WISCONSIN Gun Hunt Opening Weekend, Deer Camp! – DEER TOUR E51
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WISCONSIN Gun Hunt Opening Weekend, Deer Camp! – DEER TOUR E51

August 9, 2019

what’s up everybody I’m back in
Wisconsin and I’m gonna be hunting with family and friends for the 9-day gun
season here it’s the day before the season so I’m about to shoot my rifle my
uncle and my little cousin and are gonna be here shortly and he’s got to shoot
his rifle it’s gonna be his first season deer hunting so it should be a
fun-filled nine days with family and friends and this is my favorite part of
the hunting season every year just the camaraderie with the Wisconsin gun
season looks like we’re gonna have some pretty nice weather we got some snow
possibly coming in tonight for opening day tomorrow so there should be a bunch
of people in the woods but I gotta get suited my rifle I’m a little behind just
because I just got back yesterday so I’m gonna shoot mine quick make sure
it’s on my cousin’s gonna be here shortly to shoot his and then we should
be off to deer camp think I’ll shoot five years oh I hope so he’s got like
five or six deer tags that’s really what you got it 223 yeah we went to Liberty the other day and
it’s a shoot indoor shooting range and uh and I was like I clips not here
so we looked everywhere and we can’t find it that gun looks like your sister
painted it yeah wait mm this one this one in your mind how many times you
shoot three but we can drop that one out I was the first one I was a little
scared all right well Grayson’s dialed in he’s
looking for his first year right he sat with your dad last year shot that
doe in that buck and then I pulled my first shot to the right a little bit I
was just a little scared but second to her right in there and that was at 100
yards and to be honest I’ve never shot a deer past 80 yards on our property just
because it’s so small so off to deer camp made it look at that beauty yeah I told me up
you gotta get some new pictures up on the wall by Marilyn my first year we got
junk pictures and 20 pictures when they were your age
you think you’re gonna get one or a lot yes I know shrimp you want to give them
a tour of the champey yeah somewhere I sleep put seven bags of rat poison and
hogwash that’s Grayson spot that’s mad spot
here’s the kitchen that’s a loose term you usually eat someplace Scott’s bed is
right by the heater how do I get back on there we go and we got two more beds let’s go eat
there’s the electricity these lights are better in here as long as you have been
alive Jake longer than that I don’t care
doesn’t matter all right well everybody is that camped
and they’re ready to go eat so we’re gonna go get some dinner here getting a
little Friday night fish fry in us probably and do some storytelling and
then then we’ll be back at that nice trailer home we we got to sleep in there
my grandpa bought that back when he bought the property in the 70s but it
sets up right on a river there’s one acre on the side of the river that the
trailer homes on the rest of the property that we hunt is on the opposite
side so we have to canoe across there’s going to be six of us on 15 acres so we
should have it covered pretty well but we’re gonna go get some dinner enjoy
tonight and we’ll see you in the woods tomorrow probably well oh boy I missed a little one like that tomorrow I’ve seen one today we chased back into
the block that we saw hired it’s been one hundred thirty inch ten pointer morning it’s time to get up how you
never breakfast made and everything pushed across the river my brother’s
gonna come back for me after he takes my uncle and my cousin across and then
we’ll be hunting we got a fresh snow on the ground season opens in about an hour
and a half but we like to get in there real early just because their property
sits right in the middle of this block and all the other hunters have to access
from the road we can sneak right in with that canoe and we’re already in the
stands and when everybody’s walked into the stands they push dear to us gonna
sit all day got back pack lunch packed everything like that hoping somebody can
knock some down preferably my little cousin since it’s his first hunt but
imagine we’ll see some deer it would be probably some fast action just because
deer will probably be getting pushed by the neighbors so I’m not really sure
what to expect for footage but hopefully something I can put something on the
ground today shoot straight I’m ready to shoot my
first deer all right well the seasons probably been
open for a half-hour and we probably heard 50 shots already people are shooting at
him we haven’t seen anything yet though we did hear one deer cross the river and
it sound like it was coming our way and I imagine what the being is calm as it
is and the marsh being frozen you’ll be able to hear deer breaking through the
ice when they’re coming down in here we gotta cross that river every time we on
but it allows us to sneak kind of in the middle of the block here and even though
we only own 15 acres we usually do pretty well during gun season at least
see some deer that deer this morning sound like had been pushed down in here
and just jumped into the river and crossed over haven’t seen it yet but I’d
imagine they’re moving with caution this morning we sit in these box blinds
because as you can see there’s hardly any trees on our property so now on a
tree stand opportunity and if we see in India you’ll see that they’re pretty
tough to see in this grass it’s pretty tall so you need to get into elevated
position to have any sort Vantage we also sit all day both days opening
weekend just because when people get out of their stands and go back for
breakfast or start moving around driving deer we have a lot of action midday
actually about half the Bucks I probably shot have been between 10:00 and 2:00
o’clock when before getting down and moving around so the Box blinds allow us
to stay out no matter what the conditions are pretty much the wind is
hardly bone but it’s coming from the northwest
that’s pretty good for our property we pretty much are limited to these stands
in a matter what but we’ve had a lot of good days on a northwest wind because
