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October 7, 2019

Online Multiplayers have made big waves
in the gaming industry the past few years. In particular the rise of games like Fortnite,
PubG and Apex Legends have changed the gaming landscape. To the types of games that are being developed,
to the media surrounding them. Like the huge surge of
Twitch streamers and YouTubers playing online games and getting
huge amounts of traction because of them. But I HATE THEM! Or at least I much prefer
single player games. Nowadays developers tend to be veering towards
making more online multiplayers over casual one player games. This could be due
to the high costs of development with AAA titles having a chance of costing
tens of millions of dollars to make. And there being a chance of it not being as
popular as they expected, or just not making that much in sales. I never got into
these games, I personally find single player a lot more fun. So here’s
three reasons why I’m sticking to single player games. First of all, hiding in a bush for half an hour just so you can get yun 30 second thrill
when you kill someone is so boring. I mean sure, at first you do geen around and
pick up armour, weapons and ammo, but then you’re pretty much just hiding
behind walls, trees and bushes waiting for somebody to come along so you can kill
them, or they’ll kill you. That’s just me though, and I personally
get more of a thrill from surviving Five Nights At Freddy’s without getting stuffed inside
a bear costume. Second off, loot boxes can be really addicting.
They grant players new outfits and gear to use in their games. The most notable example
of loot boxes is the loot box system included in Overwatch, which lead to
a lot of games in 2016 and 2017 including loot box mechanics in their games.
Gears of War 4, Forza Motorsport 7, and Middle-earth: Shadow of War to name a few. The massive
rise of loot boxes lead to criticisms towards them in later 2017, with critics linking
them to a form of gambling. In 2018, the Netherlands and Belgium declared
some loot boxes as forms of gambling. Leading to some publishers and developers
pulling loot box mechanics from their games. While we’re speakin’ about loot boxes,
why should I have to pay to win the game? A lot of these battle royale games have special
items or downloadable content that you can buy to perhaps give you an advantage over
those playing for free. Why should I hae to fork out a fortune to
win, or spend hours bettering my skills just to win a match? When I could
be haeing fun simulating battles with strange physics in Totally
Accurate Battle Simulator. The more developers focus on online
multiplayer means that there’ll be less AAA players being made.
So it’s my duty as a lover of single player games to support their development!
There are of course still a lot of indie games and AAA titles being made, like the recently
released A Plague Tale: Innocence, But the last few years, more gamers have drifted
towards playing online multiplayers, And more developers are starting to include
some form of multiplayer mode in their games, or just focused on making multiplayer games.
Hopefully massive failures like Fallout 76 and Anthem will show that it’s just as risky
to develop this kind of game too. If you hae a large network of friends
to play wi that’s fine but if you’re like me and you dunna like playing
games with friends and you prefer single player, it can be a bit frustrating if nae good single
player games have come out recently. If you ask me, the future of the gaming industry
is going to be a mix between online multiplayers and single player games.
Single player games have been around since the dawn of PC and console gaming with local
multiplayer following shortly behind it. While online multiplayers have really just
been around as long as the internet has. So despite the way the industry looks at the
moment, I’d say there’s plenty of room for all kinds of games in the years to come… but single players are still better than online multiplayers, GET OVER IT.

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  1. I'm actually confused. Is this meant to be a funny jab at gaming culture or a serious critique of the gaming industry? Because it's neither, so I'm actually not sure what to say as to why I didn't like this vid.

  2. Totally agree. Why sit around waiting in a bush in a pay to win game with no content other than loot boxes waiting to find out who will shoot first, when I could play any number of great single player games that actually have a good story and interesting choices and game mechanics?

  3. I played multiplayer games for years. They are addictive as if you win it's a quick and easy reward to feel good. But after doing it again and again, it loses its meaning. It is neither fun nor rewarding. And as I get older I dont have time to devote all my time to get good and be the best in an online multiplayer game. So now I find myself playing single player story based games like the metro series and God of war. They are more rewarding. For example, no multiplayer game will give me the feeling I had when I completed Zelda on the N64 or The Last Of Us remastered on the PS4. The reward for completing a single player game is way better than the reward of winning a few rounds in PUBG.

  4. Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Persona, Max Payne, GTA, Red Dead Redemption, Doom, God of War, Detroit Becomes Human, Uncharted, Hitman, Cyberpunk, Dragon Quest, Half-Life, Life is Strange …
    All these SP games and many more are a suceed games and have a very large fanbase to this day. The more work you put it on something the more it become great and perfect. They need to wake up!

  5. This gen has been awesome for single player fans like me; GoW, RDR2, Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, HZD, Spider Man, Persona 5, Witcher 3, AC games… Oh man, I've been in single player heaven!
    And some gurus claimed that this gen would be all about online multiplay. Ha!

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