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October 11, 2019

– Going to the front to back
is proving– yes!
I got it! Oh my God, it’s so big.
It’s so big! ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – Oh, a phone.
We don’t play phone games very often. – Crane Game.
Toreba, I don’t know. I’ve never heard of this. – I’m imagining just kind of
a digital crane and it just picks up
little stuffed animals, I guess and you get points? – (FBE) Toreba Crane Game
lets you take control of an actual, real, physical
crane game in Japan. – What?
– (FBE) With your phone or tablet or PC.
Today, you’re using a phone. – Shut up. – (FBE) Where you can win
actual prizes that they will mail to you.
– You’re kidding me. – That’s really cool.
That’s a really great concept. I like that. – (FBE) We’re gonna give you
just a bunch of credits, give you roughly 30 minutes
to see if you can win something and if you do win anything,
we’re gonna bring you back in to film once
they’ve shipped your prize to us so you can unbox it.
– Whoa, now I kinda want to win something. – I’m so excited right now,
you guys. I’m so glad that you
put me in this episode. – “Press play this machine
to reserve the machine for use.” So, you reserve a machine.
That’s pretty cool. It’s like putting a stack
of quarters on it. – Okay, I’m assuming these
are all the prizes you can win? – It’s interesting.
There’s tons of little toys and figurines. – Those are cute.
Okay, I’m gonna try this one. That one’s adorable.
There’s a little parrot and it’s so cute. – Wait, can I pick
the Dragon Ball Z one? Yes, dude.
Vegeta, let’s go. – Can I get the Gudetama thing?
I’m gonna click it. – All right, so that’s a hook
and I have to make it fall off those bars?
– (FBE) Correct. – Oh, bitch. – Is it this button.
– (FBE) Yep, the arrow. – Ah!
That was confusing. Oh, so when you let go,
it drops. Got it. – Oh, that’s cool.
I love this concept. This is really scary though.
How do I make it go back? – (FBE) It doesn’t go back.
– What? So I screwed myself over! – We gotta get this juicer.
Your boy makes orange juice for everyone.
All right. I think I’m in line with it.
Let’s just see if it actually… Oh, oh.
Is it even touching it? Oh, it just gently stroked it.
I think I might have to have overshoot a little bit
to try to flip it in there, so I just wanna try to
grab the edge and then fling it in. Oh. – No, wait, yes, no.
Did I do it? Ah, this is hard!
Wait, damn it. Wait, okay, okay.
I think I understand. – Let’s go, boy.
If that doesn’t get it, I’m gonna be really mad.
Come on. There it is!
What? No, okay, hold on.
There’s something wrong. There’s no way.
That was perfect. I don’t understand.
It’s almost falling off. – And stop.
Overshot it a little bit. Oh, come on, come on.
All right, fling it up. Fling it up.
You son of bitch. All right, juicer.
It just wasn’t meant to be. – I have to win something today.
Okay, we’re gonna play the Snoopy Afro.
Let’s check out the angles. All right.
Just there. Think I got a sweet spot.
I think I got a sweet spot. Turn, bitch.
Oh, [bleep]! Okay, we’re getting somewhere. – Ooh, and then–
oh, wait. I’m already confused.
Wait, did I do it right? Oh, okay, wait.
How do I push it, though? There’s eleven people
watching me right now? Oh my God, no!
They’re like, “Oh, she doesn’t know
what she’s doing.” – Look at this fish.
I want the big fish. Whoa, how the [bleep]
do you win this? Get a prize when you land
a ping pong ball in the red hole.
Oh, this is so cool. – He’s right there.
End it right there. Oh, okay.
We’ll see how this one… Nope, I just stabbed it.
Wait, wait, wait a minute. Ah!
I was so close. – Oh, shoot.
Ah! What is that?
It’s stu– Oh, oh, oh.
What? What is this? – What’s happening?
All right. We’re picking up.
We’re picking stuff up. We got a couple.
This seems good. All right, drop it.
Drop it. Aw, [bleep].
I’m gonna win this. I think this is
pretty good odds. – We got two ping pong balls
instead of one ping pong ball. I think that’s lucky. It got it!
