Why Do Deaf Gamers Wear Headphones?
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Why Do Deaf Gamers Wear Headphones?

August 26, 2019

(handwriting) (happy 8-bit music) Why, hello there. This week, the videos are gonna be themed around Twitch and video games in general, but before we get started
with the actual video, I did want to mention
that I am still selling the No More CRAPtions shirts. I have a picture right over here so you can see what they look like. They are on sale through the 21st, so you only got a few
days left by the time that you’re watching this video at least when it first goes live. So if you want to get one, get one now. They come in various cuts like short sleeves, long sleeves, a hoodie, tank top and they come in
a few different colors. So, I’ll have the link down below, so make sure you go check that out. So, one question that I get very often on Twitch, mostly when the fact that I can’t hear for crap comes up, or when I have Deaf
Fortnite Player in the title because, you know, sometimes it brings in the views. And when you’re trying to get partner, that’s what you do. So, when that topic comes up, a lot of the new people
that come in and go, first, they think I’m kidding. Secondly, they go, “Wait a second, then why
are you wearing headphones?” Or, “Wait, you’re not really deaf!” you can still hear this person. And that’s a whole different topic to which I’ll just sum it up with remember, deafness is a spectrum. And it’s more complicated than anything. But anyway. So, yeah, the viewers have been asking me, “Why are you wearing headphones?” so often, that my mods actually made a command explaining it. So that way when someone brings it up, it’s right there with a big old paragraph. And of course, I don’t mind
when people ask these questions, it’s normally always how
they ask the question. Some people are genuinely
curious and that is fine. And then some aren’t really
and just want to troll. And I learned that quickly about someone when they started throwing
slurs and stuff around. Anyways, and before I get to the answer, which I’m sure many of
you who know who I am, who watch my videos know, but some people don’t
know, that’s why they ask. But before I get to the answer, I want to mention, I’m
not the only deaf gamer that wears headphones. Chris wears headphones,
we’ve played Fortnite together actually, both
of us wearing headphones and talking to each other. And Crow_Se7en, I believe, also wears headphones. I feel like that might be
escaping my brain at the moment but I’m pretty sure. So I will actually have
a link to both Crow_Se7en and Chris’ Twitches and
YouTube channels down below. I think Crow_Se7en is the only
one with a YouTube channel. But whatever. Links down below. So, to the actual point, why are you wearing headphones? Because, like I said,
deafness is a spectrum. And most of us, if you
look at the statistics, at least the statistics
that I have personally seen, most deaf people can
still hear some things. I have a video that’s titled What I Can and Cannot Hear, and I hear deeper sounds way better than high pitched sounds. So for example, when I’m playing Fortnite, I can’t hear the chests but I can typically
hear most of the weapons that are being used in the game. PUBG, not so much. When it comes to playing Squad, that gets a little bit more difficult. There’s, I can hear most of
people that I play with, I tend to play with the same people. But I play with some friends that are significantly much more quiet, and I don’t do a really
good job at hearing them. Now, understanding them is a
completely different ballgame. They’ll be asking me a
question and I’m just like… So really, just to sum it up, some of us are wearing headphones because if you’re playing a game based on sound, you want to try to the
best of your ability to be able to hear it. If you’re playing games
like Sims or Stardew Valley, you don’t really need headphones. You can kinda get away with it. And also, you know, some
headphones come with a mic, you know. This one has a little mic, I don’t use it. I have a different one that’s over there. But if somebody is playing Squad with hearing people and, you know, if the deaf person playing does speak, then, they can still talk into the mic and, you know, help out other people. That’s always a possibility. So hopefully that’s going
to clear some stuff up. You may think, “Well, that’s
a pretty simple question with a pretty simple answer,” but hey, some people
just don’t know things. And that’s what we’re here for. If you haven’t followed
me on Twitch already, I would hope that you
would consider doing so. My user name is RikkiPoynterPlays. Pretty simple, and I stream
Monday through Friday, occasionally Saturday but usually not because Saturday is my filming day, and I start streaming at 8pm EST most of the time. Sometimes 7, but, if you
follow me on Twitter, that’s where I tend to update,
you know, if my schedule is not gonna
be what it usually is. That’s where I update. I play a lot of Fortnite,
but I’m also getting into some of the games because
Seasons is coming out. Yes! So, you know, if you want to play,
sometimes I play with viewers, most of the time, you know, it just depends. And sometimes we don’t even play games, we talk for a little bit. So if you just want a
stream where you can chill, come on over. We try to make it as
accessible as possible with me SimComing because, you know, two
different audiences in one. And sometimes we got one
of my mods transcribing. It’s a stream that we
try to make as accessible as possible, but it doesn’t
always work out that way, because, you know, one person. Some people there aren’t
there to do all the things but, yeah. I hope you will consider following me, and also if you haven’t yet, before you go, consider pledging on
Patreon if you want to help support my content. I just changed up the perks. I wanted to make them more affordable but also more doable for me so
we changed some stuff around. So hopefully you consider
doing that as well, and I will see you later. Bye.

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  2. I've watched the what Rikki can and can't hear video, so I guessed the answer was she can hear certain things through headphones. I wonder if she can hear better with the headphones?

  3. As a deaf gamer, I have NEVER wore headphones. I guess it doesn’t feel natural because I am 100% deaf. But then again, every deaf and hard of hearing people have their own preferences. Everyone is different. 💕 On the other hand, I would be more interested in wearing the vibration vest called Woojer (mentioned by Jessica Flores) someday!

