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Why Are Superhero Archers So Popular? | Headcanon

August 12, 2019

– Hey guys, Scott here for another Head Canon video this week. This one is kind of a bit odd,
it’s actually really perfect for these Headcanon videos. I’ve wanted to do it
for a really long time, I haven’t been able to
come up with anything that’s like, solid, and that’s
what these videos are for, they’re just brainstorming
with you and me. So, with that said,
let’s talk about archery inside of comic books. Now this topic is a
little bit dated probably, so just imagine that I’m
making this video in 2012. When Avengers is coming out with Hawkeye and Arrow was debuting,
I think that was 2012, I actually don’t remember. But yes, just imagine
this is a few years ago. I’m actually really curious
about why archery became a big thing in the culture,
and obviously stuff like Hunger Games and Hobbit,
Brave, all that stuff really helped as well,
especially Hunger Games. I think people mostly
credit Hunger Games for getting archery back into the spotlight. But question is, what in
culture happened that we were ready for it, that
we were ready for archery to make a comeback. And so, I want to talk about that, kind of the light of
comic books, a little bit. Because I think archery,
and here’s my weird thesis at the end of this. I think archery is kinda magical. In a sense that it is a
little bit of old-school plus a little bit of
new-school thrown in there. And it’s a really cool balance between low-tech and high-tech. And, maybe that makes it interesting? So, I think the first thing
obviously is that archery has kind of status tied to
it, a little bit, right? So it’s not just a weapon,
it’s also a status symbol that shows off that, oh yeah,
this person’s very skilled. That’s of course, if they can actually use the bow and arrow correctly,
which in all of these cases, obviously Green Arrow, Hawkeye, they’re very skilled archers. So yeah, that goes along with it. But I think it’s this
kind of dynamic between the low-tech and the high-tech that really makes it something special, right? So archery has been
around for what, millenia? I know actually it’s been,
like probably 10,000 years or something like that,
I actually don’t know. Once again, don’t do
research for these videos. I assume it’s probably
been around forever, probably before humans? But don’t quote me on that one. And the fundamentals of archery are still basically the same
from when archery was first invented, although the gear
has changed significantly. And when you look at things,
when you look at people like Hawkeye, who has all these
different, you know, arrows, same with Green Arrow obviously,
has all these different arrow heads that they put
onto it and different types of arrows and they just, and bows even that have all these cool bits
of technology thrown in there. It’s kind of an interesting
mix between a very ancient form of fighting and a very
modern form of fighting. Hawkeye and Green Arrow have
like these exploding arrows and grappling arrows and arrows that like, tie people up in nets and
shoot lasers and melt through things and Hawkeye even had
one in Avengers that was specifically for like,
shooting into a computer and it plugs into a computer. And so, those are obviously
things that did not exist at the very beginning of archery. I’m sure exploding arrows
were probably not far behind. But I think that at the end
of the day, you’re still shooting a stick with some string. You know what I mean,
does that make sense? I think maybe when you
compare it to something like guns, guns might
represent something like, rapid fire. Don’t really need to take a whole lot of time to aim, like action movies
are mostly misses, right? They’re mostly just people
shooting and missing. Whereas, you look at something
like the Arrow TV show, and almost, not 100%, obviously,
but a lot of the arrows that he shoots, always hit their target. And so, it kind of represents, I think, If I’m over-analyzing here, a little bit, which is what I like to do, I think that maybe guns might represent kind of the world we live
in now where everything is just rapid fire at you all the time. You know, you have so
many different options. Like, the internet is always
in your face, telling you to do this and that and this and that. You can do anything you want,
you never have to slow down and it’s just next thing after next thing, just all this information flying at you and some of it sticks, some of it doesn’t. Doesn’t really matter. But, when you get back down to archery, and it’s more of a focused, disciplined craft, where you have to make sure
that every shot you take counts. I think, maybe that’s something, and maybe, I don’t know what it is, right? This is why it’s a brainstorming session. I think maybe it’s this idea
of going back to basics. Of going backwards,
while also still kind of looking forward a little
bit with the technology that they add on to these,
you know, bows and arrows and all that stuff to make
it a little bit cooler, a little bit more futuristic,
little bit more modern. Do you think that it’s something, and this happens in movies
and TV shows a lot, I’m sure, but I don’t really have any
other examples than this one. If you look at Rocky,
I think it’s Rocky IV when he’s fighting the Russian guy. Rocky, at this point, is
super-rich, but when you do the training montages that
show the difference between how the Russian guy is training
and how Rocky is training you see that the Russian
guy is doing all these like, high-tech machinery
and really interesting, visually interesting work-out
things and then you look at Rocky and he’s just, like,
chopping wood or whatever he’s doing, it’s something
that’s super-basic. And that’s not because he
can’t afford to have all that high-tech machinery, he’s
super-rich at this point. I believe he has a robot or something? And so, he has that ability
to do the exact same things as this Russian guy, but
again, it’s this idea of going back to basics. And of course, he wins in
the day and saves the world, if I’m remembering Rocky IV correctly. So those are just some
thoughts about archery and comic book characters
that I’ve been thinking about, but don’t really have a
clear point or direction other than I think archery is kind of cool and I think that a lot of
people think that it’s cool. And I’m trying to figure out why. Because to me, it’s
not enough to say like, oh, because it’s cool. I want to know, why is it cool? And so, if you guys have
any theories, I would love to know your thoughts
in the comments below. And also, just list off who your favorite archer character is in comics. And also, really quickly,
if you are still here, which I hope you are, I hope
you watch all of these videos until the the end, I would
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  1. archery is really hard to get good at, u would understand if u have ever tried or trained in it. so in my mind Hawkeye and green arrow are like inhuman archers { almost never missing shots, physical peak, strong mental focas}.

