Wild Trickshots With A Bow!
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Wild Trickshots With A Bow!

August 13, 2019

Hi, this is John with Archery Tag and most of you know by now that I like to shoot apples off peoples’ heads. And I have nine volunteers out here today. We’re
gonna see if we can shoot ’em consecutively. So here we go! The final one, my little girl. Typically, I shoot an apple… this is the average-sized apple. Now we’re gonna try something a little smaller. Volunteer, please? John: Kinda hungry!
Grant: I think it’s time for a snack, old buddy. Grant: I got my Slim Jim right here.
John: Well, I want one. You ain’t gettin’ my Slim Jim, buddy! Slim Jim, baby! Well, at least I got a bite! Whoah! Whoah! Thanks for the pecan! Hahahaha! That was cool! Earlier today, Grant was teasing me with his Slim Jim… …now he’s tormenting me with his apple, so I think I need to take care of this. That’ll teach kids to play with bubbles!

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  1. Want to get a bow and start practicing. Any idea on the steps I should take to start getting good at this. Also I live in a cold climate area where it can get as cold as -50 degree Celsius. Any suggestions would be great

  2. Wow your good!! I like practicing with no sight on my  bear mini mag kids bow!! I suck compared to you!!

  3. Mythbuster's challenged archers to shoot an arrow straight down the center of another arrow; "The Robin Hood." Give it a shot! If anyone can do it, you can!

  4. Hello!
    Tell me, can I use a fragment of your video to tell us about you? In video in my channel, I'll show a link to your video and your channel.

  5. Try doing that with real arrows and see how the kids feel about it then. Likely they wont feel good about it.

  6. Great video! My team and I have played and won he last 5 archery tag leagues 😊 check out my channel for some archery videos aswell!

  7. I can see some1 trying this with a compound with cushioned arrows and not understanding the insane power difference resulting in an unconscious buddy.

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