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  1. Oh!! I’ve been here and that made me really happy to see- I realized it when I saw the wolf ambassadors- got a vile of wolf fur from them (after grooming)

  2. I forgot it was inside edition. Also, I really want to get wolves (red wolves would be pretty cool) to help em repopulate

  3. im a artist (I’m a girl don’t get fooled by the pfp) and for my fursona/persona I use a wolf because not only do I love them but because they’re so adorable and just beautifully amazing. None of them deserve to get hunted by any hunter and I hope one day to go to this enclosure to help and support more organizations out there.

  4. When my mum was 10 her dad came home with a puppy he got from a farm for $20 (CAD) thinking it was two farm dogs that had got to together but turns out it was part wolf. She says he was the biggest and sweetest baby.

  5. I haven’t watched the whole video but I’m sure I already know why and what the video is about. It helps to read. Don’t show a vegan this they may have a heart attack.

  6. It's probably because I am an old woman… But did anyone else think someone was calling you when the xylophone sounding music began?

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