Why I’m DITCHING My Gaming Chair!
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Why I’m DITCHING My Gaming Chair!

August 22, 2019

what’s up everyone Eber here with Hardware Canucks and I’m here to talk about chairs more specifically why I’m ditching my gaming chair because I’ve been using this guy for the past two years and it was quite an uncomfortable experience but I’ve sort of left it out of the equation now never even thought about it until now because it’s almost affecting the posture that I’m you know normally used to be sitting at and it really is concerning to me so I’m ready to get rid of this guy and look for a new one and so follow me along so this will be a two-part series video the first part would obviously be me talking about why we don’t do gaming chairs and why you know you watching a gaming chair of you doesn’t really give you the full picture because there is a lot more than that so let’s get into specifics right after message from our sponsor then you and there Mack slick fusion is their first addressable RGB all-in-one cooler with a standard 240 ml rad an absolutely beautiful RGB ring elimination on the fence and the pump to highlight that unique flow indicator through the transparent top check out the lake fusion down below okay so let me backtrack here for a second so this is the Vertagear PL6000 gaming chair it was sent to us by Vertagear for free as a review sample so let me get into how this has held up so far first up physical aesthetics I mean I haven’t noticed any wear or tear with materials it has stayed up really well for these past two years there are no rips or anything some sort the one thing that I did notice over that was sort of recurring you know these past days is that I’ve noticed creaking here and there it was it’s just something that I’ve been noticing for for a while and it gets a little bit annoying especially if you’re recording on cams like scripts or something like that if you just make a slight movement with your chair that obviously the microphone picks up that sound and it kind of kind of ruins the whole thing so that’s one of the things I have noticed with the PL6000 I’ve definitely started noticing creeks here and there so that’s that now in terms of comfort well that’s the most discerning part about this gaming chair in fact it’s the one reason why I’m willing to get rid of this as soon as I can and look for something that’s a little bit better so I’m going to start with the bottom because the PVC leather option is certainly quite durable but it didn’t have proper breathing space so I noticed he’d buildups very fast as very rapid so if you’re seeing in something like this for really long periods of time especially during summer your bottom can get really toasty so it it gets a little weird obviously becomes a little gross too so it comes to a point where I have to physically just get out of the chair start kneeling on the carpet and do things on my computer especially when it comes to editing and something like that so it’s definitely not a effective works workflow in my opinion so it’s just it’s one of those things where I wish had I had something that I can comfortably sit on and unfortunately on the PL000 with the PVC leather material at the bottom it’s just not doing any justice next up is the backrest so it is a completely flat surface meaning there is no proper lumbar support for your back which means if you’re trying to lean back you kind of have to get to a point where just there’s a little gap that’s filling or it’s just left there out of nowhere so you really can’t comfortably you know sit back and just relax and do your work it’s just not the case here vertigo does include a lumbar pillow that you can put on the bottom but to be honest it’s way too thick and it almost gets to a point where you have to it pushes you forward without a cup you thought you sort of getting into a comfortable position it just doesn’t add up that well so that was definitely something that I did notice of course it was definitely concerning and it almost got to a point where I’m sorry he’s slowly starting to slouch forward which makes it totally uncomfortable and sometimes it’s just not even healthy because I can notice the back pains coming here and there and that definitely is you know quite concerning so a lack of proper lumbar support is one of the reasons why I’m also willing to ditch this gaming chair I should also mention that proper posture is very crucial you want to be able to sit back straight and edit comfortably or just work at a desk comfortably without having to worry about back pains or anything like that constant or occasional back pains that come up here and there so it is very crucial I mean back pains is again a very dangerous thing if especially if you’re working at a job where you need to maneuver around in my case I have to move around for shot for composing shots and stuff like that and of course filming here at the office so if I have a back problem then definitely an effect content and you know if I don’t get proper support at the back then it’s just it’s it’s ultimately it’s gonna affect my back and it would obviously end up with me not being able to produce any content so I don’t want to do that that’s not what I’m looking for so as I mentioned earlier the lack of proper back