With $30Mil on the line, our Fortnite team must Level Up | Team Liquid x Honda Presents: Level Up
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With $30Mil on the line, our Fortnite team must Level Up | Team Liquid x Honda Presents: Level Up

October 9, 2019

Are you kidding me? Team Liquid! Team Liquid are your North American LCS Spring Split Champions! Team Liquid have been dominant in every single esport! TL’s the best team in North America! GG! Liquid have done it! Your next
grand finalists, it’s Team Liquid! This is Level Up, Driven by Honda. So, for the Fortnite World Cup, there were ten weeks of qualifiers: five weeks, solos, five weeks duos. I ended up coming out first week of solos and qualified that week. Vivid showing
everyone why he is one of the best, he’s gonna drop him right in there, but the
player wisely enough gets out, but Vivid is gonna make him pay. A couple players now,
falling in the action feed, aphilly is gonna be ones that will fall as well as
NaKerr. That is two down to Vivid’s hand. Vivid,
not too worried about it. Realizes he’s back, trapdoor! He needs to be super careful here, running around on low ground, picks up Spireock as well. What! That was disgusting! Looking for it, edit peeks, does own both the walls, drops the other player, and picks up Ziat to get himself into the top 5 as well. I had, like, 46 points, and I ended up getting 9
kills and, like, fifth place and it bumped me all the way up to 60 points, so I was DMing people like crazy, I don’t know, like my mouth is so dry, like, I
don’t know. I’m just waiting for the results to finalize and they’re finally
here and like, “Oh my god, I’m going to World’s dude!” That’s awesome, man. So it was like a huge
stress reliever, because, you know everybody knew that World Cup was coming
up, we all know that we had to go through qualifiers, and, you know, the first week
is all that pressure. It was like, “Man, how are these going to play out?” And then
before like anybody got any special tips or knew anything about how they were
gonna play out, I ended up coming out and just clutching up first week and
qualifying then. But now it’s over to Riversan. Liquid came to us. “us” being me, Tom, Poach and Chap, and asked us about new recruits for Liquid, and like
the Fortnite squad that we had and we toss, you know, them a few names and
Riversan was one of them. Honestly, if you’re Team Liquid, you gotta be happy you just recently acquired Riversan here, one of the big announcements in our scene. I’ve been playing competitive
games for almost four years now. I used to play Smash Bros. competitively,
I used to play baseball, football, and I surf as well, so I’ve always been a very
competitive person. Yeah, he’s always been pretty competitive, grew up playing
sports, it’s always kind of been in him, and he found his love for video games.
And my mom was worried about him, but then I started watching in on some of
his streams, and then I saw he placed really well in tournaments, he started to
get attention, so it was cool. I was really happy for him and he made us all
believers. I thought it was really cool that he’s able to make money off of
something he loves and that’s when I realized I was getting a little more
serious. I genuinely was just playing the game that I enjoyed, that I loved. I think
I just followed that and it got me here so I signed before the tournament. And
there were definitely some “no’s” going into it, you know. Kind of the pressure of
qualifying, you have ten tries, but thankfully I pulled out week one. Let’s
talk about the NA West standings. Who will be joining the other 17 players?
Let’s find out. And it’s going to be Snow and Riversan! Congratulations, you’re going to New York
City. Number one and number two in the NA West region, incredible stuff there.
Liquid Fortnite alone has so many accomplishments, so being able to, you
know, join the roster, add to that list of course was, you know, a great feeling. Real
good time then, qualifying, and it was just like all leading up to now which is
New York City. Going over to the venue today, and check
it out for the first time so we’re doing like, a tour and stuff like that.
And then we have, like, a player briefing where we answer questions and let us know, like, “Hey, you can’t go here, you can’t go there.” Stuff like that.
And then after that probably gonna be practicing, warming up.
Gonna be testing out my new drop spot that I decided to go to, like, three days ago. I’m sure it’s
beautiful. Well you guys are used to it. Wait, is it touch screen or do I have to hit
the button? Hit the button. Doesn’t that look sick dude? I took more scenic ones. You know, I figured, “You know, for the vlog.” You better get some b-roll. Yeah, exactly. I’ve been here since 8:30, they’ve been here since 8, we’re waiting for River to get his ass out of bed. I love traveling. Being able to go anywhere where the competition is is really cool. I think my
favorite thing about New York is the aesthetic of it. It’s a very beautiful
place, you know. A lot, I can take a lot of pictures, Fortnite allows us to take
some family members, so, to take them to New York is awesome.