  2. I feel there is a similar vein of thought regarding snipers and rifle users. There is an inherent skill level required with using a sniper rifle whereas any ol' joe can point and shoot a rifle and hope one of the bullets hit the target.

    Or with a lot of things I guess. Race car driving is another one of them. Or professional sports.

  3. do one about Jason todd's original origins and how he used to be an acrobat in a circus and was originally blonde before dc changed it up.

  4. i just think archery is what allows the hero to be just that. i mean before guns archery was the only means to hunt and kill and protect and survive. while archery was set aside when guns came about. they became the source of everything that archery ever was. and guns are a lot more simple then archery so a hero who fights with a bow against targets who are using bigger and simpler guns then yeah thats a true hero. hes brave. hes smart. hes even daring. thats the whole thing behind it. at least i feel as so.

  5. In popular culture today, I think it was Legolas from Lord of the Rings. But with the influx of superheroes, Green Arrow and Hawkeye have pushed things. Not discounting the help of Brave and Hunger Games for peoples' interest of archers.

  6. Fun fact- archery was never widespread in early european society until the arrival of the huns from the steppes. The huns and other steppe tribes were raised from infancy to learn to ride horses, but also become unbelievable archers. They were the only non-fictional society that has been known to be capable of shooting an arrow backwards off a galloping horse and hit a target dead on. European societys could never compete with the huns archery. It was only the invention of guns which allowed the europeans to stand a fighting chance against groups like the huns. (Accuracy may vary. I am not a historian just something I learned.)

  7. What about someone like Taskmaster? He uses bows with trick arrows with skill equal to bullseye and hawkeye, but he is also just as skilled using guns.

  8. Personally I think that one of the reasons archery has caught on in the way it has when we are talking about heroes is the fact that its a skill that the most common person can learn. Which then sets heroes like Green Arrow and Hawkeye apart from others likes Superman, The Flash and all the other powered heroes. In some ways, I think its part of the appeal of the powerless heroes and in some cases, villains, they are much more like the common man.

  9. Archery is one of the earliest forms of artillery (besides the slingshot), and as a practical matter, arrows are much more versatile than bullets, as you can control their speed, and include gadgets on them or in them. As a skill, it takes a while to master which is something that most people respect, and as an instrument of survival it is something that can be made using a wide range of materials.

  10. i think people just think its cool because it is not common nowadays so to us it seems more intense especially considering how inferior bows are to guns so anyone who takes a bow to a gunfight would need to be an insane badass if he can takeout the gunmen with something that is inferior so maybe the act of using something inferior to take out something superior is the appeal also?

