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Windows 10 Features & Gaming Performance

September 12, 2019

We are moved into the new office and with it came new windows Music* Yeah a shiny new office, but still the same old terrible jokes, but you know what’s not a joke today’s video topic Performance under Windows 10 does it hold up to Windows 8.1. What about Windows 7 users out there? Do they need to upgrade? Drop a like on this video if you’re glad that our upload schedule is Such a mess right now that I can’t even tease a future video and ask you to like this video if you’re amped to see it [Intro] Song: Lazlo Supernova Intel’s bringing DDR4 to the mainstream with their all-new core i7 6700 K and Core i5 6600 K processors check out the link in the video description to learn more Now to start with the differences between different windows is are Obviously more than just you know performance in CPU intensive tasks. I mean Windows 8 and the free upgrade to Windows 8.1 brought SMB 3.0 which in theory allows aggregated speeds during network transfers, although I’ve never gotten it to work Windows 10 has Cortana the new edge browser Actually, there’s one let us know if you’d like to see us use our sexy new 200 up 200 down fiber connection to determine which Browser is indeed the fastest by mashing that like button HA, I knew I could come up with something, sorry Where was I right Windows 10 features? It’s got DirectX 12, although that won’t make much of a difference until some games for it come out and of course It’s got some UI improvements now that last part probably wasn’t getting you too excited about Windows 8 Unless you were one of the tiny minority who actually bought a touchscreen laptop And even though I have one the lack of a traditional Start menu has really put an acorn in my tailpipe over the last couple of years and breathed new life into third-party Start menu add-on companies But with Windows 10 that might be a little different the UI improvements are many, some are pretty small things like Automatically prompting me for a second window when I arrow snap Tiling all my open applications when I alt have a huge improvement over that rubbish rolodex thing that was introduced with Windows Vista Oh look We have a 3d accelerated desktop experience, but some of them are huge virtual desktops Which are accessed with Windows and tab are Finally a Windows feature by default this has been available for years on Linux OS 10 and even Windows with third-party tools and the new Start menu, which I actually really really Like it was as simple as giving me an all apps list and not taking up my whole -BEEP- screen with the Start menu. Good on you, Microsoft There are still a few things that are broken as all get-out like search I mean seriously if I type uninstall how is Uninstall a program not the first search result and there are still a few things I just need to learn like I haven’t figured out how to lock Notification tray icons so I can always see certain things like safe remove hardware and networking so yeah so far I really like Windows 10 I did an in-place upgrade on my daily driver laptop and a fresh install on my desktop and Haven’t thought for a moment about reverting to Windows 8.1. Or Windows 7 respectively, but what about that performance? well
I had John our new benchmark err and writer put together a small suite of tests and run them for you folks on an identical Hardware configuration across Windows 7 Windows 8.1. And Windows 10 all of them Freshly installed and with the latest drivers and updates he used a test bench that consists of an Intel Core i7 59 30k And he Zeus x99 deluxe motherboard 16 gigs of DDR 4 gtx 980ti and a data SP 900s SD and I guess That’s pretty much the relevant components and the results may shock you On our test bench and please note that with quick boot Enabled and fewer devices in the boot menu, and whatnot these times could be much faster But the importance here is the relative performance not the absolute performance Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 Both left Windows 7 in the dust for cold boot times and go to sleep times But all performed very similarly when it came to wake time, so there you go In pc mark 8. I don’t really know what to make of that Windows 7 number. There’s no way on this blue orb We’re standing on that that represents real-world performance but on Windows 8.1 and 10 it basically tells us that they’re within spitting distance of Each other then finally we arrived at gaming performance where across a test suite that includes Basically a couple of modern gains that tax both the CPU and GPU we ended up with well No difference whatsoever a testament to the repeatability of our gaming tests if nothing else? But maybe there’s more to this than meets the eye Right now for legitimate owners of Windows 7 and 8 Windows 10 is a free upgrade so while in the past upgrading for who knew DirectX support that my graphics card might not even handle even if Games that utilize that come out before the next Windows upgrade cycle was a bit of a tough sell this time around There’s that. I mean directx12 looks ballin AF, and you can learn more about it in this tech quickie video here, but there’s also just No downside so Windows 10 gets a big recommendation from us from a performance point of view Nothing to lose with our config although, please Note we only tested a limited cross-section of games and only one graphics card So I still think it would be prudent to see if others with similar configs to your owner having any issues But yeah, it’s looking pretty good so far Thanks for watching guys if this video sucked Do you know what to do? But if it was awesome get subscribed hit that like button or even consider supporting us directly by using our affiliate code to shop at Amazon which you can find instructions were here buying a cool t-shirt like this one or with the direct monthly Contribution through our forum now that you’re done doing all that stuff You’re probably wondering what to watch next So check out that little button in the top right corner to check out our moving vlog, which is actually surprisingly entertaining

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  1. Windows 10 update always cause problem… Error update… cannot update … It's need 200 GB free harddisk space for update….what if your laptop only have under 200 GB. Everytime you online windows 10 will auto download the windows update..then fail.. it auto update the next time you online…keep failing to update. And Microsoft no provide solution. Windows 10 update is problematic. Better use win 8 or win 7.

  2. I have a intel core i3 (ram is 4 GB) lenovo G50 laptop.
    So window 10 is supportable to my system.
    Help me please .😥😥

  3. Improved ui? Rather downgraded. if you drag a folder to the edge of your desktop, you ll see(nothing in 10, a folder-sidebar in xp) even a 17 years later os is better and has no junkware. +80% of all gaames work better on xp than on 10. ++ xp doesnt kill your ssd as fast as 10. With 10 your Disks are nearly always at 100% load. Performancewise 10 is a piece of junk.