the deer just move around the edge of this Marsh and that’s how they usually
come into this property they don’t like to go right out through the middle of it
just because it is so wet so they follow this edge up here with the wind blown
right into their nose and our stands are just kind of off of where they’ll be
coming into the property our wind is kind of blowing right towards where my
mom and dad are set up and my cousin and my uncle are kind of watching from back
towards the river so along as we see something that shouldn’t
be able to get out of here with six people being on 15 acres I’m hoping
we’ll be able to hear I’m coming like I said cuz otherwise that’s probably gonna
happen pretty fast it usually does but there’s people shooting there goes one
right there so they’re moving somewhere usually it
takes them a while to get down in here I love hearing people shoot
it’s pretty awesome hopefully they start shooting down there and it just gets
closer and closer and that’s when you know you might have a chance as long as
that last guy doesn’t hit him hopefully between the six of us we can at least
pull the trigger like that guy Paramore girl just did I can hear it walking
through water over there we got a deer coming what are you doing you didn’t see him
after he shot thunder oh well I seen him go
the doe ran out in a marsh but don’t you keep back and he he stayed on the trail
you know that goes up towards your ever where that old ladderstand is
he’s standing there but I don’t know we just heard one single shot for my mom and dad over there and my dad just
called he shot at a buck but with the way this grass is he’s shot at it once
and it basically his only opening he said and he’s not sure if he hit it or
where he hit it so we’re just gonna price it here for a
while maybe wait till people get out of their stands dear I guess you can see what he’s gonna
do it looks like it to me so you’re just gonna go the last time oh yeah thank you
right there if he turns right well whenever you get the first stuff bidding
just say are you good once he gets to watch that travel I try
to stop it here it goes yep very good chance they have to stop stop up shoot I know he’s gonna have a
shot everything right here I’m gonna be a chance I can’t see him
dad don’t you see him can you see him an excitement a lot of excitement during
the interview about my dad shooting the buck and my brother looked over there’s
some really nice buck rubbing a tree down here I had some brush in the way
then unfortunately he just kind of worked off in the opposite direction but
I mean he don’t have a clue the gun seasons going on apparently he’s just
working that tree seemed pretty relaxed actually so he’s probably just gonna go
bed right up on this point here and imagine it’s probably that tear that we
could hear down in the water here before he’s just working along that edge there
looked like a really nice buck tried to stop him once but it he didn’t hear how
I’m thinking even if he did I don’t think that it would have been a very
clear shot he’s kind of going towards the neighbors over there and the
neighbors gonna stand out there shaking a little bit now pretty late in the
morning looked like a really nice buck though so it’s good to know there’s one
close by all it takes us something to get him on his feet whether it’s a doe
or another person more likely to be another person at this point I’d think
but either way he’s just right out there as far as the deer my dad shot goes
sounds like you wasn’t sure about the shot like I was saying so I probably
wait till midday and we always pretty much do that just because we don’t like
getting out of the stands tell everybody I saw the woods
we got opportunities we got bucks close by so as far as the opening day goes
can’t really ask for much more than that hopefully I’ll Grayson here crack off a
tad over buck here pretty soon too pretty weird to see a buck of just
moving natural like that don’t see that too often during gun season at least I
haven’t much here usually they’re running the night to that opening it out
there and you get one shot at him kind of like my dad did he said the deer that
he shot at came from our direction and he probably smelled us and they were
trying to get out of there hmm I mean with the property being set up
the way it is that they’re just kind of guarding our downwind side soft near do
smell us they’re able to get a shot at him anyway and if he hit it it works out
usually Scott hit something he said that i he said it’s a big one too
he actually said it’s a beeping big one mom must have been sleeping because if
she was shot at which for sure been dead here ice breaking over here you can shoot behind me right yep sweep that cycle engine she wasn’t
busy you’re gonna get nothing here that second one was that buck yeah that
i think so there’s a deer way across the marsh and you’d think that have been able to
see that deer go across somewhere sure it did because he could see that way well that’s a lot more of the action
were kind of used to deer rounded like that
I heard that deer down in here breaking through the ice so we keep were kind of
turning around and getting situated and then while I was trying to get up and
get the camera turned over there my brother said a couple deer went running
through a small opening over there then like you saw we had that small doe come
work right up to us but right after he saw those other deer run through that
opening our neighbor shot over those deer got up came running towards us look
I had a small chance at shooting him while they’re running out there I guess
then they got into stuff that was just too thick for us to shoot at him so they
got away I think they eventually smelled us I don’t know if my dad or mom saw
when they ran out or not but either way that guy shot now so he’s gonna have to
get down at some point and try to track that deer that he shot after he shot
those first couple times there is a pause but it sounded like the deer might
have got out on the marsh there and ran across cuz you shooting out towards
Marsh and then way across the marsh there was more shots so like usual it’s
just kind of picking up this the morning goes on and people start pushing them