  11. in reality bows are awkward and difficult to maneuver under low ceilings and through tight spaces, bows are complicated in melee and better discarded in close combat, in favor of a knife.
    but as to why the archer is a favorable comic book character is partially due to the stance of the archer and because the draw of the bow string strains the muscles, making for great illustrated art.
    the archer has certain advantages with alot of practice namely range and stealth, the archer has to be clever and focused to function effectively, but a sniper will beat the archer in range, and in hand to hand combat the archer looses any of their normal advantages.

  12. it's becouse arrows sticking out of things visually look better than bullet wounds, and comic illustrators like to drw characters with B&A. also it allows for some nice poses

  13. Guns replaced arrows not because they where better but because you could teach an army to use them in a few weeks rather than a decade. Guns where always more frightening than lethal.

    Fun facts

    1# For every casualty in the second world war 50,000 of ammunition where spent.
    2# archers where really well built. Like to the point of being deformed overbuff. You can tell the bones of long bowmen because the muscle attachment scaring on the left arms are huge.

  14. Ever since I was a kid, I always thought archery was cool. It's like guns but takes more skill. However guns are more complicated and can do more stuff.

  15. You can't talk archery, and not link to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8Yp9SjCU5E "Robin Hood, Hawkeye, Green Arrow? Amateurs!"

  16. I don't know if this is true because I don't do research either but I heard that when the crossbow was first invented the english refused to use it against the french because they thought it was 'ungentlemanly' as it didn't take skill like using a long bow did – and they refused to use it even though it then put them at a disadvantage. I guess when we see Hawkeye or Green Arrow we appreciate them as being more skilful than people using guns, which I assume are a bit easier. It's also more impressive then because in theory the archer is at a disadvantage but overcomes it with skill and it's always fun to watch the underdog win…maybe that's part of it?

  17. I think the best word to describe it is "elegance" the same way that we love swords! It takes skill also the art flows and is more elegant than just drawing a muzzle flare.

  18. Archers are a part of the cultural consciousness due to iconic characters like Robin Hood. Robin Hood steals from the rich and gives to the poor. That is something that the majority of people see as a sort of economic justice. Just look at Green Arrow, his costume is basically the same as Robin Hood's.

  19. Here's the thing, in the 1940s Green Arrow wasn't a big star. He was, at best a second stringer. But one of his creators was Mort Weisinger who would go one to become THE Superman editor of the 1950s and 1960s. Which meant, in those days of anthology comics, Mort was in a position to keep GA (and his other creations Aquaman and Johnny Quick) around as back-up features in Adventure and World's Finest in the days BETWEEN the Golden and Silver-Ages.

    Hawkeye was created as an antagonist for Iron Man, and was probably partially inspired by Green Arrow. But because he was a dupe of the Black Widow rather than an actual villain, it meant he was in a position to be recruited into the "Cap's Kooky Quartet" era of the Avengers because he didn't have his own feature (Iron Man, Thor, etc. were being booted because they did have their own features and required too much coordination). Team-book writers always have more freedom when writing heroes without their own features. Hawkeye could be a brash loudmouth who got in Cap's face. And so, Hawkeye garnered fans.

    A few years later, around 1969-70, Green Arrow finally lost his back-up strip in Adventure. The only place he could be found was in "Justice League of America". Suddenly, he was without his own feature. And suddenly, he gained a cool new costume, grew some facial hair and a personality. (One suspects that editor Julie Scwartz saw a road sign that he used as instructuins to writer Denny O'Neil : "Left on Green Arrow Only") And GA got more popular as he became a brash loudmouth who got in Batman's face. And Schwartz even let O'Neil move GA into Green Lantern's flailing book to try to save it (it failed; it got critical acclaim, but sales continued to drop.)

    None of which has to do with archery.

    I contend that it the archaic nature of archery is a part of what kept the ideas of Hawkeye and Green Arrow from becoming really big solo-feature stars, and it was because they aren't solo-feature stars is why they could be written in big obnoxious ways that resonated with readers. Making them more popular than they otherwise would have been.