support or just proper lumbar support at the back is definitely a noticeable thing and over these past few years that’s one of the things that I’ve noticed because you could comfortably lean back it’s just then you know when you lean if you’re working on a desk it just you’re getting to a point where you have to obviously slouch but you can’t comfortably rest your lumbar at the back and that kind of it just doesn’t add up so that’s one of the reasons why I’m looking for solutions now this next bit of the video is definitely gonna be quite an interesting conversation starter because I’m gonna be talking about chair reviews in general because personally I find them to be pointless I know we did do one back in the past or probably a couple of them probably three or four of them back in the day but there is a sole reason why we have stopped doing gaming chair reviews here in the channel at least these days because you know over the course of these years we’ve slowly come to understand where the industry stands in terms of providing just things in general I guess features exclusive features mostly on gaming chairs because right now we’re seeing gaming chairs with RGB lighting which is completely just pointless I have no idea why we’re seeing something like that in 2018 but it is it is existent it is something that we have to deal with but most importantly if a brand reaches out to a youtuber and if they ask you to so you know if they’re asking you to review one of their gaming chairs and if they accept then obviously the first step would be to review that chair give an unbiased opinion about it but it almost gets to a point where someone who’s watching that review would base their purchase off that opinion and I don’t think that’s right simply because you know you as an individual you haven’t put in the effort to try out that gaming chair or non gaming chair in general but the chair by itself in general at a store to make sure that you’re comfortable sitting on it because I have had friends who have tried Herman Miller embody chairs and they absolutely hate it so you know you could be someone who absolutely fell in love with a $50 chair an office chair basic chair versus someone who just won’t be able to take something like that and might want to go with something a little bit better spend a little bit more money and get something of a higher quality and be a lot better with that and of course feel a lot comfortable sitting on it if you’re looking to invest in a chair I’d highly recommend trying it trying it out at stores rather than buying things online based off the chair reviews it’s just that’s just my take now trying out different chairs at different stores might be a little bit of a challenge for people who are living in remote areas so my suggestion would be to do as much of research as you can narrow down your results spend a day or two just traveling around trying out different stores maybe if it’s a 30-minute drive from your place dick take the time to do that because trust me that $30 or $50 investment or even a thousand dollar investment can play a huge role when it comes to your posture or just your health and channel because it really does the chair really does affect your your back the health the way how you sit and the way how you just work in general so if you if you just decide to cheap out on that investment if you if you’re if you’re looking to take compromises on that part well ultimately it is gonna affect your health and that and that isn’t cool your chair purchase ultimately determines the quality of life you lead moving forward because if you invest on a chair based off someone else’s opinion that you read online then you know the next thing you know it shows up at your place you assemble it you sit on it and all of a sudden you realize that it just doesn’t feel right to you it doesn’t feel comfortable you don’t feel like you’re just relaxed when you’re working at a desk or if you’re just sitting in it doing other productive things so that’s a complete fail in my opinion and I hope a lot of you guys can relate to this I just want to point out that this isn’t a takedown on gaming chairs but rather it’s a process and I’ll obviously have to go through not just with gaming chairs but just chairs in general to find out what’s suitable for me next so this is probably why we’re not gonna be doing any chair reviews here in the channel because I don’t think anyone should again as I said in the beginning and the end should base their opinions or make their purchasing positions on chairs in general based off someone else’s opinions so that’s it for me guys I hope you took away something from this video I think the things obviously I’m gonna be ditching this gaming chair and looking for something else I’ll make sure to document and vlog my journey or my path to find the next chair here for the office and yeah let me know what you guys think about chairs in general in fact are you satisfied with your chair purchase if you’ve invested you know fifty dollars or thirty dollars or a thousand dollars let me know the comments down below if you’re satisfied with your purchasing decision even if it’s a gaming chair let me know in the comments down below I’m Eber with Hardware Canucks thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you the next one

