Witch Hunt (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】魔女
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Witch Hunt (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】魔女

November 16, 2019

Come now gather around – Behold such a saddening tale Come now, leave not behind your handkerchief – It may keep you well One time long long ago, there lived a young witch in the land Ah yes, she came to love a young prince, so the story goes “No need for a magic to stop time, no spell can achieve what I feel” “Love bounding through every hour, joy lights a new day” “Tie me tight to a cross, I look longing at the sky” “Penitence for your crime! Penitence and your life!” “If I pray, who will hear? I am drowning in their cheers” “Devotion turned to dusty tombs” “If my love was just a curse then I have only tears to shed” “Penitence for your crime! Penitence and your life!” “Let it light, let it burn out bright and with it all your spite” “Feel now the weight of death and soon…” Come now, open your eyes, look up to the flames in the skies Come now, do not forget those embers are the final judge One time long long ago, there lived a young witch in the land Ah yes, she came to trick a young prince, so the story goes “She kept all the magic out of sight, how else to achieve what you feel?” “Love burning the final hour. She’ll light a new day” “Hear the witch crying louder, as she’s tied up to her eyes” “Penitence for your crime! Penitence and your life!” “Right before shouting curses that may take away your life” “Virtue you couldn’t keep turned to vice” “If that love was just a curse, then I have only tears to shed” “We will do what we must! Let it all turn to dust!” “Let it light, let it burn out bright we only do what’s right” “No hand to help her find her way” “Can’t believe all the fools I see! You fed them dirty lies!” “Penitence for your crime! Penitence and your life!” “Searing flames rising higher as the sun begins to die” “Feel now the weight of death and soon…” “No need for a magic to stop time, no spell can achieve what we feel” “Love bounding through every hour, joy lights a few day” “Tied me tight to a cross, I look longing at the sky” “Penitence for your crime! Penitence and your life!” “If I pray, who will hear? I am drowning in their cheers” “Devotion turned to dusty tombs” “If my love was just a curse then I have only tears to shed” “Penitence for your crime! Penitence and your life!” “Let it light, let it burn our bright and choke on all your spite!” “No god can help her find way!” “Like a flame burning bloody red and tearing into sky” “Penitence for your crime! Penitence and your life!” “Take these tears, tell their story and please don’t forget to cry” “Feel now the weight of death and lies”

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  1. This is actually the sad truth about life in the old days cause many people were burned and killed cause someone didnt like them and they would say "oh that person is a witch" without asking question they would just take them and kill them without any evidence or anything so alot of people died in that time from people being jelous and wanting what others had

  2. From wiki



    魔女 (Majo)

    "魔女 (Majo)"

    Song title


    Romaji: Majo

    Official English: Witch

    Published June 24, 2011, with 526,400+ Niconico views


    Megurine Luka

    Camui Gackpo, Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin, andHatsune Miku (chorus)


    Suzuki-P (music, lyrics)

    Ryotai (music, lyrics)

    Hiyokomanjuu-P (illustrations)




    "Witch" is an original song by Suzuki-P and Ryotai. It is Suzuki-P's best-known work. Despite that fact that it features other Vocaloids, it is marked as a Luka original song.
    This tragic story is narrated by Lane and Lean (Len and Rin respectively). A witch, Lucca (Luka) and a prince, Cougar (Gackpo) fell in love. A witch hunter named Michelle (Miku) who sees the couple together grows jealous, as she has harbored her love for Cougar for a long time. Michelle then tricks Lucca into revealing she is a witch. The town burns Lucca at the stake, with Cougar cutting her long hair and tying her to the stake. Lucca begins to cry and reflects on the time when she and Cougar were happy together. She then grows black wings and breaks free of the rope tied around her, flying off into the night

  3. And of course let's not forget that burning to death is not the worst of it. They would have tortured her until she confessed she's a witch. Either with thumb screws, which is a device that crushed the fingers slowly, wenching where they wrap rope around your head and pull. Or they could have put her on the rack which dislocates your limbs one socket at a time, first your shoulders and hips, then your elbows and knees, then your wrists and ankles. So yeah, she's suffered.