  20. The manga and anime series Bleach was popular around the same time so why aren't the race of archers, the Quincies, brought up when the current trend of archery is mentioned, not a big deal but just curious to see what others think about that.

  21. For comics specifically guns feel very boring, a lack a feeling of dynamicness that can be shown panel by panel. I think this can probably be extrapolated to film as well. When an archer fires an arrow in a comic there feels like there are more ways to show that action then a gun being fired. Furthermore the idea of the trick arrow allows for more interesting action scenes.
    I also think the idea of the quiver gives a sense of danger like they only have so many arrows and you are visually reminded of this fact at all time even if the number of arrows in the quiver never actually decreases. The guns clip is hidden and you can't keep the visual reminder of how many shots remain in your mind at all times.
    I think there is also a fascination with medieval style combat because it feels more fun, honorable, and skillful.
    A gun despite reality feels like it is point and shoot and thing is shot. I think part of this comes from hitscan in video games.

  22. Archery in comics to me is almost always used as a throwback tied to Robin Hood, and as such kind of shows a rogue nature or maybe an anti authority or fighting for the underdog

  23. I think if you discount all the mooks and just look at the hero, gun-wielding heroes probably have similar accuracy to the bow users. But archery is visually more interesting, and I think that's what its mostly about.

  24. i think archery superheroes are popular because archery doesn't require high tech crap light iron man armor or superpowers. archery is real, therefore green arrow and hawkeye are amongst the most possible superheroes in the bunch. archery is both a sport and an art. it requires years and years of practice to become a good archer. a lot of people i know underestimate just how powerfull a bow is, thinking it goes no further then 12 meters or so.

  25. I think it is because Archery is a skill anyone can learn with sufficient practice. It makes the character more relatable. Something you could push yourself to learn to master.

    Superpowered people make great power fantasies, but ultimatly, you could never do that. Same goes with ultra hi-tech characters like Batman and Ironman. That tech isn't availible.

    Like you already said, guns don't have the same mystique, mostly because almost anyone can be deadly with a gun.

    Your Rocky analogy plays into this. With sufficient training, YOU could be Rocky, or Bruce Lee, or Jackie Chan.

  26. I like Green Arrow, because of his more human aspects, although I haven't heard much about Clint on this department, so I'm kinda biased about it. Anyway, things like Oliver's drug and alcohol abuse and how he fell from his former glory and had to work back to the top.

  27. I have been in bed for 2 days with the flu, and I spent the time watching like 100 of your videos. Thanks for the work. I hope you get good revenue from this.

  28. There is something spiritual and mystical about archery, read 'zen in the art of Archery" by Eugen Herrigel. it doesn't take any training to be Ironman, Superman, or the Hulk. While it takes a great deal of training to be a Batman or Daredevil, they don't have the swashbuckle appeal that is reminiscent of Error Flinn as Robin-hood.

  29. archery didnt exist before humans but guns did, here is the proof
    go to 4:35 in that video

  30. One word you missed (get it?) with describing guns would be "reckless". Which perfectly goes as the opposite for the discipline demanded by the bow.
    And I think a lot of people probably have the thought that anyone can pull a trigger, and almost anyone can become a gunslinger… which while not entirely true, does have some truth in it. The reason why guns were os revolutionary were the fact that they were so simple to use. It took much less time to train a person to shoot a gun than shoot a bow.

    So.. yeah, you had a point there, in that, compared to guns, bows demand much more from the user. And therefore it's more admirable when someone had dedicated themselves to become a master bow-user.

    And going by the simplicity vs. techy vs. discipline vs. easy to use, you could also note that most often we see traditional bows and arrows, much less do we see crossbows or arbalests. Which, again, crossbows had a lot of same points ad firearms did. It was easier to teach someone to use a crossbow over a regular bow.