  4. First of all, I love your t shirt “deaf it”!!

    Secondly, i feel u, i wear headphone all the time when I’m listening to the music to feel the vibrate. Doesn’t mean I understands. Just avoid the silence. I wear hearing aids so its the same thing right?

  5. Also, most deaf gamers that I know include myself prefers wear headphone due to game being noisy. To hear things, I tended to turn up volume all way up. Hence, plug in headphone so I'd be only person to hear the game noises. If I don't, my whole family'd kill me for destroying their hearing haha

  6. Another VERY good reason to watch Rikki's stream is that I am usually there. And i have the best jokes cough sarcasm *cough*.

    No, all jokes aside. I'd advice anyone to come and watch the Rikkiroo's stream ☺☺☺.

  7. I hope the majority of people asking are genuinely curious. It seems like a valid question if people don't typically watch deaf streamers.

    You said you have an easier time hearing lower voices. Does that mean decibel levels are what is considered most often in regard to the deaf spectrum?

  8. This is a good topic to discuss with other people.

    I wear the hearing aids for my both ears and I have one of the better headphones, Logitech – G633 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headset – Black that can overlap my hearing aids.

    I know what the voice sounds like but I can't get every single word.

    I try my best to know where the sound comes from. I have to look around 360 degrees. I can't be aware where the sound comes from exactly like "Oh! That sound came from 3 : 00! *turns around exactly*"

    Feel free to ping me if you want me to discuss the topics with you. I will be happy to share my experience and opinions with you and other people thumbs up

  9. When watching your streams I don't wonder why you wear headphones, because I already know, but I wonder why I always have to: "SHUT UP STEPHEN!"…

  10. I used to wear headphones, but since I got new hearing aids, a streaming base station and a streaming loop, I get slightly better sound with that because it's not going through two sets of speakers (headphones and hearing aids). The sound goes from base station to loop to hearing aids.

    I play a lot of L4D2, and I can pick up "Molly here/Pipe here," but not much more than that, as it's difficult to lip-read through speakers.

  11. are you able to adjust your sound settings in order to better hear in the spectrum of sound that you hear better at? Like you mentioned hearing deeper noises better. So turning the treble down and the bass turned up? I know some soundcards offer far more intricate customisation options that could offer even more tweaking.

  12. I think headphones for Stardew Valley is useful. But only if you can hear the monsters in the first place. When I play it with my partner and he tells me when a monster (like a bat) is around because I can't hear them. :'D It's so nice finding other deaf game players.

    Don't suppose you know of any good headphones to wear with aids? I can't seem to find any that doesn't make mine spazz out but either whistling all the time or just cutting off because the sound was too loud. ¬__¬

  13. I wear profound hearing aids I have 85% hearing loss and big old headphones over my hearing aids I can of hear it and feel it it does kill my hearing aids 675 battery's Rikki Poynter in this video your voice is not as loud as the other video. Thanks great video.

  14. I'm a HOH gamer and about to start streaming, I wear headphones.

    CANNOT hear footsteps in Fortnite and chests are rough. <3

    -ItsPsychi on twitch.

  15. I loss hearing before long time so i wear it just to talk to other people to make good plan in the game and i write my user name ( deaf man ) so they know i am deaf

  16. As I hearing aid wearing gamer , I am glad that I stumbled onto this video. When I play Fortnite , I always struggle to hear chest just like you. Every person that has a hard time hearing struggles with different things. keep educating people <3

  17. I typed in the search for best headphones for deaf and I noticed it's always about .. Oh it will make you go deaf or you'll lose your hearing or One sided deafness headphone stuff. Frustrating! But then came across your video. This made my day. So thank you. I'm a gamer. Formerly a hairstylist. Diagnosed with usher's syndrome type 3 so Ifigured what the heck. Get back into my love of games and computers before it all goes to shizz LoL SO I'm working on trying to get the courage to jump into twitch and start streaming. Wish me luck! But I just wanted to say thank you for making this video. It's good to see people like me. My peoples! You're awesome!

  18. I use PC 2.1 spkr set with the 2 satellite speakers straped around my head as my heaphone and the woofer on the table.. I can use PC 2.0 if the housing is small dish similiar to headphone cups. I require at least 5 watt per satellite speaker to hear pretty much. I turn down treble to reduce high frequency volume as much as possible. I wish someone comes up with PC 2.0 headphones with high filter cutoff at around 2Khz and above.. Most common deaf people cannot hear anything above 2khz or below 200 hz or so. There is plenty of sounds in between for most appikcations like games, youtube, you name it.. newsclips.. etc.. make the cord long enough at least 8 ft to 10 ft so I can stand up from my damn chair to stretch sometimes..
    Thank you !

  19. I am single sided deaf. I use the bone conduction earphones, guys try out Trekz Titanium Aftershokz Headphones… maybe it could help make a difference

  20. They make true stereo headphones (not mono-mixing of the stereo signal) for the single-sided deaf now. It allows for echo locating in the game as well. https://www.ebay.com/itm/283272193147

  21. Some deafs use a headset because of bass vibration. It's still not perfect but it's better than nothing.

  22. "if you are playing a game based on sound, you wanna try to the best of your abilities to be able to hear.." i got

    goose bumps after that quote.. so much respect, trying hard to give the best even being deaf, Wow… im speechless. Keep it up, you and many others are such a good example to follow

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