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  1. Don't think there is much you can do for having a hot booty….maybe lower the temp in the office? Try thinner fabrics while sitting in it?

  2. I got a secretlab titan softweave for 429 and love it. It has a built in lumbar support which you can adjust. Really comfy. Breathable surface. Has held up really well. You can tell they care about their chairs. If anyone is looking for a new chair wether gaming or not id highly recommend just giving the titan softweave a lot

  3. Always, always go with a cloth chair. These expensive "gaming" chairs use very cheap materials. That PU "leather" is fake, and it does not breathe. But the best advice I can offer is to NEVER buy a gaming chair. They are ALL junk. The SecretLab Titan is the best of them all, but it is still inferior to a good office chair in every way. Go to OfficeMax/Office Depot, sit in 20 chairs, and find something that feels great. Then see if that chair is available in cloth.

    I use a Realspace 920 and it is amazingly comfortable with a VERY high back, that offers REAL head support without a gay little pillow needed. It is also available in cloth. The only issue is that the padding is VERY soft and therefore the bottom cushion will go flat in a year. Buy the longest extended warranty plan that is offered and trade it in every year. If you buy the 5 year plan, you can trade it in as many times as you need within that time period.

  4. The only gaming chair reviews that matter are the "1 year later" reviews. The initial out of the box impressions don't matter. Let alone the fact that what someone finds comfortable, another person might not.

  5. isnt the p6000 a chair for big and tall people? I wonder why it doesnt suit ur posture … choosing a chair is like choosing a shoe, test it and make sure it fits ur feet/back and butt properly … Silly to make such a review when the target market for the chair dont lean towards the average or smaller population. Down vote from me

  6. "BUMP"
    I have had budget chairs for years, the last one I purchased is a generic gaming chair that was the worst investment, it didn't even last 1 year, the back support was the worst, I went back to my old office depot chair which is worn but supports my weary back , my next chair will be a Secretlab Titan Soft Weave Fabric Chair!

  7. I've had two gaming chairs, one that I bought a GT Omega and I also won a DX Racer and I can honestly say that I hate both of them! I would like to try a Secret Labs chair but only if I happen to win it.

  8. I don't have a gaming chair because of 1 point. The armrests are horrible. Absolutely not confortable at all. I am using a fully metall chair which also has a support metal pipe behind the chairs back to avoid getting it breaked easily. and the armrests are big and soft so you can lay your arms for a long time without getting a feel of pain. Also alsmost all gaming chairs are max 100 kg. They are just not made for confortability nor durability. Also check the sitting size you are having with a gaming chair. You can't just take up your feet up and sit on it like on a couch. You only can normal sit on these things even that guy in this video here although he is skinny he can only sit normal in it.

  9. Get a steelcase gaming chairs are a overpriced gimmick and the whole gaming chair industry needs a good class action for all the bad backs they have created

  10. I just can’t wrap my head around paying 400$ for a fucking computer chair when I can buy a recliner for the same price.

  11. It was free….. Been using it for two years…. now you are bitching about it? Maybe they will send you another one…Job Done.

  12. Look this is totally your opinion but the thing is I like my LEDs on my gamidas chair and while that don't "help with gaming" they still look dope so fuck off.

  13. I love my gaming chair, and it only cost a quarter of yours. It's the most comfortable desk chair I can remember owning, but I got lucky. Chairs are something that you really need to buy in person. What works for me may not work for someone else.

  14. Why do these chairs cost so Damn much. Jus for a Damn chair. I can sit in a kitchen chair and have the same affect? fuck these chairs.

  15. got mine the ikea Jarvfallet for $150 CAD taxes in and best purchase I had ever over any gaming chair I was considering to buy

  16. you know youre gaming chair is not good for you when youre 19 and gotta go for massages so your back doesnt hurt….

  17. Just bought a Herman Miller Aeron and it's extremely comfy. Expensive brand new, but you can get a mint used one on Ebay for less than you paid for that gaming chair

  18. I regret buying this $100 gaming chair, it looks very similar to yours but I'd assume that yours has more cushion than mine. The armrests on mine doesn't have any cushion and it hurts my elbows after a long gaming session. My friend bought a $75 office chair and it had more cushion which made it more comfortable.

    DO NOT BUY GAMING CHAIRS they are just hyped up gaming gear and you're better off with office chairs that has better cushions.

  19. 2 responses come to mind.

    Why use the chair for 2 years before reaching this conclusion? It seems like a long stretch of time.

    Please do document your chair search process and results.

  20. my biggest issue is trying to find a really good chair that supports both my lumbar AND my neck as i lean back very slightly for overall comfort but i still feel like i need to grab a pillow for my back and my head and neck have nothing behind them

  21. Look for a "controller office chair", they are made for people working surveillance and are made to be sat in by someone pretty much 24/7. They offer the best support you can get and should be made of resilient materials.

  22. Cool looking but not practical, get chairs from Ikea if you want a cheaper option (staples chairs are good too in reviews but there isnt any staples here in Asia)

  23. Your friends must have misshapen spines and/or poor posture—or maybe they just prefer a wet ass or back pain. Anyone reading this, try a Herman Miller Embody chair, it will change your life!