  31. I like for instance on tomb raider the first one of the rebooted franchise I like the bow because the guns are overpowered and too easy I like a challenge , I like the stealth , the feeling of hunting , and required skill . yes it's just a video game but it's an example I also like seeing easily where my shots hit and being able to recycle ammo ( arrows ) . I liked arrow a whole lot before when he seemed Gunter status in the first couple seasons and the combat was cool . now watching it with team arrow is a joke it's almost like watching wrestling you can tell its fake now and there is far less variety with the combat and that's not including laurel she's a joke in herself . I wanted to like this series but it's becoming disappointing when it comes to the combat . I'm wondering if they have a different fighting choreographer

  32. Everyone, almost everywhere in the world, has heard of and grew up loving Robin Hood. Despite Robin Hood's lordship, archery was a very common weapon among commoners because of it's wide range of accessibility. Although the finest of bows were made by master craftsmen, almost anyone could throw together a functioning bow and arrow themselves. (I used to make some fairly effective ones as a kid)
    Aside from the Robin Hood lore, I think that most people resonate with archer characters for a couple of reasons. Number one, they don't have any super powers and are simply highly skilled individuals like Batman. This makes it easier to see ourselves as them for obvious reasons…because most people don't have superpowers…
    Also, it's the stealthy approach to the ranged weapon use of a gunslinger. Gunslingers (like Punisher, Red Hood, etc.) are total bad ass characters…but the common person is smart enough to realize that style of shoot out only takes place in two movie types. (80's action or cowboy movies) …and besides for return fire, guns are loud. You aren't going to shoot up a room and walk into the next room and surprise anyone. In real life, a silencer only makes a gun about as quiet as a car door slamming shut and is only good for a couple of shots. Life isn't the movies folks, no matter how popularized an idea becomes.
    Not being seen or heard (unless you're going for the whole MoonKnight thing) is the most logical approach. Oh, and as much as I love the spandex look of my favorite hero (Spider-Man) armor up folks. Crime fighting is serious business.

  33. One question: In Green Arrow's early days, how could he pull out his boxing glove arrow and NOT dislodge ANY others with that full-sized glove?

  34. archery has always been popular. robin hood in particular has had incarnations for basically every generation.

  35. https://www.google.ca/search?q=robin+hood+comic+book&espv=2&biw=1218&bih=659&site=webhp&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiEiKOT9LLNAhVG9mMKHXe2BsQQsAQILw

    also there has been animated arrow slingers in cartoons every generation or so.

  36. the reason why archery is cool is because it takes a high level of mastery for a skill that takes finesse to do something that you can do a lot more brutally and disposably with a gun.

  37. Interesting topic. I have never understood the appeal of archery superheroes outside of situations where no guns are available. Why wouldn't they use guns AND bows?  I think that the Rambo movies are a good example of using a good balance of guns and bows. On the other hand,  I always think it's silly watching a bowman in a fight with robots or aliens… and the writers always need to come up with "magical" arrows for these situations. Finally,  I'm not a Deadpool fan, but I like the fact that in the movie he went to his guns first, and used his swords when he was out of ammo. Maybe I would like archery superheroes more if they used guns as their primary weapons and bows for stealth or when they are out of ammo?

  38. They're so popular


    Director: yeah Hawky your gonna be in the avengers you just got having a single movie


    Green Arrow: hell-

    Director: FECK OFF

  39. Hawkeye, even though I'm more of a DC guy but I think Hawkeye has way more creative and logical applications with his bow and arrpw

  40. To be completely fair, using firearms is almost a martial art. It's such a huge mental process to use a firearm correctly, such as, being almost superhumanly aware of your breathing (as the optimal time to shoot is the natural pause between breaths), knowing your own physical status and how you need to counteract it (such as fatigue/twitching from nerves) etc… etc…

    The point I'm trying to make is a lot of what makes a marksman for firearms AND archers is roughly the same. I know a lot of modern movies/games/culture dictate to us that "guns are easy" and "bows/crossbows are difficult". In reality, they are mostly the same thing, with only the mechanisms being different.

    All that out of the way, Hawkeye is by far my favorite archer. The dude is nearly deaf, and brings up the question… does that mess with his equilibrium? You know, the sense up direction and balance? He was stabbed in the ears, which more than likely would have broken the bones in the ear, and yet he still manages to do the amazing things that he can do.

    Just my 2 cents.

  41. I have another question. Why is it that in the MCU Hawkeye is constantly being laughed at and considered useless but yet in the arrowverse Green Arrow is considered super important, very dangerous and is NEVER called useless?!