  4. Mike. Bitch you’re a fucking woman of cloth you can’t even fuck this boy you decided to love don’t fuck it up for some else

  5. "Witches and sorcerers were believed to have the ability to transform themselves into ravens and fly away, thus enabling them to evade capture."

  6. Wait if they think that witches powers come from there hair you could accuse milk and like 50 other people

    (It’s a vine reference for all those normies out there)

  8. My ending (kinda B.S. and cheesey): when luka flew away Miku ran like hell, knowing there could be no punishment too severe for her betrayal of the prince and maiming an angel, but the prince was quicker, and grabbed her by her cowl, looked her in the eye, seeing fear as deep as the seas. The prince then grabbed her and tossed her onto the pyre where she screamed in agony, unable to escape as she could find no grip in the shifting wood fueling the fire. Meanwhile, the crowd looked at the pyre and the skies in horror, sure that God would bring a swift retribution for these acts. Soon they dispersed in fear, and the prince walked back to the castle in tears, naming himself a fool for being tricked so easily, and not realizing the true natures of the women.

    Later that night the prince heard wings flapping, and looked up from his notes (don't ask) and towards his window, to find a jet-black feather, too big for any bird on the windowsill…

    Some years passed and the prince was looking for a bride as to receive his father's throne. And as he walked through the streets, he heard a familiar voice, it sounded so much like the woman he had been tricked into betraying, that he couldn't believe his ears. He whirled around and saw her, barely different, but now instead of long, deep Carmel-colored hair, it was streaked with black lines, and she said in a voice like soft, sweet music, "well, are you going to greet me or not?" And they embraced and kissed right there for the first time in years.

    They later courted, married, and ruled happily together until the prince, now an old and beloved king, passed away one night in his bed asleep, next to the woman he loved so much.


  9. (A story for yall cause I got bored)

    This tale is of the magical sort. As expected, with the passing years it has changed some, so I will tell the version as I heard it.

    Long ago, a young girl named Victoria was born to a poor family. Her family was very happy, convinced that she was a gift from the gods.
    As she grew older, unusual things seemed to follow her around.
    Her father would often find large pieces of gold or precious jewels embedded in the center of the trees, cut down and sold the precious items to make a living.
    The family was ecstatic, although they did not know what caused these strange things, they welcomed it.
    Soon, Victoria and her family became extremely rich.
    The townspeople were suspicious of them, but never asked much, and the father never told how he got his riches. Happy ending, right?
    Victoria discovered that she was the one making it happen, that she had magical powers.
    On an outing into town with her mother, she explained everything.
    A priestess, overhearing this talk, decides to spy on the two. And right before her eyes, she saw Victoria’s powers at work.
    Running to the church, she frantically told everyone there, but lied, saying that Victoria was using witchcraft to steal riches from the ones who’d earned it.
    They believed her lies, and eventually the ‘witch’ was the talk of the town.
    A visiting prince heard of this, and approached Victoria while she was out. A friendship at first then became pure love.
    One girl in the town grew jealous of the relationship the prince and Victoria had.
    She lied to the priestess, the same one who had found out of Victoria’s powers, saying that the prince was being bewitched by a love charm.
    That priestess then told the prince of this, but of course he loved Victoria so, so he did not believe it.
    The priestess, having gathered enough of a following, took Victoria by suprise during the dark of night, while she was out wandering in the forest.
    “You dirty liar! I am no such thing!” She exclaimed angrily.
    The priestess did not listen, and dragged poor Victoria to a cross in the center of town, tying her to it.

    As Victoria felt the heat of the fire rising from below her feet, she certainly thought that the end was near for her.

