Will the Next Global Superstar Emerge From ICC Futures?
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Will the Next Global Superstar Emerge From ICC Futures?

October 8, 2019

We’re in Orlando Florida for the
inaugural ICC Futures a premier U14 tournament that brings the best of Europe and United States together to
compete in a completely professional environment. Eight European academies eight MLS academies and eight state all star
teams are here over the course of seven
days for a chance to showcase their
skills and become ICC Futures champion. So far we’ve seen unsurprising
success from several European teams but a few have struggled as well. The MLS academies have also looked
strong and we’ve even been pleasantly
surprised by the competitiveness of the State All-Star teams. So we’re now in the knockout rounds
of the tournament. The first game we’re watching
actually features one of the State All-Star teams Arizona going into this tournament a lot of
people didn’t give the state all star teams a chance, and arizona
just scored!its one – one now against Red Bulls. It just shows the type of quality
that is out there on these state teams we’ve proven so far this week that these kids can play as a team especially from an all star team its very different to get
a group of players and play up we only train together for about a week or two maybe four times. So it’s all very new to us. I do think we did very well
considering we were playing against teams
that’ve trained together for months. ICC Futures is not your typical
youth tournament the level of professionalism here makes
it easy to forget that these kids are only 13 and 14 years old. I go to school just like a normal
kid. The thing is I don’t have a lot of
time to hang out with friends because it’s a four
practices a week my first club was Washington Rush found my position
helped me develop a lot and then the Seattle Sounders
scouted me and then I went to trial with them they have talent days and everything and I got called into a discovery
program. We trained there like two times a
week and then once you get to the age of
15 then they make you full time
academy. These kids in Academy programs So they are playing training as professionals I think in
terms of the learning process the type coaching the education that they
have around the area the surround is much more
professional. The way its handled in Europe this
kids in Academy programs. They are already looking
to become professionals and they live in that
environment. I’ve taken my schooling out now and next season I’ll be living
at Chelsea have my schooling there and then I’ll train for majority of the day and see my parents on the weekends. But while some players live like
professionals day in day out some of the kids on
the State All-Star teams can’t even find
a club I played for LAFC for my U12 and U14 season so the past two seasons. This last season I actually got cut and so that inspired me to push
harder and show them that maybe they’re
wrong. I thought this tournament was really
great for different kids around different
areas to get different exposure if they’re not in an MLS club one reoccurring issue that U.S.
soccer has faced is representation at the 2017 U17 World Cup. The team consisted of only one
player from west Texas and none from the soccer hotbed of
Southern California. We see that a lot in L.A. tons of quality players but because they don’t have the
funding or the money they can’t afford to join one of the better clubs. Our kids can’t afford to be in the academy program because of
the cost the distance or going to a training site. We had the issue with our group some of the parents couldn’t afford to
bring the kids to the training site or even the
airport. It does take a lot of time away from one’s day. So drive them to the practice you
know every single day day in day out and then there’s games and then there’s traveling. It takes a lot. But for the lucky few who are able
to play in academies. It’s a huge challenge to continue
their development and try to turn their promising
abilities into a professional career. Being an Academy player takes a lot
of sacrifices like a lot of stuff goes on that I can’t go to because practices and games and I think it’s worth the sacrifice at the end
of the day. Football is the main thing. There are a few sacrifices but it’s all worth it. What we’ve seen here at ICC Futures
is that the level of professionalism
off the field has consistently been matched by the
quality of play on it and now we’re headed to the
semifinal match between Chelsea and Celtic. This game is going to penalties another amazingly entertaining game in the knockouts. This time a final
Celtic and Chelsea went to penalties it was it was unreal to watch. Now we have our final set. It’s Chelsea vs Bayern Munich and I expect it to be just as
entertaining as these last few games. On the way to this final the U.S.
was also well represented by New York Red
Bulls who narrowly lost to Bayern Munich in
the semifinals. And now it’s on to the final Bayern Munich opened up the scoring. Amazing attack on the left side. That was some serious talent man an exciting one Chelsea get one
right back off a sick header game on Bayern take the lead again another amazing goal. Bayern go up 3 1. Fourteen minutes to play. And of course Chelsea could come
back but I think this Bayern team has
probably locked it up now they’ve been
playing really well like that Bayern Munich became the
champions of the inaugural ICC Futures
tournament so Bayern Munich came out champions but ICC futures isn’t just about the winner from players without clubs
competing to get recognized to those penned as
the next European superstars. This tournament gave an opportunity
for players of any background to compete at the
highest level. And this is just the beginning. Next year ICC Futures will expand to
more teams from around the world opening
more doors for the players that will make
up the future of the game.

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  1. You don’t have to pay to be in an academy it’s free, so how would people in Cali not have the money to afford a free thing?

  2. I gotta say congratulations on taking the great channel kick TV and ruining it. I loved this channel and then these douchebags took over.

  3. Thank you Copa90 for, at least, giving this tournament some needed "Air time". The opportunity to play against kids from all over the world, at no expense is "mind-boggling" in the US, and incredibly needed. I hope to see more next year.

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