I don’t experience a city as much as I want to, but, definitely a little bit, you
know. I’ve been to a lot of cities at this point. I mean, Katowice, Chicago, LA
and now I’ve been to New York City. To me, these events just come down to staying
focused and not really ever like exploring the cities and stuff like that.
Being able to take in like, the full experience of traveling I haven’t really gotten to do.
It’s just all about coming here and competing, not really about coming here
and visiting New York City. The first day of the Fortnite World Cup
officially. It opened about an hour and a half ago, Vivid got noticed,
and a line just happened to be formed for a meet and greet, and he’s loving it, so we’re just letting him take some pictures, sign some autographs. I went to the stadium yesterday, and they had, like, a fan vessel there, where everybody, like, walks
in like that. One person noticed me, I started to get, like, a line of people who
walked up to me and I was probably out there for a good two hours. Like, I
got some sunburn from it and I probably met like at least over like two hundred fans. I don’t know it was probably more, I have no idea. I think it’s truly amazing
to see the fan base that has gone behind Vivid. It’s actually really exciting. When
I started seeing all the fans walk up and ask for Vivid’s signature and
pictures, it really, actually brought tears to my eyes to… To be part of this. To be
able to see this live it’s pretty exciting. Coming here to the World Cup in
New York City is awesome. I love being at the venues when Vivid plays. I can’t wait
for the tournament to start. This World Cup event for Fortnite is going to be the
largest prize pool in esports history. River doesn’t even care, he’s just like, “Oh yeah, it’s like three million dollars for first place, no big deal.” Before with the
other games, it wasn’t as big. They’re smaller prizes, and it kind of just
changed my perspective on it because I didn’t realize how big Fortnite could
be. Being able to play in front of them and like one of the biggest tournaments
in esports history is huge because you know gaming all day, they’re kind of like,
“What are you doing with your day? What are you doing with your time?” So being able
to pull out and like show them like you know this is the reward, you know, it’s
definitely a good feeling. It’s gonna be really cool to be up on the stage
especially when you take into consideration how hard the qualifiers
were and stuff like that. Being like one of the 30 members from NA East that in the
making is just really cool and being able to compete for like so much money
it’s just really awesome too. However for me it’s just more like about winning the LAN and lifting a trophy more than is about the money, because I just
always won the win ever since I like started watching esports, because I’ve
watched, like, CSGO, League of Legends teams, just win events and the hype
around is just so awesome, and I just really wanna experience that. I’m pretty confident in, um,
placing top five for sure. For all the hard work I’ve put in, you know my work
ethic, you know, just doing my passion which is gaming, you know, for all that to
come together in this tournament and, you know, bring it home, I feel like it would
feel amazing. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the
Fortnite World Cup Finals live from my hometown baby. New York City, where you at? We’re about to see the greatest Fortnite players in the
world go up against each other in duos competition. Ten weeks of
competition leads to this. Millions in prizing on the line and, most importantly,
what’s right behind me, the championship. Not qualifying for duos was definitely a
downer for sure, but I managed to make it something motivating for me. Motivated to
get better. For me and Tom, I tried to help him out some of the solo weeks and
then obviously, like, me and him were duoing, and we even went to like
Washington DC one week to try and give us the best chance of qualifying. Me and
Tom ended up getting, like, tenth place in the last duo qualifier because
some, like, unfortunate stuff happened, and I was really unfortunate
that he wasn’t able to come here. I really wish that he was able to because
I think that I would have rather played duos with him than solos by myself. Why not just use the ESL headshots? That would make too much sense. Yeah, way too much sense. What the… What the fuck? Hello? Heavy sniper and drum shotgun. I’m not even lying, it’s really good. They’re taking, like the top hundred
players from around the world and thirty exclusively from NA East, and I was
one of those thirty. So, I never played in a stadium, I know that Katowice had a
little bit of a crowd, I think that when I’m on stage, I’m just focused and, like I
said, I won’t be worrying about the crowd or anything like that. The World Cup Arena’s
huge. Seeing a lot of people so it’s gonna be pretty nerve-wracking. I feel a
little bit of pressure, I try not to think about it too much, because, you know,
the more I think about it the more nerves I get, so I’m kind of just ready to
go in, play, and, you know, do my thing. I believe Vivid will be satisfied with
you know placing in the top 20 like we said. But I know down in his heart that
he really wants to raise that trophy and I feel I just got this feeling that… I
believe this one’s gonna… He’s gonna be coming home with it. It’s the biggest event and to be
able to like hoist the trophy and make my dreams come true at the biggest event will
just be surreal, and, I don’t know, something I would never be able to
forget. This is the one night I can’t not wake up. I have to put the hotel alarm, my sister’s alarm. When I woke up, there was, like,
three alarms going off. Literally, so… Yeah. I was ready. They were like, “Yeah, we’re gonna replace you if you
don’t wake up in time.” Like, yikes. Except for one LAN, I’ve been to pretty much every
LAN. Taking that in consideration ,like I had like some of the most experience out
of like everybody here, especially because there’s a lot of young people
here who have never been to a LAN. I’ve been through losses, and I’ve been
through wins, so I know of both sides of the spectrum are like, and I’ve been through
these six games before, I’ve been through a game where I’ve died off spawn, I’ve been
through a game where I made it to end game and done really well. I’ve been through, like
all this before. I know that I just need to mentally reset throughout these six games,
no matter what happens, and just play each game like it’s it’s own. It’s just a different dude. He’s just dead, don’t even land man. You’ve never had a scrim like this. I’m telling you, I’m telling you. Where everyone’s alive, and you have to storm surge every game. You’re always scuffed. Yeah. You know, there could be thousands of
people, but knowing your parents are watching, you know, I definitely want to
impress them, so they’re kind of my main focus. I don’t think he was nervous. I was
asking him, I was looking at him on the bus ride over, he’s just real relaxed.
