Why Super Mario Bros. Is One Of The Best Video Games Ever Made | Tech Time | TIME
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Why Super Mario Bros. Is One Of The Best Video Games Ever Made | Tech Time | TIME

August 27, 2019

September 13th is a very special
day in video game history. It’s the 30th birthday of Super Mario Brothers, widely considered one of the best video games ever made. But what’s so special Special about a 30 year old game about an Italian plumber? Let’s find out. We’ll take it back to the year 1985 when the game first came out. The video game industry is in total shambles. Revenue has fallen by billions of dollars in just a few years. Analysts everywhere are writing off video games as a fad like Tomagotchis or whatever the hell Pogs were. But then suddenly here’s the Nintendo entertainment system and it’s overall wearing superhero Mario. He’s stomping on goombas, he’s
flipping fireballs, he’s saving his princess who’s always in another castle somehow. The game is an instant hit because it’s less about hitting a high score. And it’s more about adventuring in this new world and unlocking new stages. It’ll almost single handedly saved the video game industry, setting a sales record that’ll last until just a couple of years ago. For a lot of gamers around my age, Super Mario Bros. got us hooked on gaming, and the real thing that makes Super Mario Bros. so good, is that I can go home right now, plug in an NES And have just as much fun as I ever did. And sure, the graphics won’t be as good as Halo Five or whatever, but it’s about fun. And that’s what video games should be about. Oh, and by the way, Nintendo, I know you’re working on smart phone games, and me and thousands of other people would love if you brought Super Mario Brothers to the iPhones and to androids. Cool. Great.

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