Windows XP Gaming PC :: Upgrade + Games | Ep. 181
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Windows XP Gaming PC :: Upgrade + Games | Ep. 181

September 30, 2019

Hey, guys! Welcome back! The Windows XP days were really intense when
it comes to PC gaming! And, to recall those amazing years, I’ve
just upgraded my graphics card on my Windows XP rig! So, today, I bring you a few more games that
I used to be addicted to and that are still worth playing today! Let’s take a look! As said, I started by upgrading my good-old
ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT with only 256 MB for this Nvidia GeForce 9600GT with a mind-blowing
1 GB of dedicated RAM. As you saw in my video related to this Windows
XP build, the Radeon card was quite capable of running all sorts of games from that Era,
but, even so, I wanted to try this Nvidia card and see if it can run stuff like Crysis! For this one, I’m gonna need extra power
so a 6-pin adaptor is essential. Now that the new graphics card is installed,
let’s hit that power button and see if this mighty Pavilion boots up. Damn! How nostalgic is this? Now, let’s download the latest drivers for
this Nvidia card directly from their website. This is so easy and straightforward! It works like a charm! I wish I had such a setup back in the day! So, let’s install some of my biggest addictions
from those amazing years, like, for instance, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down. This is simply one of my favorite military
shooters ever made! Novalogic always knew what they were doing. So, back in 2003, and taking advantage of
the success of recent games like Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, we enter these scripted
missions packed with action and adrenalin in where we could even give simple commands
to the other AI-controlled soldiers by our side. The game’s campaign is divided into distinct
missions that can be completed in any order unlocking new ones as we progress. We take part in the Unified Task Force trying
to maintain peace during a civil war that was destroying Somalia and annihilating its
people. Multiplayer options were also present and
I recall how awesome it was to play it in LAN parties with friends, and the online allowed
50 players in a single match, something quite unique at the time. A year later an expansion was released, Team
Sabre, adding two more single player campaigns to the game, in the South American jungle
and across islands in the Persian Gulf. Still highly playable nowadays and is available
at GOG.COM and Steam. Just like the previous two installments, Crazy
Taxi 3 was extremely addictive to me, mainly because I was all over the first one at the
arcades and, later, on my friend’s Dreamcast. This third one was first available for the
Xbox back in 2002, and, two years later, available also for Windows. It was a throwback to those incredible years
of spending money at the arcades, featuring the two locations from its older brothers
and also bringing a new one to the mix. Nothing more to say! It’s Crazy Taxi! Plain and simple! When Tomb Raider: Anniversary was announced
I was thrilled to be able to play one of my favorite games from the 90s all over again,
but now with improved graphics, sound and, mainly, gameplay. This remake came in 2007 from the hands of
Crystal Dynamics that also brought, a year before, Tomb Raider: Legend that helped to
revive this franchise after the awful Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. As you know, we take control of Lara Croft
through 14 levels set across 4 locations around the world. We were hired to find the Scion of Atlantis,
an ancient artifact also sought by Lara’s father. I’m not gonna spoil it for you, ‘cause
I believe that there are many gamers out there that haven’t played this one yet, or even
the original from 1997. But I can say that it is, with no doubt, an
incredible adventure packed with exploration, action and unexpected situations! It was, strangely, the worst selling game
of the whole franchise, despite being highly praised all over the press. In the comments section of my Rally Trophy
review, the user “UltimateDominion” reminded me of this forgotten little gem also from
Bugbear, that, if you know, is the developer behind the aforementioned Rally Trophy, the
FlatOut series and the recent Wreckfest. Tough Trucks: Modified Monsters was released
in 2003, again, exclusively for Windows PCs, but now focused on dirt circuit racing instead
of twisty rally tracks. I recall that I was blown away by the physics,
handling and damage models that Bugbear implemented in their game. In this one, we enter the amateur monster-truck
racing league, testing our skills against the same obstacles and hazards that the real
monster trucks face in a knock-down, drag out race for the finish line and for the top