Yeah that’s that’s something he’s really never struggled with is nerves. It’ll be business as usual. When he puts a headset on, he will get in his zone. You’re
walking out and you’re just, like, looking around, looking at the crowd, I’m taking
it all in, but I feel like when you sit down and you put the headset on, it’ll
just be, like, me and those six games, and I won’t really be thinking about
anything else. Like if we were playing for a long time, we would have been fine
but all these, duos, a lot of them, that, well, have been playing together for so long
that we had to, like, catch up, and all the changes he did… Like… It’s crazy.
I mean obviously we’re here to support both Vivid and Riversan, I think they’re
both gonna be really good. I think, I was gonna tweet what I think they would do,
but I didn’t want to jinx them. But I think both of them come top five. I
think Riversan, even though it’s his first LAN, he’s a really mature player and he’s
gonna play like he’s at home. And Vivid’s just a powerhouse and he always… He
always performs and he’s just he’s gonna kill it today. He has a good strategy, he
worked with a lot of people to get all their stuff down, I think he’s gonna kill
it today. It’s like part of its like stress relief that like I’m not a part
of it, but also that I wish that I was up there with Vivid, and that we were able to…
I don’t know bring some…. I don’t know It’s hard man. I just know that if Vivid and I were in
there, like I don’t know it’s just so much different knowing that online
qualifiers versus the in-game stuff and that… I don’t know, there’s nothing to regret just know
that in the future we’ll work even harder to make sure that we bring Team
Liquid home some more championships. It’s pretty cool. 100 of the best players in the entire
world are about to face off for fifteen
million dollars. Jack, guess what? The battle bus is loaded, six, five, four,
ladies and gentlemen, here we go. I didn’t know what to expect honestly. I
just know that he works really hard, but I’m sure a lot of those guys work hard
too. I couldn’t really focus on anything else, I was really anxious didn’t want to
eat, didn’t wanna drink anything. River just killed Vivid I think. Oh! He’s so happy that guy was weak. River died. No dude… He got placement though. Yeah, that’s true. Because I’m playing on stage, it’s pretty much the same for me
at home. I’ve always had, like, the first game jitters, but after the first game,
like I’m just set for the rest of it and to me it’s never mattered where I was or,
like, what I was doing. Like, I’m ready to play after that. Shadow bomb is safe from
the fall damage, Vivid’s being on the rotation, up on the high ground… Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Fortnite World Cup
solos competition, this is game two of six, and oh no! Vivid has lost the high ground! He says, “No! This is mine young man!” and takes it right back! No mats, no mats, and no life as he is out. Game number three here for the Fortnite
World Cup. I never thought I would cheer so hard for Fortnite, but I lost my
voice a little bit because I was screaming so hard. My brother and I were just
watching him, we’d be worried, like, where was, he, like, did he get killed off yet? Riversan,
he’s got the high ground… When we found him again we were like, “Okay he’s
still alive, let’s see how he does.” We were so nervous because I mean he could
be eliminated at like any second. Riversan, has to reset, needs to be
careful not to get hit by that storm, someone gonna be above him, he’s too good! We’re now sitting at a 1v1.
