Wolves Vs Leicester 0-0 | (19/20) Match Day Vlog
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Wolves Vs Leicester 0-0 | (19/20) Match Day Vlog

February 18, 2020

Coming up, 0-0, we had ten men but we held a draw. Boly scored of a header and now there checking the goal if it could be off side. Please tell me its no goal Yes, no goal, come on. Hi welcome to my vlog, LCFC Fox Nabil here. Another match day vlog but today im at the …I cant say it, Zane whats it called? Molineaux Oh ok, Molineaux stadium. Wolves is a difficult opposition. There 9th in the league. If they win today they will go 6th. If we win, we will go above Man City and into 2nd place Lets hope we can get the 3 points today and go above Man city, come on Leicester. We’re in the Leicester stand, this is where all the Leicester fans are sitting. Zane, how do you rate the stadium out of 10? A 9 out of 10. I rate it a 8 out of 10. Its a pretty good looking stadium. (Its a decent stadium, i like it) Todays team to face Wolves is. Schmeichel in Goal, Pereira, Soyuncu, Evans and Chilwell at the back. In mid, Choudhury, Maddison and Tielemans. And up front is Barnes, Vardy and Perez. The Wolves players are training behind me, the key players are Jimenez, Jota and Traore. Come on Leicester, come on Leicester Boys. Mum, what do you think the score is going to be today? I think the scores going to be 2-1 to Leicester. Zane, what do you think the scores going to be? I’ll go for 2-1 to Leicester as well. Who do you think is going to score? Vardy will get one and i’ll say Soyuncu. Vardy will get his first goal of 2020. Come on Vardy. I think the scores going to be 3-2 today. I think Vardy will get his first goal in 2020 like Zane said. Maddison might get a free kick and Cag’s will score a header. For them, Jota and Jimenez. Come on Leicester. (This is the light show) (The Wolves fans are very loud) Boly scored of a header and now there checking the goal, if it could be off side. I don’t know myself. Wolves dont like VAR Its a long one (# Its not football anymore #) How’s it not football anymore? Its a long check Please tell me its no goal. COME ON MIKE DEAN! (Referee) 3 minutes additional time. Yes. No Goal, come on. Half time 0-0, Zane, what do you think of the first half? OK at the moment but we need to do better in the 2nd half. Our attacking is not that good but in the box we’ve only had like Vardy. On one attempt we had Barnes running down the wing and Vardy in the box. Barnes crossed it in and theres only one in the Box. That should have been a good goal to us. Anyway, in the first half, Schmeichel made a great save. and then, the rest has basically been all Wolves. and then, Wolves scored and i was in the toilets and i heard it was a VAR check. And then i was like, ooh my God, is it a goal or not. And then, the VAR said no goal. So i’m quite happy about that, but lets just hope we can do better in the 2nd half. Come on Leicester, Everyone was singing its not football anymore. Substitution for Leicester. Albrighton on, Perez off. Perez hasn’t played very good so far. I think thats a good substitution Another substitution for Leicester. Tielemans off and Praet on. Second yellow for Choudhury, he’s off. They need to go VAR, thats not a yellow card. It probably was a yellow card, so red. Next match, Man City, he’s not going to be playing. One game ban. Hope we have Ndidi. Choudhurys off now, down to 10 men. Substitution for Leicester. Barnes off and Captain Wesley Morgan on. Come on Wesley. Full time, 0-0, Zane what do you think of the second half? Ok, second half we were better than the first half. Choudhury got sent off. I dont know if its a yellow card, he was already on a yellow so, i dont know. Yeah, like, if you look at it. I really didnt think that was a yelllow but he did stop him on his run so. We played a bit better than the first half, but it was still Wolves. Still Wolves. They were making great runs and they kept getting past Chilwell and Ricardo and Traore, his pace is super fast. He is so fast, isn’t he. Like he can make runs when hes there and then he makes it there. Its suprising like Lets just hope, next game, which is Man City, we can do a bit better. Thank you for watching my vlog. Please suscribe, like and share and please leave a comment down below. Our next match is Man City, on Saturday, 5.30 kick off and ill be there, Bye.

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  1. I got caglar soyuncu shirt I hold a white banner in Turkish but I have met you vs vila coca cola cup i got picked up true

  2. Lovely to see you and your family again. Funny we keep bumping into each other. Another great vlog. I thought we would draw. Very big game on Saturday

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