Who’s The Football Daddy?
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Who’s The Football Daddy?

November 17, 2019

Last week, my baby boy arrived. Which made me question, who’s the Daddy? Because it’s certainly isn’t me. Can you guess the football daddy? I’m your son! Who the hell are you? Who’s the daddy? Oww! Baby bit me! And it really hurts! And it’s still hurting! Who’s the daddy? (Caveman Voice) (Laughing) Who’s the daddy? Happy birthday to me- Where is my birthday cake? I haven’t got one. Ahh, I don’t believe it. Who’s the daddy? Mehhh! Who’s The daddy? Who’s the daddy? WAHH WAHH WAAHHAAA HAHAHAHAH! Who’s the daddy?! Who’s the daddy? Haa! Aaa! Hoo! Who’s the daddy? (Sexy Moron..) OOO OO AHAHA! Who’s the daddy? Ohh, I can smell your wife’s c*ck! (Vomits) Ugh.. who’s the daddy? Oh my God! It’s hideous! Get it out of my sight! Get it out of my SIGHT!!!!!! Dada? Ahhh! Who’s the daddy? Quiz Answers! #1 Zlatan #2 Suarez #3 Costa #4 Yaya #5 Phil Jones #6 Fellani #7 Müller #8 Ozil #9 Giroud #10 Bale #11 Giggs And of course, #12 Cristiano Ronaldo. Thanks for watching! Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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