  42. Great video. Nerdsync is the best comic channel on youtube.If you haven't already subscribed, I suggest you do so for some great content. I have been for years and have never been disappointed!

  43. Good points. Maybe it's the same reason why punching/kicking is so popular in movies. Never could figure out why professional vigilantes would subdue supervillains unarmed.

  44. I always assumed archery is so popular is because the heroes are more relatable. For example Hawkeye is far more relatable than a billionaire in a suit as it gives the reader a person that they can relate to and aspire to be

  45. about 64,000 years give or take 2k im an archery instructor so we have to know the ins and outs of it also i just enjoy it

  46. Archery is just a fun hobby and is considered a martial art. So for fans that are into the sport, are going to support these roles in film and comics

  47. The older girl was an archer in Chroniciles of Narnia the lion the witch and the wardrobe also. Of course when i was a kid, Robin hood and William Tell were often on TV. Torak son of stone is another archer in the comics.

  48. Archery is a symbol of classic heroism Robin Hood one of the first characters to wield a bow and arrow was a classic superhero he broke the law sure, but at the end of the day he's still helping people. When a character is using a bow and arrow it shows that they can be trusted or they could be a symbol of revolt. The fact that most characters that use a bow and arrow furthers this.

  49. A bow and arrow makes considerably less noise than even a silenced gun, making it a superior stealth weapon. If you need to go heavy-assault, go with guns. If you need a silent killer, go with arrows.

  50. Plus, bows are just really cool. And yeah, it's quiet. Seriously, the silencers in movies aren't realistic, because real suppressors still sound like a to baseball bats hitting each other, partially due to the bullets breaking the sound barrier as they come out of the gun.

    So, when I see a character with a bow, I think ,"Finesse, stealth, hunter, tracker."

    So it's a quick way of identifying that the character is about practicality over popularity.

  51. I think the appeal of archery is based on it's efficacy with high amounts of skill. Historically the comparison between longbowman and crossbowman is that, while the crossbow is a superior weapon in terms of usability, a highly skilled archer could out range him. Compare that to modern day guns which lack the finesse of drawing and firing and are more akin to the crossbow.

  52. I think is 'cause almost everyone can be deadly with a gun but archery takes a lot of practicing to be skilled on it. But, at the same time is something that we(the normal human beings without any kind of magic, superpower or friking tons of money and genious-level intelect in engeneering and programation) can do if we put the effort on it, and that makes it relatable and super cool, we can't be Miles Morales, Riri Williams, Tony Stark, Kamala Khan, Steve Rogers, Diana Prince, Pietro Maximoff or Bruce Wayne, but we are allowed to belive that if we put enought effort we can be at least a little bit as good as Green Arrow, Hawkeye or Merida.

    And sorry for my English, I'm a Spanish-speaker and I'm still learning your language.

  53. I'll probably go with comic book Oliver Queen followed closely by movie Hawkeye. My friend tells me that the Hawkeye comic series is/was very good, but I rarely read Marvel comic books.

  54. I think people like archers because it's such an ancient weapon, but still in fairly common use today. There's an artistry to it. The simplicity is quite beautiful. Also, it's the one weapon literally ANYONE can master. All it takes is practice. My favorite archer has always been Oliver Queen, but I liked Arrowette from Young Justice and the re-imagined Black Archer from Marvel's Squadron Supreme.

  55. well history starts when people started recording the past , and well archery was a thing back then. So its 12,000 years + when it was discovered (because the bow and arrow was discovered not invented) but well you can tech it up as much or as little as you want . I think its because its not hard to learn so you could be the hero with the bow unlike superman who you will never be

  56. wish they made green arrow a side character in one of the new dc movies, and get a fun character with that blonde beard, the look is just important, plus he needs to be like your joking uncle

  57. One of your weaker vids since just brainstorming rather than research. Would have loved to hear about Errol Flynn and Robin Hood and how that evolved the popularity of archery or even Max, the 2,000 year old mouse episode about the longbow.

  58. I think you're overthinking it, that is actually more to do with how regal or special it looks than just pouting and bang… Guns are rather common while bows and arrows not really

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