position. Doing so, we’ll earn money and other prizes
to repair and upgrade our vehicle so that we can face the opposition that becomes tougher
and tougher after every race. It really deserves a look! Another great racing game coming from the
hands of the Finnish developer! And, who hasn’t played the very first Call
of Duty? For this one, I have to thank KGames that
kindly offered me this copy of the game, and it is, indeed, a throwback to the glory days
of World War 2 themed video games and to the Call of Duty series. “Infinity Ward” was founded by former
employees of “2015, Inc.” responsible for another previous World War 2 based hit
on the PC, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, and it was, indeed, a huge deal for me ‘cause
I’ve always been highly interested in this theme. I can even say that Call of Duty is the true
sequel to Medal of Honor: Allied Assault! This one offers 3 distinct campaigns: American,
British and Soviet, and I recall that, in this last campaign, the first few missions
are almost identical do the scenes in the movie “Enemy at the Gates”. And obviously that I had to also go back and
recall its sequel, Call of Duty 2, released in 2005. Soviet, British and American campaigns are,
again, present, and I can notice the huge graphical and sound improvements since the previous
title in the series, and featuring, as well, a ton more action happening all around us. It was also one of the most successful launch
titles of the Xbox 360, and both Call of Duty games appear in the book “1001 Video Games
You Must Play Before You Die”, so, if you haven’t played them, you don’t know what
you’re missing! As a huge fan of Micro Machines video games
back from the 90s, I was always in the lookout for new entries in the series. So, back in 2006, the last enjoyable title
arrived in the form of MicroMachines V4. It wasn’t as good as the classic ones, but
it was the long-awaited sequel to Micro Machines V3 that I used to play a lot on my PS1 back in 1997. All the fun of the previous ones is included,
but the poor camera view can be, sometimes, a bit on the annoying side. And probably the greatest challenge in this
one, is to collect all the 750 cars that V4 has to offer! Again, this choice is highly based on nostalgia,
so, if you haven’t played and loved the previous games, don’t bother trying this
one. I don’t take sides. I love experiencing all gaming related stuff. But as you know, if you follow my channel
from the beginning, I’m a huge fan of PC gaming since late 80s, since I started messing
around with MS-DOS based computers at school. With that said, I fell in love for the RTS
style of games right when I first played Dune II back in 1992, and it is a genre that I’ve
always preferred to play with a keyboard and mouse. So, it was kind of inevitable that I would
be addicted to games like Rise of Nations, released back in 2003, a “retro” game
if we do the math. I don’t know about you, but I’m one of
those that considers that a game with 15 years or more is “retro”. Back in 2003, when this game was released,
the world was a very different place. There was no YouTube or social media as we
know it. Those were very different times. Even your phone was different! What do you think about this subject? Please, share your thoughts down in the comments
section below. And, stepping slightly away from the RTS style,
a franchise that always engaged me was Sid Meier’s Civilization, a turn-based strategy
series of games. Played them all, but CIV IV is the one that
I relate to the golden years of Windows XP. I’m such a huge fan of Bugbear, so it was
inevitable that I would fell in love for the Flatout series, and FlatOut 2 was bigger,
better and more spectacular! But, even so, I still prefer the first one,
‘cause it’s not as arcadish as its sequel! With that said, I simply wanted to try out
this second entry in the series for the solo purpose of testing my rig with the new Nvidia
card and witness all the glory and mayhem with maximum settings. Oh, I forgot to mention that all these games
were tested with graphical settings on their maximum, with many of them not even offering
the 16:10 aspect ratio and 1680×1050 native resolution offered by this specific HP screen. So, as you can witness, it runs silky smooth
and looks absolutely amazing! Keep in mind that all this destruction and
jumping is key to success, ‘cause it’s the only way to fill up our nitro boost so
that we cross the finish line in a comfortable position that would allow us to advance to
other races in the different categories available. So much fun! This intro still blows my mind away 16 years
later! It can rival with many CGI stuff being made
today! I could be here all day long watching this
intro again and again! Amazing stuff! And the gameplay isn’t short of amazing
