Why is it called a ‘hat trick’ when an athlete scores three goals?
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Why is it called a ‘hat trick’ when an athlete scores three goals?

October 8, 2019

– Saloni Khanapurkar, class of 2019. I’ve always wanted to
know, in a hockey game when a player scores three goals, why’s it called a hat trick? – That’s actually a really
interesting question. There’s various stories of when the term hat trick first appeared in hockey, but according to the Hockey Hall of Fame, in January 1946, the city of Toronto, Chicago Blackhawks forward Alex Kaleta found himself in a men’s clothing shop owned by a gentleman named Sammy Taft. When he went into the shop, he fell in love with a gray fedora. Because he actually just came back from World War II fighting
for the Canadian military, he actually couldn’t afford it. So the store owner
decided to cut him a deal and he told Kaleta that
if he scored three goals against the Maple Leafs that night, and he would give him that hat for free. The Blackhawks ended up
losing that game six to five, but Kaleta not only scored three goals, he added one more to score four. Taft made good on his promise and ended up giving
Kaleta that hat for free. The phrase caught on and
the hat trick was born.

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