so you can snug the pants down, which is outstanding because that really helps the
pants fit curves of a variety of women. You can loosen them or tighten them, what
ever you need to do. That is fabulous. These pants, I’ll show you more, they are
very adjustable and really universal, so a lot of people will probably like them. In the back there are two pockets. They have snap closures with little pink accents
on them, which, pink I can take it or leave it, but I just want to let you know that there
are pink accents. There are front pockets that also have the
snaps. These front pockets are really big. They’re all the way down to here. These pants are made of a polyspandex material,
so they do stretch and move with you, so when you are in the field, they’re not binding. They allow you to move freely. They do have cargo pockets on either side. And again, large pockets. These are really nice. Something I also want to point out to you
is if you’re sitting in a treestand or blind or something, if you’re sitting down waiting
for an animal, you can actually undo this other zipper over here and you can reach in
your pocket and pull things out without having to dig this way and have stuff fall down. So that’s a nice feature. One thing on these, they do have these little
string pull-tabs. I could take those or leave those. It’s nice that they’re there because it makes
it a little more easy to unzip zippers if you have gloves on and so forth, but something
like this, I’ve had other products that have these strings, and they generally get lost
when you’re spot and stalking in the field. They do have those pull strings. Another pink accent is on the back. There are these deer tracks, so those are
kinda cute. On the other side is the Girls with Guns clothing
logo in silver. It blends a little bit more. Another feature is, I’m 5’2″ and as you can
see, or maybe you can’t since they’re camo, but these have a nice length. They fit me well. And there’s a reason why. These have huge adjustments. Down here they have snaps on the outside and
the inside of your leg. And also a zipper. It’s a nice long zipper. Let me unsnap it. It’s a nice long ziper, so you can roll it
up and can see that micro-fiber in there that keeps you warm. But there’s also these snaps. As I said, they’re on the ouside of the leg
and the inside. So you can snap them up and adjust them to
fit your inseam. They do adjust from 32″ to 36″ on the inseam.
and that just makes these pants so wonderful because they can fit so many people. One thing I do want to note, because I know
some of my friends don’t like this. These do have a pretty low rise. They’re more of a junior cut, so it’s a lower
rise, but with the flexibility of the fabric, they are comfortable. I don’t feel as though my backside is showing
if I squat down, so that’s something to keep in mind when you’re shopping. I will put a link below to the Girls with
Guns website where you can check these out as well as other hunting items they have. Also, please remember to subscribe if you
haven’t already because I’m going to be sharing more women’s hunting gear throughout the weeks,
and also a couple firearms reviews. Coming up. See you soon.

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  1. Are they Gore-Tex, in Michigan deer season starts November 15, at that time of year we can get rain or wet snow so everything I buy is Gore-Tex.

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