Who was best dressed at the Paralympic Opening Ceremony?
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Who was best dressed at the Paralympic Opening Ceremony?

November 17, 2019

Cheese! We’ve been dressed by Hudson Bay. We’ve got a really cool outfit. I think we’re probably going to be one of
the best countries out there. We have a suit here – a red suit for Canada. We’ve got the big Maple Leaf on the back in
white and black pants. And it’s pretty comfortable – a little bit
warm but I think we can all manage that! The suit, it’s traditional from Cape Verde
– these colours. And we tried to represent the best way in
our country and show our traditional customs. We’ve got beautiful outfits made for us by
ASOS in the red, white and navy blue colours. Everyone’s sporting bomber jackets and blue
and white t-shirts. And then we’ve got a combination of either
shorts and trousers for men or skirts and trousers for the ladies. It’s the colours of the flag – the Union Jack. And when we’re all together, it’s just a really
beautiful view of pride and strength and determination really, which is what GB stands for. I’m wearing a Fijian traditional attire. It’s made out of type of masa, we call it
in Fijian. And I have a shell around my neck which is
what I would wear when I’m ready to perform a traditional dance. This is traditional outfit for the Malay people. The animal is tiger for Malaysia. I’m wearing the Lesotho hat. This is the Lesotho hat for the culture. When you see this hat it’s the symbol of Lesotho. I love the outfit. We’ve got some nice bright pants on us all
but together we look like a good team, so I think we all love it. We have traditional Austrian style with the
Lederhosen. Everybody’s pretty amazed about it. It’s comfortable. It’s cool. It’s fashionable.We like it very much.

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