    I used to sit in one 8-12 hours a day at one of my previous places of employment, and it was amazing. Everything is adjustable in minor increments, it had great support and breathability—so you never had back pain, discomfort, or swap ass. Oh, and it was built like a tank. They sell for anywhere between $1,500-2,000–but it’s best/last chair you’ll ever buy.

    If I had the money right now to buy one, I would seriously consider replacing the recliner in my living room with one, just so I’m more comfortable watching shows and playing Xbox.

  24. get a herman miller aeron. we have prob a 1000 of things at work. they seemingly last forever. mine is 12 yrs old.

  25. Anoyone ever thought in buying a good pillow for the cheap not soft chair its simple but you guys expect. Everything from companies, when we all know we always forget something.

  26. I got a cheap ass gaming chair with ok lumbar support and awesome neck support.
    The key is not to find the best "ergonomic chair" , the point is to get yo ass up and move around every 40-50 min

  27. They are really over priced, that's why they go $300 off on sales all the time, that's their real prices $150 max.

  28. I find gaming chair's more comfortable for lounging around for shorter periods of time.. 2-4 hours. They are not really meant to sit in for 8 hours and work, day after day. Not the best comparison. I own a steelcase leap and an AKracing nitro, and the nitro is a better lounge chair. The leap does not even have tilt/rock. Was really disapointed in that, though it does support the back and promotes good posture. As someone who does not sit in his chair all day, everyday though, I have a blue-collar job, 9-5 and only sit in my chair an hour or two a day, if Im lucky. I find the gaming chair quite good, and better then most 100-200$ office chairs, normally made from inferior materials like wood, and low quality foam. At least good gaming chair's are solid steel frame with no cheap wood products in them, those chair's tend to sag pretty bad in a couple years.

  29. I got a good office chair with lumbar support that adjusts to me mostly. A chair my butt is going to be planted in for long hours is a necessary investment. I dont really skimp on my peripherals either since keyboards and mice usually last a long time or if you have a problem they are generally user fixable.

  30. One excellent video! Although late to the party, I absolutely am behind everything you said. I just tried a Noblechairs epic and luckily I still can return it as the 350 bucks for it just aren't worth it at all. Those lumbar pillows suspended on rubber bands, ergonomics that you can't even comfortably cross legs on and more are just absolute garbage. I have been fooled by the gaming bla bla and "reviews" of youtubers and streamers but am just better of with a half as costly IKEA chair. At least that has a proper back rest lmao.

  31. They “look” cool but they are fucking trash. Office chairs is where it’s at and you’ll save a fuck load of money

  32. I've had my King size DX racer for about 5 years now and I still like it (at the time Maxnomic and DXRacer were the only names in town). It did come with lumbar and head support pillows to offer options if I felt strain one way or the other after longer sessions. Only about a year ago did I need to do a few upgrades. The gas lift began failing so I found a heavy duty, taller lift to replace it. I was also able to find a better heavy duty chair base in a red that matched the color of the chair (I inadvertently damaged the original trying to separate it from the failing lift). Lastly, because the PU was beginning to flake on the seat, I bought a gaming chair cover set that covers the back, seat, and arm rests in a nice breathable fabric that makes the chair a little more comfortable to sit in. All in all, I know the state of gaming chairs has gotten out of control, but personally, I don't regret my gaming chair purchase.

  33. I recommend a proper Office chair. There are tons of choices and they look way cooler then a Gamer chair. I never quite understood why Gamer Chairs came to existence. They cost as much as a really good Office Charis and look like a fancy Car Racing Seat, but have not even Real Leather most of the times.

  34. Get a secrelab titan. The lumbar support is amazing in it. 2018 models are on sale rn. They make it a point not to put “gaming” in the title

  35. I know I'm a year late, but you should buy Heman Miller Aeron chair, I used to have in my job and since then I all chairs feels uncomfortable for me. And I don't afford it.

  36. Gaming chairs are some of the worst things you can buy. I have a clutch chair that is absolutely terrible. Wish i never bought it.

  37. Wow, that is a good review. Anda seat gaming chair is one of my most favorite gaming chair.because is has high-end leather quality, stronger chair base, more stable recline n rocking I fully enjoyed it.i also recommend to my other friends about it.

  38. This vid was so beneficial. I’m a gamer concerned with long term back posture, do you have any potential chair recommendations? I’m 6’1” and I use an adjustable standing desk.

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