Two players left standing here. And then seeing him on the screen and watching
his gameplay, super cool. Riversan has height on his side, who’s going to get the win here? He’s really trying to keep him down to the zone here Goldenboy, oh man, this is it, he’s sends another one out, he goes into it, holding position. High ground, but he does, and it gives him the victory royale on the world stage! We were, like, out of our chair, just so
nervous on what was gonna happen. I actually jumped up and thought he won
but he didn’t, but he did really well. You got kicked out or what? You kicked out or
what? No, we just met everyone and left. Yeah, it’s crazy they kicked you out, that’s wild. I hung out with them all day
yesterday. Yeah, me and Ninja are tight like that though, so. Tyler, I don’t know if you know. I call him Tyler because we’re friends. Yeah, I got to meet Poach and 72hrs. Which, Tom’s
hilarious. Game four, about to begin, New York City come on, let me hear you. He asked me to
sign it first. Yeah, my signatures over there. Hey, Tfue got a kill! It’ll be in the replay. I’ll bet money. Five gifted subs, they show a replay of Tfue’s AR kill. Five bucks, no, 25 bucks. Okay. You’re so poor now. I think I owe you 25 dollars. Everyone left in the game has already
gotten placement points here, but you want to play for the next threshold, you’ve want to continue to stay in this game here. In there, cheering on
River and Vivid, so it was cool to have that support and camaraderie with everybody. Two more games left, can anyone catch
Bugha at the top of our leader boards? Game five, underway of the Fortnite World Cup finals solos competition. Vivid, you’re an
honorable man, but a hamster ball’s no one’s gonna blame, that’s three million
man, get in the ball. Just ball out bro. What just happened was the worst thing
that could have ever occurred for Riversan His ball is gone, he’s got no movement items left, and now he’s stuck on this
mountain in a box fight. Just a quick note, EpikWhale is currently in sixth position,
Riversan is fourth, so this is a battle of the top of the leaderboard, stuck inside
a box out back and forth, and can not quite find the target. Riversan, picking up a big leaderboard
elimination right there. EpikWhale just choked so hard. Everyone who set up, including Bugha knows,
“Hey, we just spray it, when they’ve got to come this way, they’re gonna be floating
right at us.” If the whole lobby shoot at them, one of us us bound to get them. Oh no, River, he needs some shield. He has no extra shield. In deep here, they both go down, very good eliminations there. Going to be eight players remaining, top 25 is for the placements, they’re coming in, and Bugha is looking for more. Bugha’s rich. Vivid’s still alive in this game, with four elims now, as we take a quick look at who’s still alive there as well. He has all the ammo in the world, not a lot of materials, let’s see how he weasels his way out of this one. He’s gonna freak out fellas! Vivid just killed Bizzle. Yeah, 100%. No, I think Vivid just killed Bizzle. Think so. He’s waiting to see if this player rotates out, there it is. A big shot, another elimination. Let’s go! Aww, Vivid died. Top 10! He’s smiling! He knows it! Absolutely ridiculous. One build left, the final moments of the World Cup. Bow down! Bow down to Bugha! Ladies and gentlemen there’s
no way anyone beats him. Your Fortnite World Champion, Bugha! Your first game had me a little scared dude. You had a green scoped AR, drum shotty… Storm surge, yeah, I got a zone. Um, what’s it called… Freaking storm surge was such a pain dude. Such a pain. One of the games I didn’t get any movement, kinda sucked, but… At least I got top 10. I’ll take it. Yeah, we take that. Easy 300k. Easy. How do you feel? Basic question. I don’t know how I feel. I don’t feel anything. Nothing? Anything? You’ll feel once you see the numbers come in to the bank account. It’s a pretty big deal. Top 10 in the world, that’s pretty cool. That’s crazy man. First LAN you choked, and only got top 10. Wow… I’m just messing, you killed it man. Thank you. First LAN, top 10. Yeah dude, I’m looking forward to the next one. I wouldn’t necessarily think he was very proud of it, because I felt like he feels that he
could have done better. Regardless, I think he feels good just to be up there
and have his name up there. He didn’t really care about ninth place
at all, he wanted to finish strong, and he didn’t feel like he finished the last
couple games strong. I was really proud I was so happy for him.
Top ten in the world? That’s.. That’s something to be proud of. But, at the
same time, I also knew what he was shooting for and I know he would
disappoint, so I kind of had to hold my excitement back for him. I think he has a
lot of potential to use it to his advantage, put his name out there and
just continue to build on his experience and success. I feel like I got really
lucky choosing the right game to compete in. You know, sometimes you just choose right. Also the community, I have a, you know, close community that I
play with. Big fans of me, so you know having them, and just overall being on
Team Liquid has been really great. Qualifying for World Cup is an accomplishment itself. I’ll obviously always be proud of that because, I’ll always be
able to say like, “Hey, I qualified for the first Fortnite World Cup.” I’m very proud
of Noah, yes. Very. Vivid will come back and fight another day
and he will keep on gaming. I know he will use it as a learning experience and
grow from there.

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