  4. i am forced to upgrade to win10 in order to use mouse and keyboard for i5-8400 and z3700…
    would have loved to just stay on Win7 dammit

  5. Win 10 update just caused my desktop an agonising death. Thanks Microsoft! Just as stable as win 98. Nothing ever changes with this company.

  6. I have dell inspiron 15 and core i3….. If i install windows 10, then there will be no problem in gaming …telll me please i wnt be sure about that

  7. Since windows 10 contains direct X 12 which No Other Windows Has Games Will Be Amazin No Matter What Gpu/Cpu You Got

  8. It is 04/23/2018 and guess what, I am still on Windows 7 and still works better than Windows 10 and performs better…playing Far Cry 5

  9. win 10 is great problems and headache.when my office off on 7 pm than it not does not shut down without update so direct swith off daily.than next day mornings password enter problem as no caps light on off on keyboard.

  10. Windows 7 and 10 forever😤😤😤But guys i know Its very hard to say😟😟😟But In future The modern games will support to 10 😥😥So try to Get Windows 10 for the Future guys but whatever Windows 7 will be the legend forever😊😊😊

  11. I am a gamer and I do recommend Windows 10 to all! Sorry if you hate win 10, it is just my opinion.

  12. I like the upgrade in quality… I mean from 2015 to 2018. Then again, was supposed to happen…. Linus rocks duuuude (y)

  13. this man is a serious… i like him… i like you modified skill… damn… so much knowledge about elektronic system…

  14. Updated few days ago from windows 7 to windows 10. Worked great then start button stopped working personalize stopped working too. Pain in da ass. Im probably gonna install windows 8.1 because i used on previous build

  15. There is no point on checking windows performance if you have a fucking NASA to counter all the extra resource w10 take away doing stupid things on the background.

  16. I use windows 10 for fortnite is Amazing but when you try to make like shadows texture effects very high on fortnite for it your gonna lag so hard

  17. Windows 10 actually made my PC much worse. I used to be able to run GTA 5 with my old, less efficient GPU, at high settings no problem. After upgrading it, and getting a new GPU, I get stuttering, because windows 10 uses up a lot more ram on who knows what.

  18. I need to get rid of even this start menu. I want win 7 style start menu back. Can I do It? I just want to get rid of the clutter on screen

  19. If windows 10 is good & new why am i hearing 25% of people complaining they can't activate it properly?

  20. Best audition for gaming Windows 10 ???????

    Windows 10 Pro
    Windows 10 professional
    Windows 10 Home
    Windows 10 education

  21. bro i upgraded my windows 8.1 to 10. everything becomes good but I don't get any audio output in this version of Windows i I'm using ecs h61h2-m17 motherboard pls help me bro 😭😭

  22. 🙂😎 HOW to reset windows password using easy way.】 >

  23. I just upgraded to 10 from 8.1 and I'm not happy with the results. 3 years later, windows 10 still SUCK. worst OS in the history. TONS of errors, FPS drops on my games. before windows 10, my games worked fine. btw I did all the tricks to improve fps, still the same. I don't understand why the fuck you need to make 1267317263 changes after you install this windows in order to work better. Why the hell this crap doesn't work better BY DEFAULT? I have 1000 Mbps connection and yet I donwload with maximum 20MB, on windows 8.1 I downloaded with 40/50/60/70, this crap OS 10 don't go above 20-30MB and yeah, I removed the connection speed limit, still nothing. (I DON'T FUCKING UNDERSTAND WHY CONNECTION SPEED LIMIT IS ADDED IN THE FIRST PLACE). DON'T UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 10. my specs: 12 gb ram, gtx 970, i5 4590. sorry for my bad english.

  24. Windows 8 is better for gaming. Many games have compatibility problems with Windows 10.

    The only GTA game I can play is GTA V 🙁

  25. Because windows 10 have a lot of update but windows 7 there is no update because its reached to the last version

  26. Windows10 can suck my left nut and make the right one jealous. The only benefit I can think of is having support for Dx12. Other than that it looks like shit, ugly as Sin. Controls like shit, navigating the os is cumbersome. And for every one who praises win10 there are two more than have random system crashes and hardware failure after upgrading from 7. Not to mention the introduction of spyware into the shell and MS being such fuck boxes as to try and force this inferior dumpster fire on it's users. Shit that alone is enough to keep me from upgrading even if it was demonstrably better in every facet than 7, purely on principal.

    If your product is good, people will buy it with little to no advertising and keep coming back to use it. I'm gay

  27. IDC what he says about Windows 8.1 & 10 being this so called ( BETTER THAN WINDOWS 7 ) Im not upgrading from Windows 7 ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 2:41. Unless you still use your Black Friday Deal laptop which has a 1366 x 768 display. Then, 80% of the screen is used for the start menu. Thank god that I have a 1680 x 1050 Dell monitor.

  29. Windows 10 is an effing nightmare to install and update to the version countless decades after its release.. WINDOWS DOESNT TEST THEIR SHIT!! they literally let us cry and FORCE us to test it for them because they have the OS monopoly..

  30. I have a old ass lappy, Core 2 Duo T5870 2.0ghz, X86 bit. Should I upgrade to Windows 10 x64 or or Windows 7/8.1 x64 bit will be better for my old junk laptop?

  31. windows 10 thumbs up. also Windows should have a feature to change folders as easily as FolderChanger. Google FolderChanger

  32. Windows 10 is trash I’m sticking with windows seven. Windows 10 keeps blue screenning giving me “updates” and constantly giving me errors

  33. I measured the OS starting sequence time of Windows from touching the power button to the login menu.
    Windows 7: 22 seconds
    Windows 10: 6 seconds

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