Why Karate DOESN’T WORK — Jesse Enkamp
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Why Karate DOESN’T WORK — Jesse Enkamp

November 16, 2019

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  1. Thanks for your awesome comments! ? Happy to hear that people are finding what works for them. After all, it’s not WHAT you do it’s HOW you do it. ? Check out my website to learn more about Karate: http://www.karatebyjesse.com ???

  2. I have been wondering. Can karate actually be useful just by imagining how the kata works and practing with willing partners. Or sparring is necessary?

  3. "Spirit first, technique second"- Jigoro Kano (Judo).

    Its never the style, its always the way and the means and the intensity the style is taught.

    Kyokushin fighters are reknown as the hardest in the world even though the style itself looks very showy. I am friends with a 80 year old Dutch karate master- he was a man who did the 100 man Kumite before it was called the 100 man kumite, so it was actually only 80 fights now 100. 60 fights in, he had to finish the remaining 20 with his arms tied behind his back with a rope.

    I was "horse playing" and being a smartass with him one day, way before I knew of his legacy (he doesnt tell anyone). He childishly came up to me and gave me a light kick on my thigh and I was instantly on the floor laughing in pain. I had a bruise for a week.

    My opinion is that one can benefit from a serious old school style easier only for the reasoning that if it taught with correct spirit then that energy passes onto the students.

    Fighting isnt about technique. Its about psychology. Old school Karate have mastered this psychology of being able to face whatever comes to you in life.

  4. Karate doesn't work for what? Does it help to increase one's fitness? Does it help to improve one's discipline, awareness and confidence level? Yes it does if practiced under proper guidance. Let's come to the main purpose of karate – SELF DEFENSE. Whether a karateka can survive a street fight or not, it totally depends on the situation, number and nature of opponents, intelligence level and adaptability of the karateka. A real karateka posses almost all these. Hard work, perseverance and tireless practice turns oneself into a real karateka. A real karateka can never be defeated so easily. For a real karateka, "karate works". Let leave the word, "karate doesn't work" for those who are lazy, with no self control, away from hard work and always look for short cuts.

  5. This explained so much! Thanks!!! ❤
    I've always wondered, why there where so much difference between, what old school masters could do in old old karate movies and the weird competition style i saw on sport channels

  6. "As I sat there, getting my eye stitched together, my mind started racing.

    Why did I fight?

    What could a Karate Nerd™ possibly learn from fighting in MMA?" ~
    4 Things I Learned From Getting My A** Kicked in MMA
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  7. karate seem work for me. i di few martial arts one i strughle with is BJJ but notice others better then me at it but notice some studebts am better at karate, kickboxing and Krav Mags. each person dufferent some marrial arts might work better for you and some might not. depebds how good yiu train and confident you are

  8. For realistic self defence for people who aren't instinctive fighters I choose Krav Maga. When I was in the police we were trained in Aikido which was pretty useless. I'm a 1st dan Shotokan karate I love karate for its artistry in the katas which I found meditative but as a street system it is pretty useless.

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