    “Mother, Father, I am truly sorry that I have caused this.” She thought, as the fire consumed her.
    But it wasn’t over yet.
    Black feathered wings appeared on her back, and breaking through the ropes, she flew away into the sky.
    It turned out, that Victoria was in fact an angel, her wings turned black with rage.
    The townspeople were shocked.
    As the prince heard of this, he was heartbroken, but was sure Victoria would be watching him from the heavens.


  10. Is this from an anime? Or manga? If so, what’s it called? I keep seeing names of characters and I have no clue which is for who and who these people are in general

  11. I only wish they added a bit more emotion to the prince's face and mikus there at the end, To show more of the "oh no" factor.

  12. I think that after Miku did that, she immediately regretted what she had done.
    She was praying to god to forgive her, but she knew no god could forgive what she did.
    She promised to never do the same thing ever again.


  14. I can’t help but wonder if this song is connected the “The story of evil”.
    The lady in red here fell in love with a prince of purple. A maiden in green loved him. But the prince in purple was in love with the lady in red. So the lady in green lied saying she was a witch to get her out of the way so she could have the prince in purple all to her self. At the end of this song, the lady in red flys away. Maybe to the kingdom where a 14 year old princess rules the land and fells in love again and this time he loves her back. They were happy until the 14 year old princess killed him for speaking against her. That’s 2 loves she had taken away from her. Meanwhile, because of her lies, the prince of purple dislikes the maiden in green and want nothing to do with her. So she moves on and finds the kingdom of green where she meets the prince of blue.
    For those of you that know the story of evil, I’d think you know what happens after that. Just a theory. And not a game theory XD

  15. While everyone is there trying to figure out whats the hidden message, im wondering:

    ''How is Miku's hair green?''

  16. I like how everyone is theorizing on who's the witch when, most likely, there was no witch to begin with.

  17. One of the most dumbest thing about human history must be witchhunt; if someone get accuse for doing witchcraft, they'll burn them to find out if they are a witch or not and if they survive the burn they'll gonna believe that the person is a witch and gonna drown them instead.

  18. Miku the real reason why Gakupo chose Luka over you isn’t because Luka’s a witch with a spell cast on him….
    It’s because she’s like what 20 and you’re 16.

  19. Holy sh*, I know this is a song and it is fake and i know that no Vocaloids where hurt in the process of the song, but OMG this song is dark as fu* man!

  20. Like a flame, bursting bloody red and tearing through the sky, the witch sprouted wings, blackened with the sin of those around her.

  21. So i was learning about the Salem witch trials in english today and i had a flash back to this song from like 5 years ago. Nostalgia…

  22. Little cousin showed me this song recently and i was like yo i remember when it was jubyphonic p something like that and when Leeandlie was Amalee i think idk its been awhile shit made me have a flashback to middle school…time flies man……
    it's like Six Trillion Years and a overnight story

  23. Vocaloid
    2013: Nope, your only 6.
    2014: Obsessed with Minecraft
    2015: Singing early 2000s songs
    2016: Trying to avoid cleaning
    2017: Obsessed with Bendy
    2018: Obsessed with Undertale

  24. I do not know much in the Vocaloid lore.
    But after this video and reading the comments I can come to a conclusion that Miku is somewhat a btch.

  25. I believe witches can't pray because it physically hurts them, so I think instead of burning them to the steak and cutting there hair they should have just made them pray

  26. God, the angst-teen memories… It's fun, because I can actually understand English well now lol. My inner emo weeb still loves this song

  27. Question, was she an actual witch or not? I have come to conclusion that she wasn’t but miku framed her because maybe she was jealous of their love to one another, I may have over thought this but can someone please tell me if my conclusion is true or not

  28. Lol all I can think is miku being like "I see she's with my man. What to do? Hmm…I know! Tell everyone and him she's a witch who used her magic to manipulate him to love her AND THEN BURN HER AT THE STAKE!"
    Like worst way to deap with jealousy

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