also! How many of you have played Freelancer? If you play games on video game consoles,
the chances are that you’ve never even heard of this game. Sorry to say, but you’re missing out on
one of the best games ever made. For many of you watching, I can be this guy
that just plays racing games, that talks bull#$&* when discussing other games outside the racing
genre. Indeed, racing has always been my favorite
genre since the early days of the ZX Spectrum, but I can appreciate a ton other different
styles within gaming and I’ve experienced a lot during these last 36 years that I’ve
been playing video games, in a ton of different formats and on different systems. And Freelancer was one of those that I played
for years, since it was released back in 2003. It was, indeed, a true addiction for me. It really had the power to grab my attention
hostage and I would lost myself inside this huge fictitious world similar, in all respects,
to classics like Elite and Wing Commander, being this one a third and first person space
simulator and trading game in where we play the role of Edison Trent whose mission is
to fly single-seat spacecrafts trading with merchants on space stations and planets and
engaging in combat against other ships. Advancing in the game will eventually allow
us all the freedom in the galaxy to fly around 150 planets across 40 solar systems with the
goal of gathering money to be able to buy more advanced weaponry and equipment to upgrade
our ship. Another great addition was that the game was
designed with a point and click system in mind, ditching the need of a traditional joystick
so common in games of this nature. Along with Freelancer, The Movies was another
huge addiction for me since it was released back in 2005, a business simulation game in
where we have the chance of managing and running a movie studio and, consequently, create movies! And as a huge movie fan, I was thrilled and
extremely anxious to get my hands on this one! I would be able to run my own movie studio! How awesome was that? It came from the hands of Lionhead Studios
and, guess what, it was pitched by Peter Molyneux! A year later, an expansion pack was released
adding a bunch of new features, like special effects, stunts and stuntmen, just to name
a few. Running a movie studio isn’t as easy as
it may sound. We must hire directors, actors, crew members,
scriptwriters, janitors, builders and even scientists, and pay their salaries to keep
them in a positive mood. On top of that, actors need special attention. They get bored and stressed really easy, depending
on how many movies we make them work in, and they can get drunk or start eating like if
there was no tomorrow. We must provide actors with a good quality
trailer for them to rest and a paycheck that mirrors their success. I could be here all day and night discussing
all aspects of The Movies, but I’ll leave that for another time and to another video. It’s a true time-consuming game, but everything
is straightforward and simple to operate and understand. In a minute you’re making black and white
movies, with no sound, back in the 1920s and, later on, you’ll be dealing with digital
sound and CGI effects in the modern Era! Incredible! Now, the question is: does it run Crysis? Yes, it does! But, for a smoother experience, I opted for
medium settings for the graphics. It really is a demanding game and it set the
standard of things to come, being one of the first titles to take advantage of DirectX
10 present in Windows Vista available also in 2007, a few months before the game was
released. I’ve never played this game too much. By the time it was released, I didn’t have
a PC that could run it decently. And, as years went by, my interest for the
game simply vanished. I have it on my GOG collection and, who knows,
maybe one day I’ll get back to it and play it just like it was meant to be played when
it was originally released, back in November of 2007. It’s amazing how many games, released during
the Windows XP lifespan, we can pack into a 120 GB hard drive! Incredible! I just need, now, to improve the booting time
into the OS. Gonna see if I can grab a cheap SSD solution
just for Windows and all necessary apps, turning it into the XP gaming rig I’ve always dreamed
about back in the day and simply couldn’t afford. So, guys! Hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of It’s
a Pixel THING! And, if you did, don’t forget to smash that
like button, to subscribe to the channel, to click on the bell icon so that you’re
notified when all my new videos become available, and to leave your comment with your own thoughts
and experiences with these games and with Windows XP in general! Thank you very much for watching, and… I’ll catch you all in my next video! Cheers!