What, yes. – It was so close.
Wait, wait. Did I do it?
(laughs) I did it.
That is so cool. – I don’t even sleep
with stuffed animals anymore, but I’m gonna make
an exception for this guy. He’s from Japan, dude.
He’s a foreigner. He needs someone to just
love him in America and that’s supposed to be me,
but I can’t get him! Oh my God.
I’m so close! I’m so close.
I’ve been going from the front to the back,
is proving… Yes!
I got it! – Oh, that’s a good grab.
That’s some good action right there.
Two side by side. Oh, we did it!
Whoo, we got it! We got the fish. – I’m scared.
There it is. Dude.
It’s just moving the box up and down.
– (FBE) We’re gonna have to call it quits.
– Dude, all those coins for nothing. – Come on, baby.
You gonna come home to me, baby.
You gonna come to the states. You gonna live with me.
You gonna live a very happy life.
Oh, [bleep]! We did it!
We [bleep]– it’s coming home! – (FBE) A couple weeks ago,
we had you come in and play this game
called the Tore– – (squeals) – Torebo?
Yes, yes, yes. – (FBE) So, this just came in
the other day for you. – Oh my God. – Baby, come to papa. – Oh, it came all the way
from Japan? That’s insane, so that
must be where the crane was. All right, how am I gonna
go about this boy? They taped it up real nice, too. – When you told me about
this and when we first started playing the game,
I thought it was legit, but not really.
In the back of my mind, they might not send it,
because it is a video game in Japan. – This end there and then just
(laughs) Oh, look at him. – It’s so cute.
I haven’t seen it, but it’s so cute.
Oh, this is– they fit a lot into
that little box. – Oh my God, it’s so big.
Oh my God, it’s so big! What?
Oh my God, oh my God. He’s so soft, guys.
Where’s his face? Oh my God! – Oh my God, it’s even better
than I thought it was going to be. Look at his mouth. – It’s a purse and it looks–
I don’t know if this is a bear. – Come here.
Pop your little ears out. Look, I can pop his ears out.
Aw, look at him. – You play those games
and you feel like they’re rigged 100% of the time
and it’s not. – It’s from Japan, man.
That’s so cool. Look at him.
Look at his face. I love it and I know
the theme song by heart. – (FBE) How does it go?
– ♪ Gudetama tama ♪ ♪ Gudetama tama
tama tama tama ♪ ♪ Gudetama ♪ – It’s like a really great
experience. It’s fun playing the game.
It’s amazing when you get it. And I think it’s
a really cool idea. – Everybody, Derek here,
a React Channel Producer. Thank you to Toreba
for helping us bring you this episode.
It’s great sponsors like this that allow us to keep
bringing you content day in and day out.
We’ve got a link down in the description
so you can test out your crane game skills yourself
and if you download and register now,
your first five game tokens are free.
Have fun.

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  3. Happy for you guys
    Brandon’s reaction was left me laughing so hard
    So sorry for Alberto he didn’t get the vegeta

  4. Sh*t I tried it I downloaded it I didn’t freakin won anything you only get 5 free tries and it’s free shipping but f*ck no prize for me?

  5. I love how everyone is getting these cute little figurines and Tom just goes for the juicer like Mee tooo man. Me. Too

  6. Legit thanks to this vid I went and played and I won me an r2d2 premium diecast clock and a Donald Duck decorative plate.

  7. I’ve started playing Toreba because of this video and it’s pretty fun! How long did it take for the packages to get shipped to you guys? Also, what address would you use for the United States? If someone could provide an example based on the address outline Toreba provides. Thank you!

    Also if anyone could reply to this that would be very nice of you too!

  8. I would like to recommend a game for them to try. I'd like to see them play Portal 2 co-op. It is super fun and they have to work together to get through it!

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