around a little bit start shooting em get some moving it usually happens
pretty fast like he kind of said so we gotta be on our toes ready to take the
first chance we get at them neighbors getting down now that first
neighbor that shot got down and it looked like he apparently shot at that
buck that we had run in front of us cuz he got down looked pretty much exactly
where that buck ran and then where the shot it’s kind of a lead to across the
marsh there’s guys cleaning a deer over there so I don’t know if the deer made
it over there I imagined pretty much anything that was
bedded out in front of us at this point has been pushed out or smelled us so
we’re gonna need some guys to get up and start shooting moving them around again
so we can get a fresh batch into your hand but don’t think there’s any more
bucks bedded out in front of us things are settling down a little bit there are
some hot action once that first shot was fired and everybody got down and started
tracking that’s usually how it goes basically when we see deer on this
property is when people are pushing up to us
it’s probably one of the most secure areas like I said it’s right in the
middle in this block that’s not like well that guys trying to
drag that deer out and that’s looking like he go more than he bargained for he
cannot move it at all oh he’s frustrated he’s frustrated good he got himself a
nice buck now he’s got some work ahead my dad’s just kept down now to go try
and find that buck that he shot earlier this morning so were going to stay right here
but yeah we’re not needed hopefully just walks out there and finds it well what’s
a nice easy drink all right I’ll start working over that with on the board I’ve
killed a lot smaller and I might get this tonight or tomorrow it’s 12:45 Jim
and I are gonna go down and start dragging my dad’s deer out farm so we’re
gonna get down head over there check them out and take you guys along yeah I guess not all five years I think
that was when I shot down three opening day stuff now I get him out of here I
don’t think I’ll be that bad now I’m just chasing a doe or what this one was
following it if I wish I’ve seen and I’ve seen it don’t just jump up and run
a little bit and then I said there’s a doe there running it or maybe a buck it
was following her and then she tore out into the Marsh but I didn’t see
him go out there yeah and I said to mom I wonder why he did follow her out there
but he she turned around and came back and she was the lead right I had on my I
told you my hand but he was walking you couldn’t let the old lady out here for a
long time I let her shoot it but trying to keep this family kept there look at
that one after the hunt a PBR all right well I’m just finishing up
editing the video right now and I figured I’d do a close here we went out
again later that night with my cousin and my uncle and we tried to shoot that
goofy little book with the jaw that was kind of misplaced didn’t have any luck
but Grayson actually ended up shooting his first deer later that week it was a
nub buck and he made a perfect shot on it so I was glad he was able to shoot
his first year on the same property that most of the people in my family have I
know that myself and a bunch of other people in the family are really happy
that my grandpa bought that property so long ago I don’t know that my grandpa
and grandma knew at the time how many memories that property would contribute
to not only for their friends and family but my parents friends and family and
now my friends and family and it’s a place that means a lot to me it was
where I shot my first deer and my first Turkey and it’s where my brother shot
his first year in his first Turkey and I hope hunting there for opening weekend
is a tradition that never goes away for our family I know with the rich gun
hunting tradition in Wisconsin a lot of people probably can relate to something
like this and if you don’t have a tradition I’d recommend you start one
whether it’s bow hunting or going fish on a fishing trip or something with
family and friends doing something like that every year I’m definitely thankful
that was the way I was introduced into hunting and it’s cool to look at all the
old photos and the memories that my grandpa and his friends were made back
on that property so long ago and how similar they are to the memories that
we’re still making there today so grandpa and grandma thank you I
appreciate it I love you guys and I appreciate
everybody watching hope everyone enjoyed it even a fraction of how much I enjoyed
making it and this is pretty much gonna be the beginning of our gun hunting
series Zach and Logan are out right now I know they’ve been having some action
so we’ve got some good content coming down the pipe I’m actually gonna start
working on the video now where I joined up with Dan involved in the hunting beast
crew did some deer drives and I actually killed a deer on a deer drive later that
week so hopefully that video will be out within the next few days for you guys so
thanks for watching subscribe like the video comment below and we’ll see you on
the next video

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    We had some success opening day. Ended up shooting a 1.5 yr old doe opening morning, and a odd buck that broke off both beams. And another member of our deer camp got a little 7 pointer. A lot of bucks chasing and held up with the mature does. We didn’t see a single mature deer lol. We had a few fields of corn by us though. We saw a buck laying with a doe in the corn on a rocky knoll. Anyways another great video!

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  23. Jake; this is Jerry & Diane, former Owner/Operator of the Longbranch Saloon in Germania. We operated in 1983-mid 1985. We re-created the old dance hall in the rear & entertained music & dances .
    Most of the additions & improvements were to come following the Hellers Purchase of the property.
    Good chance we knew your Grand parents during our operation.
    Following the Sale, we moved to SW Florida & remain here.
    I stopped at Bar this past October on a trip to Neshkoro.
    Good Luck in the future; your Group has a Great Channel!

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