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  1. Windows XP is easily THE best Windows OS that Microsoft developed. However, sadly a lot of even older games aren't compatible with XP so you need 2000, I'd say.

    I still remember Windows ME.. what a shitshow of an OS that was. It was the Windows Vista from back, back in the day. lol

  2. Also, Pixel, your house is probably one of the few in Portugal that has so much technology preserved and kinda like a museum. I'm more of a Dragon Ball fan/collector myself and reckon there's a lot of DB fans in Portugal too obviously (Z was huge) but not in terms of having home releases, music, games, figures and etc.

  3. Tive imensas saudades deste canal enquanto não tive uma nova conta de Youtube. Mas finalmente voltei !!

  4. The first game that I re-installed when I upgraded my PC back in those days was F.E.A.R. Running that game on max settings was excellent.

  5. Just wanted to say that I subbed to your channel due to your Kodi plugin, it introduced me to your content … so keep it up, great stuff !

  6. Vale a pena ter 1 máquina só para XP? A maior parte desses clássicos corre em computadores modernos. Crazy taxi e 1 franquia incrível (e o 3o é o pior), o freelancer é star control 2 foram 2 grandes clássicos do género. É sempre bom voltar a clássicos antigos, ainda mais tendo em conta que as prioridades da vida vão mudando e já n tenho pachorra para gastar dinheiro, ainda mais numa época em que a excepção dos jogos indies, a creatividade é pouca, a jogabilidade é semelhante, só melhoraram os aspectos técnicos como os gráficos.

  7. Great upgrade and another great video.
    I got a very similar setup and I love it 🙂
    CPU: Pentium D920 @2.8 Ghz (codename: Presler – Socket: 775 LGA)
    MOBO: AsusTek Lithium 1.04 (Asus P5LP-LE)
    BIOS: Phoenix Technologies LTD V3.12  01/12/2006
    GPU: ATI Radeon HD 4890  1GB Ram GDDR5
    RAM: 4 GB DDR2
    HDD: 250GB
    HDD: HP Personal Media Drive 320GB
    OS: Windows XP SP3 Build 2600

  8. Essa música do iniciar e esse PC muito mostalgico loool grande jogos muito fixe ficou a faltar de falar do age of empire tava sempre a jogar no meu PC XP ??

  9. It's a Pixel THING+ Thank you for showing off Tough Trucks and mentioning me! and it is a true gem that belongs on GOG! Here is a few tips and tricks I learned since my revisit of the game, if you race a previous race you finished earlier in the game, you can get free repairs for your truck or SUV, very handy when the upgrades start getting really expensive! if you are having trouble with the special bonus races, my best advice for that is to save the nitro for each special event, this way the jumps even on the later ones become significantly easier to do, as I saw you were using the Bandit, it's the fastest truck in the game, and can stay that way as long you don't give it very big tires, the smaller the tires, the better, as the forth upgraded tires tend to make truck flip over very easily(Same goes for the Cougar truck), and looses some acceleration, it's not that the forth upgraded tires are useless, as if you put them on a truck or SUV like the Monster Dog, Highlander, or the Sledgehammer, they can handle the bigger tires because those trucks are heavier, it's just the lighter trucks don't do to well with them, the Bandit with no tire upgrades is the fastest vehicle in the game, however, you can definitely still flip over as I saw you did in the video if you don't take the turns carefully lol, and it's lower ground clearance means you will need to be extra careful when landing the big jumps! if you still find the game challenging, I highly recommend trying the game with a controller or wheel using xpadder, easily the best third party software for keyboard emulation on a controller, or wheel around! 😀 the game still looks absolutely beautiful! definitely my favorite offroad racing game ever made, and I don't say that lightly!

  10. I've reviewed Black Hawk Down some time ago :p I haven't played that Tomb Raider yet ( tough i do own it ) . Call of Duty is amazing , shame that the last entries in the series haven't been as good .

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  12. Thank you Amigo for this video,so many memories of some games you showed us 🙂 i hope you are well and your family as well !

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