Wolves Hunt Caribou In Quebec’s Northern Forest | Wild Canadian Year
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Wolves Hunt Caribou In Quebec’s Northern Forest | Wild Canadian Year

November 17, 2019

“I knew that the only way we find and keep up with wolves was by using a helicopter” “Justin was along to try to film the action from the ground.” “To find the wolves, we first had to find the caribou” “with the help of caribou biologists in Quebec, we were able to quickly find the herds.” “Wherever the caribou are, the wolves are usually not far behind” “On the frozen lake, the caribou have the speed advantage” “and the wolf soon gives up the chase” “But it’s a good sign that we’re in the right place.” “However, it is a difficult place to work in” “it’s cold, and remote, and the days are short.” “So we got permission to stay in a Cree hunter’s cabin” “out here in the middle of the caribou’s winter range.” These are the recommended tools for getting in, from the owner in fact. “We’re 150 kilometers from the nearest community.” Home sweet home. We got lights! We got lights! “The cabin seems the height of luxury in the chilly wilderness of northern Quebec.” “Next morning, we head out to look for the caribou herds.” “The plan is to put Justin and Alex down on the ground nearby” “They’ll hike into position, near the caribou and wait for the wolves.” “As they head into position, they spot an encouraging sign” “And then, they hear one.” “The wolves are nearby.” “Justin gets set up on the edge of the forest” “and soon has our first shots of wolves from the ground” “During the night, they killed a caribou” “The wolves soon abandon the carcass, so Justin re-positions himself to get closer to the herd.” “They are likely to try hunting again.” “I’m watching from above, trying to spot the wolves.” “The caribou are bunching up together, which is usually a sign that wolves are nearby.” “and sure enough, a wolf pops out from the trees, heading for the caribou.” “He scatters the herd, and the caribou run back through the forest, right past Justin” “with the wolves hot on their heels” We just had two wolves come right passed us, full of confidence, you can tell this is their land. Didn’t bat an eyelid at us. Caribou just going in every direction, and they just disappeared through the trees. Amazing. uh, yeah, we got three shots. “This is where the helicopter really pays off.” “We can keep up with the wolves as they chase the herd into the trees.” “The lead wolf puts on a burst of speed” “and one of the young caribou makes a fatal mistake.” “trying to cut a corner, it gets bogged down in the deep snow” “It’s taken both a ground and aerial perspective” “to capture this ancient predator-prey relationship.”

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  1. Dirty wolves.
    Crazy environmentalists to pollute the country side with these evil creatures.
    People in past did extinct them for a reason, a good reason, but city folks think they know better.

  2. Beautiful filmmaking and those Wolves I respect and admire! They are essential for a healthy Echo system, and more than that, not just their intrinsic value but also for their sheer beauty! A’ho

  3. What impressed me is how hundreds of caribou’s run, instead of stomping on 2 wolfs and calling it a day.

    Sure they might get injured, but better than death.

    Fascinating how certain species can be stupid in certain ways, yet so smart in other ways.

  4. good show. thank you. wolves is so pretty. can one wolf take down one elk by itself all year round ??? yes or no.

  5. Canadian wolves are the best! Even barked “excuse me” to the cameraman when in pursuit of the caribou heard. ??

  6. I'm going to be conducting a special seminar for the carbou telling them they don't have to run they have strength in numbers Gogsw

  7. This sounds like Saul from " everyone calls Saul " or everybody…. Is it everyone or everybody idk, u get my point

  8. Can't wait for for all the future nature Drone footage that's going to replace helicopters and become much more prevalent

  9. Question is who is paying for the luxury while filming and what good is your adventure to society???

  10. Lovely scenery and very nice to see that the wolf pack goes for only one kill @ a time, just Enough to keep them going.

  11. Nobody watches wildlife documentaries to see how documentaries are made. We want to see the animals, not you. "yes we got 3 shots!" but didnt include them in video?

  12. Stunningly gorgeous animals ??????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. You would think with all those years of evolution, large herds of ungulates would have figured out they could turn and take out those wolves with ease.

  14. Oh wow aren't the so beautiful?! Such amazing looking animals. I've heard lots of wolves up north in Ontario when I go to my cottage but where I live towards the south its mostly coyotes you hear.

  15. Lets do the math ….. shall we ? If a herd of wolves killed a Caribou every 3 days ? That over 120 Caribou a year average ! No Caribou herd can take that kind of loss to sustain an eco system ! …. shoot the wolves now before it multiple and be in our back yard hunting the HUMANS ! You have been warn !

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