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Wisconsin Archery Hunt

August 19, 2019

(soft country music) – Hello and welcome to Wired Outdoors. We’re heading to a familiar spot. We’re going to be hunting Wisconsin with good friends John Bulgrin and Brady. And if you’ve followed me in the past you know I love to hunt here and last year I was blessed to take a great buck. So we’re hoping this year
we have the same luck. So we can’t wait to get there. The rut’s on, let’s get right to the hunt. It is a beautiful
afternoon here in Wisconsin and the rut is just kicking in. We’re hunting a spot tonight
we’re super excited about. Fellow field staffer, John Bulgrin, this is his property and he
was in here the other night and got a good look at
a really good 10 pointer and he said there’s another
really good buck in here. At this time of year man, anything can cruise through,
anything can happen. Last night was our first night, we had two decent bucks just out cruising. This morning we had a couple little ones. But those big guys are gonna
be up on their feet soon so we’re keeping our fingers crossed, tonight’s the night. (soft country music) He’s coming. Or is he gonna get too far over? It’s a good one. It’s a real good buck. (bow drawing) (arrow flying) Holy crap! (laughing) Wow! What a buck, what a buck! It is early and we saw
that buck out in the field and I was like, ‘Do I grunt at him?” But I was like, “No.” He came in, he had no idea we were here. He was freaking, what? Eight yards from the stand? I put it right behind the shoulder. It was pretty much broadside, just a little, tiny bit quarter too. But I mean, I think he’s toast. What do you think, Kyle? (hands slapping) (soft country music) (arrow flying) Well, as you can see I was super excited to take that great buck in Wisconsin and just couldn’t resist the opportunity to use a tracking dog. Because I had said that
this is the first year that it’s legal in Pennsylvania to track wounded animals with a dog. So I told my daughter Addison that this was one of her presents. This guy here is Remington and he joined the Say family and he’s supposed to be
my daughter Addison’s, but I had ulterior motives. I look forward to training Remington over the next couple years
on tracking wounded animals. So make sure you follow us and you can see his progress and how he does. And I wanna thank the
Bulgrins for having us out, John, and Heidi, and Brady
we had an awesome time. We wanna thank you all for
joining us on Wired outdoors.

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